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Charles A. Mantz was born in Medina county, Ohio, in the month of April, 1867. He was the son of Franklin R. and Phoebe Mantz, was a graduate of Cornell University, and was admitted to the bar in the state of Kentucky in 1890. In the following year he came to Washington, and began the practice of law at Everett. Shortly thereafter he removed to Colville, Stevens county, Washington, and in 1894 was elected prosecuting attorney of that county. Although he was remarkably successful in the discharge of the duties of that office, he refused a renomination, desiring to devote more time to his private practice.

In 1898, he was elected to the state senate, and served the full term of four years in that office. As a senator he soon made his influence felt, and was regarded as one of the foremost men in his party. He was an ardent advocate and tireless worker for what he conceived to be the best interests of the common people. He was one of the most conspicuous advocates of the railroad commission bill, and while he was engaged in many a hotly contested political battle, his sterling honesty, and high character as a man challenged the respect even of his enemies.

Personally, Mr. Mantz was genial and companionable, and while he had the respect of all men, he was sincerely loved by his intimate friends. His death was the result of a brief illness, and caused a profound shock, not only in the immediate community in which he lived, but throughout the county in which he had made his home for fifteen years, and where he numbered many devoted friends.

Mr. Mantz was married to Miss May Stringham, and had five children, Lee A., Charles C., Helen E., Mary K., and Phoebe R. His home life was singularly happy, and he was idolized by his wife and children.

I knew him as a lawyer, and was proud to claim him as a friend. His professional career was without a blemish, and to it he gave most of his time and energy. He was a good lawyer, an honest man, a true friend, and a loving husband and father. More than this can scarcely be said of any man. I knew Charley Mantz well, and loved him as a brother. Our professional and personal association will always be one of the dearest treasures of my memory.





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