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And to effect this glorious change,

Did Jesus shed His blood ? 2 0 for a song of ardent praise,

To bear our souls above!
What should allay our lively hope,

Or damp our grateful love !
3 Draw us, O Lord, with quick’ning grace,

And bring us yet more near ; Here may we see Thy glories shine,

And taste Thy mercies here.
4 By grace divine, O may we rise.

In such a scene as this,
And join the chorus of the skies,

The saints complete in bliss.


(L. M.) 1 LORD, while Thy suff'rings I survey,

And faith enjoys a heav'nly ray,
These sacred symbols of Thy pain

Present anew the dreadful scene, 2 For mortal crimes, a sacrifice,

The Lord of life and glory dies :
What love, what mercy, how divine,

Where justice, truth and pity shine!
3 'Twas with our griefs MESSIAH groan'd:

'Twas with our guilt His soul was tried !
Our punishment He took, He bore,
And sinner's liv'd when Jesus died !

4 Awake each heart, arise each soul,

And join the blissful choirs above:
May nothing tune our future songs,
But heav'nly wisdom, heav'nly love.


(L.m. Old 112th.) 10 Bread of life! giv’n from above,

Pledge of MESSIAH's dying love;
This myst’ry ev'ry thought exceeds ;
For us, for us, the Saviour bleeds !
Gaze, O my soul, Thy pardon see,

And weep and look at Calvary.

Who gav'st for us Thy flesh and blood,
Descend, and consecrate us Thine,
Fill all our hearts with love divine.
Thee may we praise, till life be o'er,
Then die in hope to praise Thee more.


(L. M, Old 112th) 10

Glorious ordinance, divine,

Which blessings to our souls conveys,
Impart, with hallow'd bread and wine,

The strength’ning and refreshing grace;
Thou type of heav'n's eternal feast !

Thou pledge of everlasting rest!
2 0 Thou, who reigns enthron'd above,

Who suffer'd once for us below,

Help us to celebrate Thy love,

And thus Thy death and passion shew,
Till in the clouds our LORD we see,
And shout Thy praise eternally.


(Old 112th.) 1 MYST’RY of grace ! th’ Immortal dies !

Who can explore the vast design ? In vain the highest seraph tries

To sound the depths of love divine. The LAMB of God atonement made, He the vast ransom fully paid.

2 Angels, archangels, join your praise,

In this blest theme your songs employ,
Let saints on earth their anthems raise

In endless symphonies of joy,
Till all the Church before the throne,
The debt immense of mercy own.

3 Then shall the triumph be complete,

Then perfect love shall ever glow; There, lost in wonder at His feet,

Our praise no interval shall know. There all His acts of grace record; There dwell for ever with the LORD.



Mark 8. 14.

(c. M.)

1 BORN to fufil all righteousness,

Commission'd to redeem ; Behold th’ eternal Son of God,

Baptiz'd in Jordan's stream,
2 Vouchsafe, O LORD, Thy heav'nly grace,

The sacred rite we own;
Deign blest IMMANUEL to accept

The off'ring at Thy throne, 3 The mystic water sanctify

By Thy effective word,
And make the child belov'd by us ;

Beloved by the LORD.
4 Descend Thine. ordinance to bless!

Descend celestial Dove ! This earthly nature renovate,

Inscribe Thy law of love. 5 The taint of inbred sin efface,

Wash with a Saviour's blood, And let maturer life attest

The cov'nant made with God. 6 Under Thy banner may we fight;

Constrain'd by truth and love
Confess our Saviour here below,

Then shout His praise above.

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1 Go, teach the nations, and baptize,

Aloud th' ascending SAVIOUR cries;
His glad apostles took the word
And round the nations preach'd the LORD.

2 LORD in Thy house, we seek Thy face,

Now crown Thy ord'nance with Thy grace,
Refresh our souls with trụth divine,
Let beams of heav'nly glory shine.

3 Eternal SPIRIT, Sacred Dove,

On this baptismal water move,
And grant with energy divine,
The inward grace to crown the sign.

4 Praise God from whom all blessings flow,

Praise Him all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heav'nly host,
Praise FATHER, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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