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All vice infatuates and corrupts the judgment.

He who converses with nobody, knows nothing.

There is no fool to the old fool.
A good wife makes a good husband.

'Tis much better to be thought a fool than to be a knave.

Penny, whence camest thou? penny, whither goest thou? and, penny, when wilt thou come again?

'Tis worse to be an ill man, than to be thought to be one.

A fool comes always short of his reckoning.

A young saint an old saint; and a young Devil, an old Devil.

Wit is folly, unless a wise, man hath the keeping of it.

Knowledge of God and of ourselves is the mother of true devotion, and the perfection of wisdom.

Afflictions are sent us from God for our good. Confession of a fault makes half amends.

Every man can tame a shrew, but he who hath her.

'Tis better to die poor, than to live poor.
Craft brings nothing home at the last.
Diseases are the interest of pleasures.
All covet, all lose.
Honour bought is teniporal simony.
Live, and let live, i.e. be a kind landlord.

Children are certain cares, but very uncertain comforts.

Giving begets love, lending usually lessens it. He is the wise, wbo is the honest man.

Take part with reason against thy own will or húmour.

Wit is a fine thing in a wise man's hand.

Speak not of my debts, except you mean to pay them.

Words instruct, but examples persuade effectually.

He who lives in bopes dies a fool.
He who gives wisely sells to advantage.
Years know more than books.
Live so as you do mean to die.

All earthly joys are empty bubbles, and do make men boys.

Better unborn than untaught.

If thou do ill, the joy fades, not the pains ; if well, the pains do fade, the joy remains.

Always refuse the advice which passion gives.

Nor say nor do that thing, which anger prompts you to.

Bear and forbear is short and good philosophy.

Set ont wisely at first; custom will make every virtue more easy and pleasant to you than any vice can be.

The best and noblest conquest is that of a man's own reason over his passions and follies.

OLD ITALIAN PROVERBS. He who serves God hath the best master in the world.

Where God is, there nothing is wanting.

No man is greater in truth, than he is in God's esteem.

He hath a good judgment, who doth not rely on his own.

Wealth is not his who gets it, but his who en. joys it.

He who converses with nobody, is either a brute or an angel.

Go not over the water where you cannot see the bottom.

He who lives disorderly one year, doth not enjoy himself for five years after.

Friendships are cheap, when they are to be bought with pulling off your hat.

Speak well of your friend, of your enemy neither well nor ill.

The friendship of a great man is a lion at the next door.

The money you refuse will never do you good.
A beggar's wallet is a mile to the bottom..
I once had, is a poor man.

There are a great many' asses without long ears.

An iron anvil should have a hammer of feathers.

He keeps his road well enough, who gets rid of bad company.

You are in debt, and run in further; if you are not a liar yet, you will be one.

The best throw upon the dice is to throw them away.

He who thinks to cheat another, cheats himself most.

Giving is going a fishing.
Too much prosperity makes most men fools.
Dead men open the eyes of the living.
No man's head aches while he comforts another.

Bold and shameless men are masters of half the world.

Every one hath enough to do to govern himself well.

He who is an ass, and takes himself to be a stag, when he comes to leap the ditch finds his mistake.

Praise doth a wise man good, but a fool harm.

No sooner is a law made, but an evasion of it is found out.

He who gives fair words, feeds you with an empty spoon.

Hunger never fails of a good cook.
A man is valued as he makes himself valuable.

He who hath good health is a rich man, and doth not know it.

Give a wise man a hint, and he will do the business well enough.

A bad agreement is better than a good law-suit.

The best watering is that which comes from Heaven.

When your neighbour's house is on fire, carry water to your own. · Spare diet and no trouble keep a man in good health.

He that will have no trouble in this world must not be born in it.

The maid is such as she is bred, and tow as it is spun.

He that would believe he hath a great many friends, must try but few of them.

Love bemires young men, and drowns the old.'

Once in every ten years, every man needs his neighbour. VOL. VI.


Aristotle saith, "When you can have any good thing take it; and Plato saith, “If you do not take it, you are a great coxcomb.'

Either say nothing of the absent, or speak like a friend.

One man forewarned (or apprised of a thing) is worth two.

He is truly happy, who can make others happy too.

A fair woman, without virtue, is like palled wine.

Tell a woman she is wondrous fair, and she will soon turn fool.

Paint and patches give offence to the husband, hopes to her gallant.

He that would be well spoken of himself must not speak ill of others.

He that doth the kindness hath the noblest pleasure of the two.

He who doth a kindness to a good man, doth a greater to himself.

A man's hat in his hand never did him harm.

One cap or bat more or less, and one quire of paper in a year, cost but little, and will make you many friends.

He who blames grandees endangers his head, and he who praises them must tell many a lie.

A wise man goes not on board without due provision.

Keep your mouth shut, and your eyes open.

He who will stop every man's mouth must have a great deal of meal.

Wise men have their mouth in their hearts, fools their heart in their mouth,

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