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- Long as I live, will I proclaim »His love, and call upon

His name.
2 Pain and distress encompass'd round;

To Him I fed, and refuge found:
With holy joy I now record,

Gracious and righteous is the LORD. 3 Return unto thy rest, my soul,

Thy God, who did thy fears controul,
Sav'd thee from death, thine eyes from tears,

Restor'd to life, reliev'd thy fears.
4 God views His children with delight,

Their death is precious in His sight;
LORD, I am Thine; I'll live to Thee,

Thou loos’d my bonds, and set me free. 5 Thy courts I love; within Thy house

With grateful joy, I'll pay my vows;
Assembled saints their songs shall join,
And praise, eternal praise, be Thine.

PSALM 116. II. Metre. (c.m.) i WHAT shall I render to my God,

For all His kindness shown: My feet shall visit Thine abode,

My songs address Thy throne.
2 Among the saints that fill Thine house,

My off'rings shall be paid;
There shall my zeal perform the vows

My soul in anguish made.
3 How much is mercy Thy delight,

Thou ever-blessed God!:

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How dear Thy servants in Thy sight!

How precious is their blood ? 4 How happy all Thy servants are ! sia !!!

How great Thy grace to me! My life, which Thou hast made Thy care, (LORD, I devote to Thee.

29 5 Now I am Thine, for ever Thine,

Nor let my purpose move;
Thy hand has loos’d my bands of pain,

And bound me with Thy love.
6 Here in Thy courts I pay my vow,

And Thy rich grace record ;
O all ye saints, who hear me now,

Praise ye, O praise the LORD.

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PSALM 117. (Old 113.) This psalm is a prophecy of the divine joy which

the world should experience at the coming of MESSIAH ; it exhorts both Jews and Gentiles to glorify God for his mercy. In this sense it is

quoted by St. Paul, Rom. xv. 8, 9, &c.
1 O ALL ye nations, praise the Lord,

His mercy, love, and truth record,
Proclaim abroad the glorious theme.
O all ye people, join in praise,
Let every heart the anthem raise,

Extol the great JEHOVAH's name. 2 JEHOVAH reigns in glorious state, His loving-kindness ever great,

Faithful and just His sacred word:

His truth, eternally the same,
Endures for ever as His name,

JEHOVAH praise: praise ye the LORD.


PSALM 117. II. Metre. (L.M.) I FROM all

that dwell below the skies, Let the CREATOR's praise arise ; Let the REDEEMER's name be sung,

Through ev'ry land, by ev'ry tongue. 2 Eternal are Thy mercies, LORD;

Eternal truth attends Thy word ;
Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore,
Till suns shall rise and set no more.

PSALM 118. (l.m.) A psalm of triumph, celebrating the victory and

glory of MESSIAH. This application is made by CARIST himself, Matt. xxi. 42. Acts iv. 11. It is appointed by the Church on Easter-day, in condi memoration of the resurrection and exaltation of

our REDEEMER. | PRAISE ye the LORD, give

thanks, and bless His mercy, truth, and righteousness : Zion, arise; rejoice, and sing

The triumphs of our glorious KING, 2 All nations compass'd, but in vain;

The LORD shall ever, ever reign;
Exalted high at God's right hand,
Behold the KING OF GLORY stand.

3 Open, ye gates of righteousness;

MESSIAH comes, His saints to bless; it Enter, Thou blessed of the LORD, seen o1

Thy kingdom claim, Thy just reward 4 By man refus'd, God's HOLY ONE, ni ondo!1

Head over all, the corner-stone;
Eternal life through Him is giv'n, 2919 snit

He reigns the LORD of earth and heav'n. Loe 5 The mighty deed is done ; proclaim

Salvation in Jehovah's name:
God is the LORD; your off'rings bring;

He comes, He comes, hosannahs sing. 6 This is the day the LORD hath made;

Ye heav'ns rejoice; O earth, be glad;
Thou art our God; Thine be the praise ;
The glory Thine, to endless days.

PSALM 118. II. Metre. (c.m.) 1 THIS is the day the Lord

hath made, He calls the hours His own; Let heav'n rejoice, let earth be glad,

And praise surround the throne.
2 To-day CHRIst rose, and left the dead,

And Satan's empire fell ;
To-day the saints His triumphs spread,

And all His wonders tell.
3 Hosanna to the anointed King,

To David's holy Son !
Help us, O LORD; descend, and bring

Salvation from Thy throne,

4 Blest be the LORD, who comes to men

With messages of grace;
To ransom by His bitter pain,

And save the fallen race.
5 Hosanna in the highest strains,

The Church on earth can raise ;
The highest heav'ns in which He reigns,

Shall give Him nobler praise.

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PSALM 119. This psalm is divided into twenty-two portions, ac

cording to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It is a series of devotional meditations, adapted to all the vicissitudes of human life, and is re

plete with instruction, devotion, and consolation. 1 BLEST are the undefil'd in heart,

Thy statutes who obey;
Whófrom Thy precepts ne'er depart,

Who love Thy holy way.
Oh that my ways were so prepar'd

Thy pleasure to fulfil;
Thy righteous judgments to discern,

And do Thy holy will.
2 How shall the young preserve his way,

Protected by the LORD?
By diligently taking heed,

According to Thy word.
Blessed art Thou, O LORD, Thy grace

Supplies my ev'ry want:


whole heart I'll seek Thy face, Do Thou instruction grant.

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