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w u 1. There is a necessity for it; either you must wrestle +! Ole with him, or be taken captive by him; there is no middle his be course; and shall not necessity make you fight? It is said pravil that necessity and despair will produce wonders, they saints would wake cowards fight, and are you worse than cow. or fea ards. e upa - 2. The victory is certain if you will but wrestle. When

Christ had made a valiant resistance the devil gave way and trong left him, Mark iv. Il. Add to this purpole you have a an, i promife, Refist the devil, and he will fee from you, James word iv. 7. Satan is a foiled adversary, Chritt hath overcome him

atrod already, and so lhall ye if ye will but valiantly coter in ee? Christ's pame into the lists. cher 3. The sweetness of victory will abundantly recompence e, wb the trouble of your wrestliog: Usually we mistake the traCamel verses of our minds: We reckon upon the sweetness of de her fia, aod the trouble of wrestling: Bot the right compariGod son is between the fruit of sin, and the fruit of victory : p you You have often had experience what it is to be overcome, graphy do you now make trial how sweet the victory will be in o.

Teil vercomiog. od tri 4. The caufe is just, your combat is lawful: God, who Als, this justice itself, hath proclaimed it by his heralds; • fide Bernally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the

power of his might; put'on the whole armour of God, • that ye may be able to stand against the assault of the de

!! vil,' Eph. vi, 10, 11. • Resist the devil, and he will Call or • flee from you,' James iv. 7. • Be fober and watch, for Dotert your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, wlaketh about (wite seeking whom he may devour; whom relilt stedfast in

chat 'the faith,' 1 Pet. v. 8. There are two things which make on th a war lawful and just, 1. The call of a juft authority. ll int. 2. A just cause: Now in this conflict is a concurrence of back both. '1. You have a lawful authority calling you to fight, - No even God who is the authority supreme. 2. Your s, be cause is just; for Satan assaulting any of the children relta of God is a mere usurper, he hath no right over you, you prek are dot his but the Lord's, by creation, by redemption, by ke by special dedication. You do but defend your own souls, and the territory and dominion of God and Jesus Christ in you, and over you, whose dominion you are bound to preserve. Surely you have good cause to wrestle, if you had Done but this, because your cause is good..


5. You have already io bap ilm taken a military sacrament, and therein promised that you will continue God's faithful soldiers onto your life's end. What! my brethren, take press-money to serve in God's wars against the devil, and all his aids, and now to run away from your 'colours. A sword enemy to fio and Satan should never of all others turn his back; why, you are sworo edemies, and therefore stand to it, be of a good courage, resist upto blood. 1 6. The Lord measures out your temptations, weigheth your strength, and will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able; he giveth shoulders, and fitteth the burden. Is not this his promise? i Cor. x. 13. “There • hath no temptation takep you, but such as is moderate, • (or common to man) but God is faithful, who will not • suffer you to be tempted above that you are able, but • will with the temptation also make way to escape, that . ye may be able to bear it. Souls are apt to complain, • The devil is strong, and temptation is strong, and I shall • fall by the hand of Saul. Why, know now that all these temptations are weighed and measured out by God himself, he saith to Satan as to the waves of the sea, Thus far Malt thou go, and no farther. Thus he said concern. ing Job; Behold Satan, all that he hath is in thy power, only upon himself put not forth thy hand. Satan had a mind to have gone further, he would have been upon Job himself, if God had not stopt and curbed him: Certainly Satan would break all our backs, if he were let alone, but God will oot suffer it, for God hath fet him bounds, and he will give you a proportionable strength. As a wise phy. sician does not give the same phyfick to every person, but considers every one's ability, so the Lord orders Satan in tempting, that he cannot put the least dram into any teinptation, but as it is measured out by the hand of God.

7. The Lord hath promised his presence with you in fix dangers, and in seven: He goeth out with you into the field, not only as a looker-on, but to weaken the enemies

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al make uld keep you pleat armoble: Your.

and to supply you with new strength. He weakens your enemies, and upon this account partly it is faid, “That • we are more than conquerors thro' Christ that loved us," Rom. viii. 37. because that in and thro' Jesus Christ our enemy is overcome before he strikes, and his blow is broken as he Itrikes. 2. He supplies you with new strength, I will not deny but now and then you may have a foil, but if so, the Lord will raise you up again, . For tho' we fall, • yet shall we not be cast down, because the Lord putteth under his hand,' Psal. xxxvii. 24.

