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Whose howl's his watch) thus with his stealthy

pace, Like Tarquin's ravishing strides, toward his de

sign Moves like a ghost-Thou sound and firm-set

earth, Hear not my steps, which way they walk, for

fear The very stones should prate of royal blood Soon to be spilt, [Shakesp. MACBETH.]




A Speech of Adam to Eve.

(Milt. PARAD. Loss. B. IV, I. 411.



SOLE partner, and sole part of all these joys,

Dearer thyself than all. Needs must the Pow'r, Pity. That made us, and for us this ample world,

Be infinitely good, and of his good

As liberal and free, as infinite ; ratitude. That rais'd us from the dust, and plac'd us here

In all this happiness, who at his hand
Have nothing merited, nor can perforin
Ought whereof he hath need; he who requires
From us no other service, than to keep
This one, this easy charge, of all the trees
In paradise, that bear delicious fruit
So various., not to taste that only tree

Of knowledge, planted by the tree of life; Apprehens. So near grows death to life; whate'er death is; Some dreadful thing no doubt; for well thou

know'st God hath pronounc'd it death to taste that tree,

The only sign of our obedience left, Gratitude. Among so many signs of pow'r and rule

Conferr'd upon us, and dominion given

Over all other creatures, that possess
Earth air, and sea. Then let us not think hard
One easy prohibition, who enjoy
Free leave so large to all things else, and choice
Unlimited, of manifold delights,
But let us ever praise him, and extol
His bounty, following our delightful task
To prune these growing plants, and 'tend these

Which, were it toilsome, yet with thee-were





TY, FORCED SUBMISSION. Interesting scene from Shakespeare's Merchant of

Venice, in which the Jew Shylock, by his persevering malice against Antonio, is completely.

humbled and punished. DUKE, SHYLOCK, ANTONIO, BASSANIO, Por- .

TIA, and GRATIANO. Duke. MAKE room, and let him stand before Authority: *

our face Shylack, the world thinks, and I think so too, Pleading. That thou but lead'st this fashion of thy malice To the last hour of act; and then, 'tis thought Thoul't shew thy mercy and remorse, more strange : Than is thy strange apparent cruelty. And, where thou now exact'st the penalty, Which is a pound of this poor merchant's flesh (1)| Pity. Thou wilt not only lose the forfeiture, But, touch'd with humane gentleness and love, Pleading. Forgive a moiety of the principal, Glancing an eye of pity on his losses, '.


(1) See the note, page 155

That have of late brought down such ruin on

Enough to make a royal merchant, bankrupt.

We all expect a gentie answer, Jew.
Obstinacy. Shyl, I have possess'd your grace of what I

Hypocrify. (2) And by our holy sabbath have I sworn
Cruelty. To have the due and forfeit of my bond.
Threaten. If you deny it, let the danger light

Upon your charter, and your city's freedom-
You'll ask, me, why I rather chuse to have

A weight of carrion flesh, than to receive Obstinacy. Three thousand ducats ? I'll not answer that ;

But, say it is my humour; Is it answered ? Obstinacy. What if my house be troubled with a rat,

And I be pleas'd to give ten thousand ducats,

To have it ban'd? What, are you answer'd yet? Reproof.

Bassanio. This is no answer, thou unfeeling

T'excuse the current of thy cruelty,

Shyl. I am not bound to please thee with my








Antonio. I pray you, think, you question with

a Jew,
You may as well go stand upon the beach,
And bid the main-flood' bate his usual height;
You may as well plead pity with the wolf,
When you behold the ewe bleat for the lamb,
As try to melt his Jewish heart to kindness.
Bass. For thy three thousand dučats, here are

Shyl. If ev'ry ducat in six thousand ducats
Were in six parts, and ev'ry part a ducat,
I would not draw them; I would have my bond..
Duke. How shalt thou hope for mercy, ren-

dering none?
Shyl. What judgment shall I dread, doing

no wrong. The pound of flesh, which I demand of him, Is dearly bought : 'tis mine, and I will have it,

(1) See Affectation, hypocritical, page 27.




[Enter Portia, disguised like a Doct. of Laws.] Duke. Give me your hand.

You come from Welcoming learn'd Bellario? Portia. I do,

I do, my Lord. Duke. You're welcome : take your place. Are you acqainted with the cause in question. ? Question,

Portia. I am informed thoroughly of the case. Answer. Which is the merchant here? and which the Question.

Duke. Antonio and Shylock; both stand forth. Authority.
Port. [To Shylock.] Is your name Shylock ? Question.
Shyl. Shylock is my nanie.

Port. [To Antonio.] You are obnoxious to Question.
him, are you not?
Ant. Ay, so he says.

Deje&. Port. Do you confess the bond?

Question. Ant. I do.

Deject. Port, Then must the Jew be merciful. Intreat. Shyl. On what compulsion must 1? Tell me obstinacy.

that.. Port. The quality of mercy is not strained. Advising. It droppeth as the gentle rain from Heav'n. Upon the happy soil. It is twice blest, In him, who gives it; and in him, who takes. 'Tis mightiest in the Mightiest. It becomes Reverence,

The throned monarch better that his crown; 7 Itself enthroned in the hearts of kings. It is the loveliest attribute of Deity; And earthly pow'r shews likest to divine, u When mercy seasons justice. Therefore, Jew, Aedvilling. Tho' justice be thy plea, consider this, That, in the course of justice, none of us Should see salvation. We do pray for mercy, Reflection. And that same pray’r doth teach us all to render The deeds of mercy. Shyl. My deeds upon my head !

Obstinacy. I crave the legal forfeit of my bond.

Bass. For once I beg the court to bend the law Intreat. To equity:. 'Tis worth a little wrong To curb this cruel devil of his will. Port. It must not be. There is no pow'r in Forbideling.








Can alter a decree established.
'Twill be recorded for a precedent,
And many an error, by the same example,
Will rush into the state. It cannot be.
Shyl. A Daniel come to judgment! Yea,

a Daniel.
O. wise young judge! How do I honor thee!

pray you let me look upon the bond. Shyl. Here'tis, most reverend doctor! Here

it is. Port. Shylock! there's thrice thy money

offer'd thee.
Shyl. An oath! An.oath! I have an oath

in Heav'n!
Shall I lay perjury upon my soul ?.
No, not for Venice.

Port. (1) Why, this bond is forfeit,
And lawfully by this the Jew. may clain2
A pound of flesh, to be by him cut off
Nearest the merchant's heart.-Be merciful.
Take thrice thy money. Bid me tear the band.

Shyl. When it is paid according to the tenor.
There is no power in the tongue of man
To alter me.

I stay upon my bond.
Anton. Most heartily I do beseech the court
To give the judgment.

Port. Why then, thus it is;
You must prepare your bosom for this knife.

Shyl. Ay, his breast;
So saith the bond; doth it not, noble judge
Nearest his heart. These are the very words.
Port, It is so. Are there scales to weigh the .

flesh ?
Shyl. I have them readı.
Port. Have here a surgeon, Shylock, at your

charge, To stop his

wounds, least he should bleed to death. Shyl. Is it so nominated in the bond ?




Thirst of




(1) Portia speaks all, to " Stop him, guards," without looking off the bond.


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