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Enter COURTEZAN and PILIA-BORSA. Court. Ob, bring us to the governor. Gov. Away with her, she is a courtezan. Court. Whate'er I am, yet, governor, hear me

I bring thee news by whom thy son was slain :
Mathias did it not, it was the Jew.
Pilia. Who, besides the slaughter of these gen-

Poison'd his own daughter and the nuns,
Strangled a friar, and I know not what
Mischief beside.

Gov. Had we but proof of this—
Court. Strong proof, my lord; his man's now at

my lodging, That was his agent, he'll confess it all. Gov. Go fetch him straight; I always fear'd that


Enter BARABAS and ITHAMORE. Bar. I'll go alone; dogs, do not hale me thus. ITHA. Nor me neither, I cannot out-run you, con

stable: oh, my belly. Bar. One dram of powder more had made all

sure ; What a damn'd slave was I ! Gov. Make fires, heat irons, let the rack be

fetch'd. KNIGHTS. Nay, stay, my lord, 't may be he will


BAR. Confess! what mean you, lords, who should

confess? Gov. Thou and thy Turk; 'twas you that slew

my son.

Itha. Guilty, my lord, I confess: your son and

Were both contracted unto Abigail;
He forg'd a counterfeit challenge.

BAR. Who carried that challenge?

Itha. I carried it, I confess; but who writ it? Marry, even he that strangled Barnardine, poison'd the nuns, and his own daughter.

Gov. Away with him, his sight is death to me.
Bar. For what, you men of Malta ? hear me

speak :
She is a courtezan, and he a thief,
And he my bondman. Let me bave law,
For none of this can prejudice my life.

Gov. Once more away with him; you shall have law.

BAR. Devils do your worst, I live in spite of you. As these have spoke so be it to their souls : I hope the poison'd flowers will work anon. [Erit.

Enter the Mother of MATHIAS. Mother. Was my Mathias murder'd by the Jew? Ferneze, 'twas thy son that murder'd him.

Gov. Be patient, gentle madam, it was he, He forg'd the daring challenge made them fight. Motier. Where is the Jew? where is that mur


Enter OFFICER. Opp. My lord, the courtezan and her man are

So is the Turk and Barabas the Jew.

Gov. Dead?
Orf. Dead, my lord, and here they bring his

body. Bosco. This sudden death of his is very strange.

Gov. Wonder not at it, sir, the heavens are just. Their deaths were like their lives, then think not of


Since they are dead, let them be buried.
For the Jew's body, throw that o'er the walls,
To be a prey for vultures and wild beasts.
So, now away and fortify the town. [Exeunt.

BAR. What, all alone? well fare, sleepy drink.
I'll be reveng'd on this accursed town;
For by my means, Calymath shall enter in.
I'll help to slay their children and their wives,
To fire the churches, pull their houses down,
Take my goods too, and seize upon my lands:
I hope to see the governor a slave,
And, rowing in a galley, whipt to death.

Caly. Whom have we there, a spy?

BAR. Yes, my good lord, one that can spy a place Where you may enter, and surprize the town: My name is Barabas; I am the Jew. Caly. Art thou that Jew whose goods we heard

were sold

For tribute-money?
BAR. The very same, my

lord : And since that time they have hir'd a slave, my

man, To accuse me of a thousand villainies: I was imprison'd, but escap'd their hands.

Caly. Didst break prison?

Bar. No, no:
I drank of poppy and cold mandrake juice;
And being asleep, belike they thought me dead,
And threw me o'er the walls: so, or how else,
The Jew is here, and rests at your command.

Caly. 'Twas bravely done : but tell me, Barabas, Canst thou, as thou reportest, make Malta ours? BAR. Fear not, my lord, for here against the

The rock is hollow, and of purpose digg'd,
To make a passage for the running streams
And common channels of the city.
Now whilst you give assault unto the walls,
I'll lead five hundred soldiers through the vault,
And rise with them i’ the middle of the town,
Open the gates for you to enter in,
And by this means the city is your own.

CALY. If this be true, I'll make thee governor.
Bar. And if it be not true, then let me die.
Caly. Thou'st doom'd thyself. Assault it pre-


SCENE II. Alarms. Enter Turks, BARABAS, Governor,

and Knights prisoners. Caly. Now vail your pride you captive Christians, And kneel for mercy to your conquering foe: Now where's the hope you had of haughty Spain ? Ferneze, speak, had it not been much better To kept thy promise than be thus surpris’d? Gov. What should I say, we are captives and

must yield. Caly. Aye, villains, you must yield, and under

Turkish yokes
Shall groaning bear the burthen of our ire;
And Barabas, as erst we promis'd thee,
For thy desert we make thee governor ;
Use them at thy discretion.

BAR. Thanks, my lord.

Gov. Oh fatal day, to fall into the hands Of such a traitor and unhallowed Jew! What greater misery could heaven inflict?

Caly. 'Tis our command: and Barabas, we give
To guard thy person, these our janizaries :
Intreat them well, as we have used thee.
And now, brave bashaws, come, we'll walk about
The ruin'd town, and see the wreck we made :
Farewell, brave Jew, farewell great Barabas! [Ereunt.

BAR. May all good fortune follow Calymath.
And now, as entrance to our safety,
To prison with the governor and these


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