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• Third payment in Dec. 1853. CONTRA. Warrant in favor of John Makay.....

$18 00 H. Bertholf...

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$36 00

CITY AND COUNTY OF New York, ss:-Bartholomew B. Purdy, Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies, being duly sworn, deposeth, that the foregoing account of the expenses of the Bureau of Public Buildings, Bureau of the Fire Department, Bureau of Roads and Avenues, and Bureau of Streets Paving, are just and true accounts of said Bureaux for, and on account of the Corporation of the city of New York.


Commissioner of Repairs and Supplies. Sworn to before me, this 11th

day of January, 1854.



Commissioner of Deeds.



JANUARY 16, 1854.

The following resolution and ordinance relating to the Fire

Department, was received. Laid on the table, and ordered to be printed.


Whereas, The Fire Department of the city of New York is composed of nearly four thousand citizens, who devote ibeir time and exertions to the public service, without any reward except the satisfaction derived from the faithful discharge of their duty as citizens. And

Whereas,' This branch of the civil service possesses the capacity for government in itself, at least equal to that of the citizen soldiery, who are left in the free and full man. agement and control of their own internal affairs. Aud

Whereas, The present system of administering the affairs of the Fire Department, through the Common Council, is onerous to the latter body-interfering with its more legitimate business—has operated in experience unfairly and injuriously to the Department, greatly impairing its efficiency; and the principle upon which the Department is deprived of the power of governing themselves by duly selected representatives, is one which should only be applied to subordinate mercenaries, and is derogatory to the character and dignity of the Department—and the time has arrived when the liberal and just policy of treating this Department as possessing the requisite faithfulness and character to be left to their own government, should be put into operation. Therefore be it

Resolved, That the annexed ordinance, providing for the separation of the management of the affairs of the Fire Department from the Common Council, be laid on the table, and printed, for the consideration of the Common Council, viz:




Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonalty of

the city of New York, in Common Council convened :

SECTION 1. There shall be elected from among the exempt and active firemen of the city of New York, a “ Board of Fire Department Commissioners.

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§ 2. The said Board shall be composed of three persons from each of the eight sections of the fire districts of New

York, and three persons from that portion of the city known as the Twelfth Ward-two of the said persons froin each district shall be exempt firemen, and the third, one of the active firemen of the city. Within twenty days after their election, they shall appear before the Chief Engineer and the President of the Fire Department, and shall draw, by districts for the term of one, two and three years, respectively, and thereafter shall be elected regularly for the term of three years.

§ 3. The Chief Engineer of the Fire Department shall be an ex-officio member of the said Board, and all its committees. He shall be entitled to a seat and a voice in all its deliberations, but in no case shall he be allowed to vote on any question or questions that may come before the said Board.

§ 4. The said Board shall receive petitions and communications on all subjects relating to the Fire Department, and take action thereon ; they shall take cognizance of all matters calculated to increase the efficiency of the department, as well as the trial of cases of insubordination and violation of the ordinances of the city by any of the firemen, while acting in their capacity as such, and attend to such other matters, as will, in their opinion, conduce to the protection of life and property by the Fire Department.

$5. In all cases not requiring an appropriation of money from the public treasury, (except in the creation of new companies and an increase of force to the companies already organized) the decision of the Commissioners shall be final, and without appeal ; where an appropriation is needed, the decisions of the said Board shall be transmitted to the Common Council for confirmation or rejection.

§ 6. Immediately after the said Board shall have organized, the members thereof shall proceed to ballot for a clerk, and the person receiving the majority of all the votes cast, shall be declared elected such clerk for the term of three years. It shall be the duty of said clerk to attend all meetings of the Board, and keep a correct minute of the proceedings thereof; he shall have charge of the Firemen's Register, under the direction of the Board, and shall make all entries, changes, or amendments therein, as the Board may direct; he shall copy and transmit to the Common Council all decisions of the said Board necessary to be acted upon, as prescribed in section 5 of this ordinance, and attend to such other matters as may be required of him by this Board.

$ 7. The Chief Engineer of the Fire Department shall select a day upon which the first election, under this ordinance, shall be held, which said day shall be within thirty days after this ordinance shall have become a law. The election shall be held in the manner hereinafter prescribed :

1. The election of Commissioners shall be held in

one day, the polls to be opened at sunrise and closed at sunset.

2. Every fireman doing duty in the city of New

York, who shall have been an active member of the Department for ninety days previous to the election, shall be an elector, but entitled to vote only in the district wherein the company of which he is a member is located.

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