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Priated by John Nichols, for David Henry, late of St. John':

Gate and fold by ELVZ. NEWBERY, the Corner of St. Paul's

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FROM the experience of FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS we well know that to

secure the pablic favour we have only to use our best endeavours to
deserve it. Impressed with a due sense of that obligation, the tak of meeting
Our Readers in a formal Preface becomes unnecessary. We have only to thank
them for repeated instances of indulgence; to entreat a continuance of their
patronage; and, to assure them that it is no less our wish, than it is our duty,
to add whatever improvements inay' bę suggested for their entertainment.

Profeffing to make our Miscellany a Record of Obits, as well as other events
which would be lost in the ephemerian register of a news-paper, we trust to
the candour of our Readers in gener:), that most, if not all of them, will
find in the Monthly Obituary fome individual recorded in whoin they may
have an interest *. We flatter ourselves it can be no very difficult matter to
find any name in the Index at the end of each volume; but that aid must be
waited for till the year is closed.— The Increase of Explanatory Plates, to
illustrate the subjects treated of, cannot have escaped notice,

In one point only do we experience a difficulty. The astonishing increase
of correspondence, while it most agreeably flatters us with the conviction
that ouş labours are acceptable, and furnishes the most ample sources for se-
lection, involves in it fome ground of perplexity. It is with reluctance we
occationally lay afide many valuable Letters on accouņt merely of their
length. These it is regularly our intention to resume; till other communi-
cations of a more temporary nature compel us ftill to pass by what it was
never our intention to reject. Hence arise repeated enquiries after essays
which remain in the precise situation above described. For this we can
devise no other remedy, than to request our Correspondents will consider
unless they are expressly told otherwise in the Index INDICATORIUS,

In such a multiplicity of letters, the very Postage becomes a serious object;
tvhich we recommend to the notice of our Correspondents: and it so hap-
pens, that such as are least worth using are in general those of which the
carriage is unpaid. We have sometimes been taxed with a double letter, to
ask a question of little moment; and this perhaps followed by a second, to
enquire whether the first was received. To mention this inconvenience is,
we doubt not, sufficient to obtain redress. From the great regularity of the
Poft-office, it is very rare indeed that a letter can miscarry if directed te
J. Nichols, Printer, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-Street.

Dic. 31, 1783.

* Had wé correspondents in the whole circuit-walk round the capital, we should
be equally attentiye to their communications as to those whom M. W. is pleased
to object to


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