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we have long striven for in vain, except those which He condescends to show us are not in His good pleasure to grant, and we may be enabled to praise Hım equally for the granting of what He grants, and for the refusal of what He denies.



If a census were taken of population in classes; exhibiting the increase since the last census; the numbers receiving parish relief; the amount they cost their respective parishes; and the numbers the parishes could spare ; they would probably exhibit the following results : That the parishes, on an average, would be glad to have removed as many as the increase of the last ten years at least; and that all the shipping of England, taking one voyage annually, would not suffice to remove the annual increase.

Should such be the result of careful investigation, it requires no great stretch of imagination to conclude that something should


be done, either to improve the moral condition of Englishmen at home, and thereby render their resources more invariably applicable to their benefit, or adopt some system of emigration. For the superabundance of population, compared with the means either of employment or support, have elicited the inquiries and reflections of many men of no mean attainments, yet what has been done? Has any thing really tangible and effective yet been offered, much less acted upon ?

The adoption of Owen's plans, in his new view of society, either in colonies or in the mother country, appears inapplicable to any but the young and unmarried; for it is not agreeable to the constitution and circumstance of man, nor to the organization of his mind, nor to his feelings generally, that when he is married


possess the power of interference in their domestic feelings and avocations. That is not the period in the life of man or woman in which such circumstantial and interfering care can be either introduced or continued. No; but if it be wished to improve the domestic condition of the English,-colonize, by taking them, of both sexes, at ten to fourteen; keep them steadily and suitably employed according to their sex and their strength ; feed them well, use them well, work them well and though steadily yet moderately; cultivate in their minds sincerity, kindness, punctuality, assiduity in all their engagements, cleanliness, decency ; instruct them well in morals, and, above all, turn their attention to that POWER who can alone instruct them well in religion ; show them, so far as their poor fellow-mortal can show them, that their highest privilege, their most interesting avocation, is to dwell near to the “ still small voice” of God in their hearts, which can, and will teach them, as man in his own will and way never did and never could teach, either his brother or himself. Thus would that succession of vices be cut off, which, by example, has been handed down through so many generations; and when the industry and other good conduct of a couple such young persons had acquired, in the way of reward, sufficient amount to purchase from the general stock the cow,

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the number of sheep, the tools, &c. sufficient to make a fair start, they might be encouraged to marry and thereupon be placed in possession of their farm. Thus principles and habits, which you never could expect to ingraft on middle-aged or married people, would accompany them through their lives, and shine forth in the management of their children's children.

But Economists should look at human nature in some degree as a Horticulturist does at an estate which he wants to beautify; does he cut down the hills and mounds, and scooping out their bases for fish-ponds, fill up the original receptacles of the water ? No; he takes nature as she presents herself to him in her native loveliness; too glad to find she has done so much for him to be willing to throw away any portion of her handy-work; and going on a good deal in the path she hath herself chalked out, discovers not only the greatest extent of the capabilities which he has got to work on, but also the easiest way, and the most effectual and permanent way, of attaining his wishes ; but if a man

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