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1983. July 2. The Emperor of Germany publishes an edict for suppreffing Hermits 4390 18 The Bahama islands retaken by Col. Deocaux 383.

19. Christopher Atkinson M. P. late corn-factor to his Majesty's vidualling board, consicted of perjury 442. and expelled the House of Commons Dec. 4. 634

21. A great many American Loyalists retire from New York to settle in Nova Scotia 499.

23. A verdict given against Gen. Murray, governor of Minorca, with spool. damages, for suspending from office Mr Sutherland, judge-advocate of the admiralty court of that

Dreadful forms of thunder, lightning, &c. both in England and Scotland during this month 389.

Aug. 1. Shippiog in the harbour of Leith to the amount of 11,000 tuns burden sor.

1. The Spaniards begin the fiege of Algiers, but give it up after a few days bombarde ment 491.

73 Princess Amelia born 447. 7. The American Congress resolve to erect an equeftrian statue of Gen. Washington 532. 13. Ratification of the Provisional Articles of Peace with America exchanged at Paris 441.

18. A great ball of fire is seen pass along the air from W. N. W, 1o E. S. E. a little after nine in the evening. It is likewise seen in Holland, at Oftend, and in Ireland 611. SI

18. Fifty thousand pounds granted to commiflioners for behoof of a colony of Genevans who are to settle in Ireland's 50.".

29. William Wynne Ryland, the celebrated engraver, executed for forgery 441. Sept.

' z; 'Preliminary Articles of Peace betwcca G. Britain and the States. General of the United Provinces signed at Paris 5oo.,

3. The Definitive Treaties of Peace with France, Spain, and America Ggoed soo. 8. A great number of delegates from volunteer corps meet at Dunganoon in Ireland 536.

19. The Ratifications of the Definitive Treaties of Peace with France and Spain exchan, ged at Versailles soo

29. The Ratification of the Preliminary Articles of Peace between G. Britain and Hola land exchanged at Paris 554

08. 6. Peace proclaimed 355.
Nov. 2. Gen. Washington delivers his farewell orders to the American army 663
11. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales takes his feat in the House of Peces 609

20. Mr Secretary Fox briogs, a bill into the House of Commons for vesting the affairs of the Eant India Company in Commissioners 635

29. New York evacuated by the British 665.
Deco 8. Mr Fox's Eaft-India bill passed by the Commons 635
59. The East-India bill rejected by the House of Peers 636.
19. The ministry dismissed 637. and a new one appointed 671,
23. Gen. Washington returns his commission to Congress, and retires from the service 71 1.

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p. col. lin.

56 10. from foot, for Dec. 15. read fan. 15. 279. 1. 14. from foot, for xi. read ii. 321. 16. for Jaly 6. read July 2. 445.

37. for Counsel. read Council, 490.

16. for June 6. read June 26. 492. 4. for 21st read ift,


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To the BINDER.

NUT. off the blue Covers; and place this quarter of a sheet, containing the

General Title-page, the Chronological Series of Evenis, &c, before the Magazine for January.

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C O N T E N T $. Preliminary Articles of Péact with France 1. Account of Gen. Sir GEORGE AUGUSTUS Preliminary Articles of Peace with Spain 4. ELIOTT 18. Provisional Articles of Peace with Ame- | A acw method of making Fences 32.

On the Inoculation of HORNED CATTLE, Experiments on the culture of SIBERIAN and the Bleeding of SH BEP 32. BARLEY 1.

New Books. Chalmers on the compara. Account of a MONSTROUS BIRTH 8.

tive strength of England 33. Cecilia ; or Letters upon the subject of FICTITIOUS Memoirs of an Heiress 36. Moaro on the VOTES: Letter I. 9. Letter II. 10. Let- means of preserving the health of sol. ter III. 12.

diers 38. TRIAL of Dr Magennis for the murder of||POETRY. Ode for the New Year, Jan. 1. Mr Hardy 14

3783 40. Ode for the New Year by the PARLIAMENT. Commons on Irish Affairs Rev. Mr Mavor ib. Addrels of Mrs Sid24. The preliminary articles of peace pre- dons, when the produced her three reason's feated 23. Ordered to be printed ib. On for quitting the Bath theatre ib Ode to the mutiny in the 77th regiment 23.-25. virtue 41. Ode written in winter ib.

