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Luke xxii. 28.

(P. M.)

1 BEHOLD, the Lame in glory stands,

Incircled with His radiant bands,
And join the angelic pow'rs:
For all ihat height

of glorious bliss, Our everlasting portion is,

And all that heav'n is ours,
2 Who suffer with their Master here,
Shall soon before His face appear,

And by His side sit down.
To patient faith the prize is sure,
And they, who to the end endure

The cross, shall wear the crown.
3 Thrice blessed bliss, inspiring hope!
It lifts the fainting spirits up!

It brings to life the dead;
All conflicts here shall then be past,
And all His saints ascend at last,

Triumphant with their Head.
4 Redemption's glorious mystery
They then with open face shall see;

The beatific sight
Shall fill the heav'nly courts with praise,
And wide diffuse the golden blaze

Of everlasting light!



2 Cor. iv. 4-6.

(L. M.)

1 MY God, assist me, while I raise

An anthem of haimonious praise ; My heart Thy wonders shall proclaim, And spread its banners in Thy name.

2 Behold the light unclouded shine;

O glorious gospel, all divine !
In Christ is life and bliss bestow'd,
The perfect image of our God.

3 When gloomy shades the earth o'erspread,

“Let there be light,” th' Almighty said : The glorious Gospel light displays, Diffusing far celestial rays.


4 Condemn'd the race of sinners stood,

And awful justice ask'd for blood;
That welcome Saviour from Thy throne
Brought righteousness and pardon down.

5 Ye saints, assist our grateful tongues ;

Ye angels, warble back our songs;
For love like this demands the praise
Of heav'nly harps and endless days,



St. Matt. xviii. 1.

(c, M.)

1 SEE Israel's gentle Shepherd stands,

With all-engaging charms;
Hark how He calls the tender lambs,

And folds them in His arms!
2 “ Permit them to approach," He cries,

Nor scorn their humble name;
For 'twas to bless such souls as these,

The LORD of angels came.
3 We bring them, LORD, by fervent prayer,

And yield them up to Thee; Joyful that we ourselves are Thine,

Thine let our offspring be! 4 Ye little flock, with pleasure hear,

Ye children, seek His face; And fly with transports to receive

The blessings of His grace. 5 If orphans they are left behind,

Thy guardian care we trust;
That care shall heal our bleeding hearts,

If weeping o'er their dust.

SAINT LUKE THE Evangelist.


2 Tim. 4, 6.

(c. M.)

1 THE race is run, the warfare's o'er,

The solemn hour is nigh, When offer'd up to God, my soul

Shall wing its flight on high.
2 With heav'nly weapons may I fight

The battles of my LORD;
Finish my course, and keep the faith,

Depending on His word.
3 God hath laid up for all His saints

A crown that cannot fade;
The righteous Judge, at that great day,

Shall place it on their head.
4 The sov'reign King of grace decreed

This prize His suff'rings won, For all who love and long to see

Th’ appearance of His Son. 5 Save me from sin, prepare my soul,

O LORD, for Thine abode; That face to face I may

behold My SAVIOUR and my God.




John xv. 17.


1 LET saints each other love,

Be mindful of His word,
And patient bear what He appoints,

As servants of their LORD.

2 Thus all the saints of God,

His messengers and seers,
The narrow path of suff'rings trod,

And walked this vale of tears.

3 Through great afflictions past

To better worlds above.
And more than conquer'd all at last,

Through our Redeemer's love,

4 Suff'rers like them, beneath,

Through much distress and pain,
Through various conflicts, grief and death,

We trust with them to reign.

5 The Lord our glorious King,

Shall wipe our tears away,
And call us up His praise to sing,

In everlasting day.

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