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however, some singular notions of a former and future state. They believe that their race formerly ocoupied some pleasant seats on the other side of a large table or mountain, which is in sight of their present abodes: that they were driven out of them for some misdeeds by the Great Breath at the secret instigation of their evil genius Mumbo-Jumbo,* whom they represent as an elderly figure, with flowing white curls and dark bushy eyebrows, clothed all in black, and seated upon a fiery red throne, in shape somewhat resembling a great woolpack; and they fondly cherish a hope, encouraged by the predictions of their prophets, that some day or other, when they shall have undergone sufficient penance in their present habitations, they are to be restored to those happy seats. But the most intelligent among them secretly ridicule this expectation; and are well aware,

* The change of the Talents' administration was chiefly attributed to Lord Eldon, now Lord Chancellor.-E.

that however such a notion may keep alive the hope and promise of amendments, little real improvement is to be expected from tribes, which rate so very low in the scale of intellect and manners.


The following Treaty has not been laid before Parliament in extenso; though its results have been communicated to the House of Commons. Our readers will, we have no doubt, be curious to see the whole of this important and original document.

* This paper was intended to ridicule the alliance between Mr. Paul Methuen and the more violent part of the Opposition. The preceding articles leave us at no loss to determine that the Plenipotentiaries are Mr. Robert Gordon and Mr. Warre.-E.


In the name of Wonder! Amen!

His Majesty Paul the 1st, Emperor of the Dandies, Autocrat of Himself and Grand Duke of Pantomime; and Henry Bruffham, President of the Republic of Billingsgate, and Protector of the Confederation of Palace Yard, being mutually desirous of entering into an amicable arrangement of all differences now existing between them, their States, subjects, and citizens respectively, have appointed as Envoys Extraordinary and Ministers Plenipotentiary, to treat of and conclude a Treaty of Peace and Amity, viz.

His Majesty the Emperor Paul, the most illustrious and honourable, the Sieur Jack-war, Count of Negus, Baron Blackstrap, Grand Cross of the Order of Temper, Knight of the Leaden Crown, Lieutenant in 2d Company of Lestwithiel Volunteer Infantry, &c. &c.

And the President, Robert, Baron de Bhum,

Grand-Gordon of the Legion of Despair, Knight of the Woeful Countenance, and of the Order of Cherabim and Seraphim, a Privy Councillor, and Member of the Council of State for the examina

tion of Dutch Butter;

Who having mutually exchanged their full Powers, found in good and due form, have agreed upon the following articles :


There shall be from the date hereof an offensive alliance between the High Contracting Parties,


His Majesty the Emperor Paul agrees to cede and abandon the province of Santa Fé, or Good Faith ; but the President being desirous of giving the whole world a manifest proof of his moderation and generosity, declines occupying any portion of the said ceded province; and it is hereupon concluded and agreed, that the said province of Santa Fé or Good Faith shall, on no pretence whatever,

be kept by either of the High Contracting Parties, but shall form a separate State or Commonwealth independent of both.


The President engages to furnish his Majesty the Emperor, for the ensuing campaign, a quota or contingent of as many notions, motions, ideas, and propositions, as his said Majesty may be able to lodge and clothe.


His Majesty the Emperor engages to pay to the said President the full compliment of the said notions, motions, ideas, and propositions, whether he shall use and employ them or not, at a rate to be hereafter determined by Commissioners to be specially appointed for that purpose.


His Majesty the Emperor further engages to restore to the said President, at the conclusion of the campaign, all the said notions, motions, ideas, and

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