- Lords on the peace 26. Addrels moved | HISTORICAL AFFAIRS. Germany 43. for by Lord Pembroke ib. Earl Carlisle Switzerland ib. France ib. America 43. moves an amendment 26. Speeches of England 44. Scotland 49. Lords Wallngham, Hawke, Townsend, Lists. Captures 51. Marriages, Births, the Duke of Grafton, Lord Keppel, Duke and Deaths $4. Preferments ss. Prices of of Richmond, Lords Stormoor, Sackville, Grain, Meal, and Stocks, Edinburgh and and Howe, che Earl of Shelburne, &c. Aberdeca Infirmary tables, Mortality-bill, 27.-32.

&c. 56.

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Preliminary and Provisional Articles of PEACE. Translation of the Preliminary Articles of Mr Alleyne Fitzherbert, minister-pleni

Peace between his Britannic Majesty and potentiary of his said Majesty the King the Most Christian King, signed, at Vero of Great Britain, and on the part of his sailles, the 20th day of January 1783.

Most Christian Majesty, Charles Gravier

Compte de Vergennes, counsellor in all In the name of the Most Holy Trinity! his councils, commander of his orders,

HE King of Great Britain and counsellor of ftate, minister and secrethe Most Christian King, e

tary of state, and of the commands and qually animated with a desire finances of his faid Majesty for the de

of putting an end to the cala. partment of foreign affairs; who, after mities of a deftructive war, and of re- having duly communicated to each o. establishing union and good understand ther their full powers in good form, have ing between them, as neceffary for the agreed on the following preliminary ar

ood of mankind in general, as for that ticles : of their respective kingdoms, ftates, and Art. I. As soon as the preliminaries subjects, have named for this

purpose, shall be figned and ratified, fincere friendviz, on the part of his Britannic Majesty, ship Mall be re-established between his VOL. XLV.




Britannic Majesty and his Most Christian vis, and Montserrat; and the fortresses Majesty, their kingdoms, ftates, and sub- of those inlands conquered by the arms of jects, by sea and by land, in all parts of Great Britain, and by thofe of France, the world. Orders shall be sent to the shall be restored in the same condition in armies and squadrons, as well as to the which they were when the conquest of subjects of the two powers, to stop all them was made ; provided that the term hoftilities, and to live in the most perfect of eighteen months, to be computed from union, forgetting what is paft, of which the time of the ratification of the definitheir Sovereigns give them the order and tive treaty, shall be granted to the reexample. And for the execution of this spective subjects of the crowns of Great article, sea-paffes shall be given on each Britain and France, who may have settled fide for the ships which shall be dispatch- in the said isands, and in other places ed to carry the news of it to the poffeffions which shall be restored by the definitive of the said powers.

treaty, to sell their eftates, recover their Art. II. His Majesty the King of Great debts, and to transport their effects, and Britain shall preserve in full right the retire without being restrained on account jland of Newfoundland, and the adja. of their religion, or on any other whatrocent iNands, in the same manner as the ever, except in cafes of debt, or of crimiwhole was ceded to him by the 13th ar- nal prosecutions. ticle of the treaty of Utrecht, fave the Art IX. The King of Great Britain exceptions which shall be ftipulated by the fhail cede and guarantee, in full right to sth article of the present treaty.

his Moft Chriftian Majesty, the river of Art. III. His Most Christian Majesty, Senegal, and its dependencies, with the in order to prevent quarrels which have forts of St Louis, Podor, Galam, Arguin, hitherto arifen between the two nations and Portendie: his Britannic Majefty shall of England and France, renounces the restore likewise the island of Goree, which sight of fishing, which belongs to him by shall be given up in the condition in which virtue of the said article of the treaty of it was when the British arms took poffefUtrecht, from Cape Bonavista to Cape St fion of it. John, fituated on the eastern coaft of Art. X. The Most Christian King Mall, Newfoundland, in about 50 degrees of on his fide, guarantee to his Majesty the north latitude ; whereby the French King of Great Britain, the poffeffion of fishery shall commence at the said Cape Fort James, and of the river Gambia. St John, shall go round by the north, Art. XI. In order to prevent all disa and, going down the western coast of the cuffion in that part of the world, the two iland of Newfoundland, shall have for courts shall agree, either by the definitive boundary the place called Cape Raye, fi. treaty, or by a separate act, upon the tuated in 47 degrees 50 minutes lati. boundaries to be fixed to their respective tude.

poffeflions. The gum-trade shall be carArt. IV. The French fishermen shall ried on in future, as the English and enjoy the fifhery afligned them by the French nations carried it on before the foregoing article, as they have a right to year 1755. enjoy it by virtue of the treaty of Ut- Art. XII. In regard to the rest of the recht.

coasts of Africa, the subje&s of both Art. V. His Britannic Majesty will cede, powers Mall continue to frequent them, in full right to his Moft Christian Maje- according to the custom which has prefty, the islands of St Pierre and Miquelon. vailed hitherto.

