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Schedule B

JOINT ECONOMIC COMMITTEE Analysis of Change to Budget Base by Organization and Object Class

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Mandatory Pay and Related Costs
1. Promotions, merit increases
2. Annualization-1992 cost of living
3. 1993 anticipated cost of living
3. Agency Contributions
Price Level Changes
1. Miscellaneous Expenses
Program Type Changes
1. Legislation
2. Workload

Increase in Staff
3. Equipment, Alterations etc.



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Schedule D

Summary of Committee Request

FY 1993 Budget Request

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Mandatory Pay and Related Costs
Price Level Changes (Miscellaneous)
Program Type Changes

Equipment, Alterations

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The Joint Comunittee on Printing hereby transmits its budget estimate of $1,568,000 covering Committee operations and oversight activities for Fiscal Year 1993. Included within this presentation is a discussion of special activities and projects we plan to continue and/or initiate during Fiscal Year 1992 and 1993.


The Joint Committee on Printing, whose authority and responsibilities are prescribed by Title 44 of the United States Code, acts as the policymaker and overseer of the printing, binding, and distribution activities of the Federal Government, as well as acting as a "Board of Directors" for the Government Printing Office.

The broad jurisdiction and responsibilities of the JCP are codified in Section 103 of Title 44 which states that the JCP "may use any measures it considers necessary to remedy neglect, delay, duplication or waste in the public printing and binding and the distribution of government publications". Other sections of Title 44 enumerate specific activities which are subject to regulation or approval by the JCP.

The Joint Committee has completed an active year which involved hearings being held on fugitive documents, modern printing technology to be considered for the use of the GPO and the planned consolidation of printing services by the Department of Defense. As a partial result of the information received from these hearings, the Joint Committee is planning on major new initiatives in oversight of Federal Agency duplicating centers, the beginning of a rechartering process for all JCP-authorized printing plants, working with the Department of Defense to carry out a more cost-effective printing consolidation plan, as well as continuing its guidance to the GPO in their efforts at modernization and providing better services to the Congress and

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