8. Your weapons are impenetrable: Your armour is the armour of proof, compleat armour, every way fufficient to defend and keep you harmless. This if you put it on, will make you able to stand against the wiles of the devil, and to withstand in the evil day; and to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked, Eph. v, 11, 13, 16. If you say, What is this armour? the apostle tells you of a girdle of truth and a breast-plate of righteousness, and shoes of the preparation of the gospel of peace, and a shield of faith, and an helmet of salvation, and a sword of the Spirit, praying always with all prayer and supplication of the Spirit, Eph. vi. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18. The meaning is, that your armour is the graces and ordinances of Jesus Christ. Truth, and righteousness, and patience, and faith, and hope, apd the word, and prayer; (under which by a syoechdoche all other graces and ordinances are comprehended) are your spiritual armour. I know that all the virtue of this armour depends wholly upon God alope: Our faith, and Hope, and love, and the word, and prayer would be all broken to Thivers at one stroke of temptation, if the Lord did oot establish and confirm them; and this is that which Christ tells Peter, I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not, Luke xxii. 22. But this armour by God's power hath been successful, and in the power of his might ir ever will be successful. What is said of the bow of Jona. than, and of the sword of Saul, is truly said of this armour in this respect, they peger returned empty from the blood of the Nain, and from the fat of the mighty, 2 Sam. i. 22. Surely dever any harnessed with this armour of God, lost the field finally." Oh what encouragement is chisi

1. To 9. To put all out of question, the Lord hath made pro mises of life to those that wrestle, “ He will give them to • eat of the tree of life in the midst of paradise: He will • give them of the manoa that is hid, and be will writé • their games in the book of life. Blessed is he that en. • dureth temptation, for when he is tried he shall receive • a crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to then • that love him," James i. 12. "We do not contend for • counters, but for crowns; and those not temporal and *corruptible, but eternal and incorruptible, even for a • crown of life,' i Cor. ix. 25.

10. There will be a day of triumph to all that will but wrestle: If you ask when? I answer, 1. At the day of judgment, theo shall Christ your captain stand upon the earch, and you shall stand with him, gloryiog and triumphiag to see your enemies dead, or wounded before you, lodeed others that were faint and delicate, and would not wrestle, as they were led captives by Satan at his pleasure, so shall they be led in triumph by him into hell: But for you that fight the Lord's bactles, the day is a coming when you shall march with him into glory, and then shall you triumph all the way, and those egemies that now assault you, shall ly dead, as it were, before you, and you shall see them again to more for ever. No sooner shall Christ and his faints enter into heaven, but oh the glorious astonish. ing triumphs that will be there! The poet sung sweetly,

There shall we conquer, have our conquest crowa'd
By hands of feraphims, triumph'd with the found .
Of heaven's loud trumpet, warbled by the Thrill
Coelestial quire, recorded with a quill
Pluck'd from the pinion of an angel's wing,
Confirm'd with joy by heaven's eternal King.

O my brethren, where is now your courage? where is your spirit? where is your ambition ? think not on mean things, but on crowus, and victories, and glories; 'hold • fast that which thou hast, that no man take thy crown,' Rev, iii, II.


Other forts of Motives. " THAT I may yet prevail with you to make you wres

tlers, consider further,

1. God

1. God is on the fide of all that wrestle. · What! art e thou afraid of the issue? Art thou indeed in Satan's hands?

know then that Satan is in God's hands: If thou art but : the Lord's foldier, he will not suffer himself to be so much i disgraced as to suffer thee to be overcome by his mortal e

Demies: He hach armed thee with his owo armour, and fent thee out to fight his battles; and therefore he will not have thee vanquished, being fortified with his strength; for so mould his weapons be ésteemed weak, and he him. self be overcome in thee. When the Lord sent his angel to encourage Zechariah concerning Jerusalem, the message was this, I, faith the Lord, will be unto her a wall of fire round about her. Surely Jerusalem must needs be impregpable that was thus walled about: The fame promise is made to all the saints, and therefore they must needs be all invincible; if your shelter were stones, these might be bat'tered; were it walls of lead, these might be melted; were it defence of waters, these might be dried up; were it garrisops of mighty men, these might be scattered; were it engines of war, these might be defeated; were it trenches, these might be stopped; were it bulwarks, these might be overthrown. But you are guarded with such a defence which cannot be demolished, to wit, with a wall of fire round about you. Balls of wild fire are terror and consumption to any enemies. Who could querch the fire of Sodom? or who shall quench the world, when it shall be all on fire? surely none. Paradise was kept with a fiery Aaming sword, and none could enter thereinto, Gen. iii. 24. Israel was guided and protected by a fiery pillar, and none could moleft them in their march, Exod. xiii. 21. What shall we say then, when the Lord our God is a wall of fire round about you, to consume your enemies and to succour you? Chear up Christians! your God whose you are, and whom you serve, to whom nothiog is too hard, Gen. xvii. 14. to whom nothing is impoffible,' Matth. xix. 16. 'to whom done is like among the gods, glorious • io holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders, Exod. XV. 11. •Wha removeth mountains, snaketh the earth, • commandeth the sun, sealeth the stars, and thundereth marvelously with his voice; even bais a wall of fire round

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