Art. VI. With regard to the right of Art. XIII. The King of Great Britain fishing in the gulph of St Laușence, the shall restore to bis Most Christian Majesty French shall continue to enjoy it, con all the establishments which belonged to formably to the 5th article of the treaty him at the commencement of the preof Paris.

fent war, on the coast of Orixa, and in Art. VII. The King of Great Britain Bengal, with liberty to surround ChanMall restore to France the island of St Lu- dernagore with a ditch for draining the cia, and shall cede and guarantee to her waters; and his Britannic Majesty enthat of Tobago.

gages to take such measures as may be " Art. Vill. The Most Christian King in his power, for securing to the subjects ihall restore to Great Britain the islands of France in that part of India, as also of Grenada, and the Grenadines, St Vinc on the coasts of Orixa, Coromandel, and Gent's, Dominica, St Christopher's, Ne. Malabar, a safe, free, and independent

trade, hare thes

trade, such as was carried on by the late Art. XIX. All the countries and terriFrench Eaft-India Company, whether it tories which may have been, or which be carried on by them as individuals, or as may be conquered, in any part of the a company.

world whatsoever, by the arms of his BriArt. xiv. Pondicherry, as well as Ka- tannic Majesty, or by those of his Most rical, fall likewise be restored and gua- Christian Majesty, and which are not inranteed to France; and his Britannic Ma: cluded in the present articles, shall be rejefty shall procure, to serve as a depende stored without difficulty, and without reency round Pondicherty, the two districts quiring compensation. of Valanour and Bahour; and, as a de- Art. XX. As it is necessary to affign pendency round Karical, the four conti- a fixed epoch for the restitutions and the guous Magans.

evacuations to be made by each of the Art. XV. France shall again enter into high contracting parties, it is agreed, poffeffion of Mahe, and of the Comptoir, That the King of Great Britain (hali cause at Surat; and the French Mall carry on to be evacuated the islands of St Pierre commerce in this part of India, conforme and Miquelon, three months after the raably to the principles laid down in the tification of the definitive treaty, or soon13th article of this treaty.

er if it can be done ; St Lucia in the West Art. XVI. In case France has allies in Indies, and Goree in Africa, three months India, they shall be invited, as well as after the ratification of the definitive treathose of Great Britain, to accede to the ty, or sooner if it can be done. The present pacification; and, for that pur. King of Great Britain (hall, in like manpose, a term of four months, to be conti- ner, at the end of three months after the puted from the day on which the prepo• ratification of the definitive treaty, or lal fall be made to them, Mall be allow• sooner if it can be done, enter again into ed them to make their decifion; and, in possession of the islands of Grenada, the case of refusal on their part, their Bri. Grenadines, St Vincent, Dominica, St tannic and Most Christian Majesties agree Christopher's, Nevis, and Montserrat. not to give them any assistance, direct- France shall be put into pofTeflion of ly or indirectly, against the British or the towns and comptoirs which are reFrench possessions, or against the possef- stored to her in the East Indies, and of fions of their respective allies; and their the territories which are procured for her, said Majefties Mall offer them their good to serve as dependencies round Pondioffices towards a mutual accommoda- cherry and round Karical, fix months af.. tion between them.

ter the ratification of the definitive treaty, Art. XVII. The King of Great Britain, or sooner if it can be done. desirous of giving his Moft Chriftian Ma. France shall, at the end of the same jesty a fincere proof of reconciliation and term of six months, restore the towns and friendship, and of contributing to the fo- territories which her arms may have taken lidity of the peace which is on the point from the English, or their allies, in the of being re-established, will consent to the East Indies. abrogation and suppression of all the ar- In consequence'whereof, the necessary ticles relative to Dunkirk, from the trea. orders Mall be sent by each of the high ty of peace concluded at Utrecht in 1713, contracting parties, with reciprocal pairinclufively to this time.

ports for the ships which shall carry them, Art.XVIII. By the definitive treaty, all immediately after the ratification of the those which have existed till now between definitive treaty. the two high contracting parties, and Art. XXI. The prisoners made respecwhich shall not have been derogated from, tively by the arms of his Britannic Vans either by the said treaty, or by the pre. jefty, and his Most Christian Majesty, by sent preliminary treaty, shall be renewed land and by fea, shall be restored reciproand confirmed; and the two courts Mall cally, and bona fide, immediately after the name commissioners to inquire into the ratification of the definitive treaty, withftate of commerce between the two na- out ransom, and on paying the debts tions, in order to agree upon new ar- they may bave contracted during their rangements of trade, on the footing of captivity, and each crown shall respecreciprocity and mutual convenience. The tively reimburse the fums which shall have said two courts fall together amicably been advanced for the subfiftence and Ex a competent term for the duration of maintenance of their prisoners, by the ibat bugness.

