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The blessedness of the man who feareth JEHOVAN,

his support in trouble, liberality in prosperity, confidence in God, and reward in eternity. :

+33 (OJ 107 1 BLEST is the man who fears the LORD,

Loves His commands, obeys His word; aiH
Blessed on earth his seed shall rise,
And soar to mansions in the skies,

jasno o 2 In tribulation's gloomy night,

To bim shall rise celestial light;
Compassion shall adorn his race,

Rich in good works, in truth and grace, se 3 When terrors spread destruction near,

Trusting in God he needs not fear;
His heart is fix'd, he dreads no ill,
(The Lord his God is with him still.
4. He hath dispers'd his alms abroad,

A grateful off'ring to his God;
His works of righteousness proclaim
The honour of JEHOVAH's name,

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PSALM 112. II. Metre. (L.M.) I THRICE happy man who fears the Lord,33

Loves His commands, and trusts His word; Honour and peace his days attend,

And blessings to his seed descend. 2 Compassion dwells upon his mind;

To works of mercy still inclin'd,
He lends the poor some present aid,
Or gives them, not to be repaid.

3 When times grow dark, and tidings spread Tbat fill his neighbours round with dread, His heart is arm'd against the fear,

For God with all His pow'r is there, 4 His soul, well fix'd upon the LORD,

Draws heav'nly courage from His word;
Amidst the darkness light shall rise,

To cheer his heart, and bless his eyes. 5 He hath dispers'd his alms abroad;

His works are still before his God;
His bands, while they his alms bestow'd,
His glory's future harvest sow'd.


PSALM 113. (8.m.) Appointed by the Church for Easter-day. An ex-* hortation to praise the name of JEHOVAH, his glory, condescension, and mercy, in the redempe

tion of man. 1 THE name of God adore,

Ye servants of the LORD; From this time forth, for evermore,

His sacred name record. 2 Let rising suns proclaim,

And setting suns resound, The glory of JEHOVAH's name,

Through all creation round, 3 In heav'n, His blest abode,

JEHOVAH dwells on high :
Who's like unto the LORD our God?
His glory fills the sky.

4 Enthron'd in glorious state,

In robes of light array'd,
He views, with condescension great,

The earth and heav'ns He made. 5 His kind compassions tell;

The poor partake His grace;
Rais'd from the dust with Him to dwell,

In heav'n's exalted place. 6 Ye barren lands, rejoice ;

Zion, His praise record;
Children unnumber'd join their voice;

Praise ye, O praise the LORD.

PSALM 113. II. Metre. (Old 113.) 1 YE saints and servants of the LORD,

The triumphs of His name record,
His sacred name for ever bless;
Where'er the circling sup displays
His rising beams or setting rays,

Due praise to His great name address. 2 God through the world extends His sway, The regions of eternal day

But shadows of His glory are:
With Him whose majesty excels,
Who made the heav’n in which He dwells,

Let no created pow'r compare.
3 Though 'tis beneath His state to view
In highest heav'r what angels do,

Yet He to earth vouchsafes His care:


The He raiseth from the dust,
Exalting him among the just,

The blessing of His grace to share. 4 O then His pow'r and grace declare, His love divine, His guardian care,

Trust in His ever-faithful word ;
Adore His everlasting fame,
Extol the honours of His name :

Who, who is like unto the LORD ?


PSALM 114. (C.M.) Appointed by the Church for Easter-day. It cele

brates the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, as a figure of the redemption of our nature by the re

surrection of MESSIAH, 1 WHEN Israel out of Egypt came,

And led the tribes from thence; Their sanctuary was Jehovah's name,

Dominion and defence.
2 The sea stood back amaz'd to view ;

Mountains convuls'd with fear;
And Jordan's streams, aghast, withdrew,

Because the LORD was there,
3 Streams flow'd from rocks of rugged stone,

Obedient at His word;
Tremble, 0 earth, adore and own
presence of the LORD.

The Church ascribeth to God the glory of her sale

vation, and calls upon her children to praise and

extol his mercy,
1 NOT unto us, but to Thy, name,

O LORD, be glory giv'n;
Thy truth and mercy we'll proclaim,
And raise the theme to heav'n.

K: A G 2 Our God on high exalted reigns,

Let idols prostrate fall;
What He approves, His will ordains,

3 Thou hast been mindful of us, LORD,

Thou wilt Thy Israel bless;
To small and great wilt grace afford,

The fruits of righteousness.
4 Zion, thy children shall increase,

And in succession rise;
Blest of the LORD, the God of peace,

The Lord of earth and skies,
5 Rais'd from the tomb His saints shall soar,

And round His throne record Their songs of praise for evermore :

Praise ye, O praise the LORD.

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PSALM 116. A psalm of thanksgiving for deliverance from tric

bulation, a holy determination to receive the cup of salvation and make a public acknowledgment

of the mercies of JEHOVAH. 1 I LOVE the LORD, He heard my prayer; ois

My suppliant voice He deign'd to hear;

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