Sovereign of the country where they shall


have been detained, according to the re- tain, Mr Alleyne Fitzherbert, minifterceipts and attested accounts, and other plenipotentiary of his faid Majesty; and authentic titles, which shall be produced on the part of his Majesty the King of on each side.

Spain, Don Peter Paul Abarea de Bolea Art. XXII. In order to prevent all Ximenes d'Urnea, &c. Count of Aranda, causes of complaint and dispute which and Castel Florido, Marquis of Torres, of may arise on account of prizes which may Villanan and Rupit, Viscount of Rueda be made at sea after the figning of these and Yoch, Baron of the baronies of Gapreliminary articles, it is reciprocally a- vin Sietano, Clamofa, Eripol, Trazmoz, greed, That the vessels and effects which La Mata de Castil- Viego, Antillon, La may be taken in the Channel and in the Almolda, Cortis Jorva, St Genis, RaNorth Seas, after the space of twelve days, bovillet, Oreau, and St Colome de Far. to be computed from the ratification of nes, Lord of the Tenance and Honour the present preliminary articles, shall be of Alcalaten, the valley of Rodellar, the restored on each fide.

castles and towns of Maella, Mosones, That the term shall be one month, from Tiurana de Villaplana, Taradele, and the Channel and the North Seas, as far as Viladran, &c. Rico-Hombre in Arragon, the Canary Isands, inclusively, whether by birth, Grandee of Spain of the firft in the ocean or in the Mediterranean ; class, Knight of the order of the Golden two months, from the said Canary INands Fleece, and of that of the Holy Ghoft, as far as the equinoxial line or equator; Gentleman of the King's Bed-chamber and, lastly, five months in all other parts in employment, Captain-General of his of the world, without any exception, or armies, and his Ambassador to his Moft any other more particular description of Christian Majesty; who, after having time and place.

duly communicated to each other their Art. XXIII. The ratifications of the full powers in good form, have agreed present preliminary articles shall be expe- on the following preliminary articles: dited in good and due form, and exchan. Art. 1. As soon as the preliminaries ged in the space of one month, or sooner thall be signed and ratified, sincere friend. if it can be done, to be compnted from thip shall be re-established between his the day of the Gignature of the present Britannic Majesty and his Catholic Maarticles.

jesty, their kingdoms, states, and subIn witness whereof, we the under-writ. jects, by sea and by land, in all parts of

ten ministers plenipotentiary of his the world. Orders shall be sent to the Britannic Majefty, and of his Moft armies and squadrons, as well as to the Chriftian Majesty, by virtue of our subjects of the two powers, to ftop all respective full powers, have signed hostilities, and to live in the most perfect the present preliminary articles, and union, forgetting what has passed, of have caufed the leals of our arms to which their Sovereigns give them the orbe put thereto.

der and example. And for the execuDone, at Versailles, the 20th day of tion of this article, fea-paffes Mall be January 1783.

given on each fide for the ships which ALLEYNE FIT2 HERBERT. (L. S.) Thall be dispatched to carry the news of GRAVIER DE VERGENNES. (L. S.) it to the poffefsions of the faid powers.

Art. II. His Catholic Majesty thall Translation of the Preliminary Articles of, keep the island of Minorca. Psace between his Britannic Majesty and

Art. III. His Britannic Majesty shall the Most Catholic Kirg, Signed, at vero cede to his Catholic Majesty Eaft Flori. failles, the 20th day of January 1783., 'da, and his Catholic Majesty shall keep In the name of the Moft Holy Trinity! West Florida, provided that the term of

The King of Great Britain and the cighteen months, to be computed from King of Spain, equally animated with a de. the time of the ratification of the definifire of putting an end to the calamities of tive treaty, Mall be granted to the suba destructive war, and of re-establishing jects of his Britannic Majesty, who are union and good understanding between Tettled, as well in the island of Minorca them, as necessary for the good of man• as in the two Floridas, to fell their e. kind in general, as for that of their re- states, recover their debts, and to trans. spective kingdoms, states, and subjects, port their effects, as well as their perhave named for this purpose, viz, on the fons, without being restrained on acpart of his Majesty th: King of Great Bri• count of their religion, or under any o.

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