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6. At Richard Davenport's, esq. at Court- addxions to the episcopal palace los garden, co. Bucks, Mils Mary Sanxay, of many years bad the fee of Hereford been Cheam, co. Surrey.

the object of Bishop Harley's wishes, ?uithe Rev. Edw. Tyı whitt, M.A. rector of Wick- fummit of his views in this world. He ube ham Bishops, vicar of Bromfiekl, co. Ellex, tained it; and, in little more than two and prebend of Chiswick, in St. Paul's Cath. months from the date of the King's, pointfrom 1735; and brother to the late learned ment, he has had his final tranfiction City Tho. who died Avg. 15, 1786. the King of kings.-His Lordip vast!

Mrs. Thompson, of Bury St. Edmund's, 85th bithop of Hereford from Putz, the fit wife of T. esq. major in the Ruillian bishop of that see, consecrated in 030.-hin army now serving under the command of his , remains were interred, with grent funer:1 Excellency Marshal Count Romanzow.

pomp, at Prampton-Brian, on the roth ini?. At Dundee, Mrs Welderburn, relict of At Enfiehl Highway, Mrs. Weston. Rob. W. esq. of Pearsie.

At the house of her son-in-law,

Monk, Ja Charles-ftreet, Berkley-square, James esq. in the Crescent, Bath, after a loci corHolforil, eiq.

finement with tlie pally, aged 68, Mrs. Snee, At his mother's house in Johnson's-court, ' relict of John S. esq. 21) eminent merchant et Fleet-street, after many years levere illness, London, and daughter of Mr. Mafon, digiller Mr. Wm. Mitchell.

at Deptford, by his first wise. Her furtune, 5. Near the Hermitage, Capt. Smeaton, in which is considerable, devolves to her on'y the Irish trade.

daughter, Mrs. Monk. In Hoxton-square, Mrs. Conder, relict of 10. At Croydon, Miss Sayer, daughter if the Rev. Dr. C. late titor of the acidemy at Mr. Serjeant S. Homerton.

At Stanton Wick, Bath, John Adams, el. Miss Marlou', youngest daughter of Rev. one of the justices of the peace for the county. Mr. M. rector of Trocton and Luckford, co. Ac Hamburgli, in his 720 ye::l', Nicholas Suffolk.

Gottlieb Lutkens, cry. One of the senators if Aged 92, Alex. Kershaw, esq. of Heskin- that republic. hall, co. Lancaster.

ni. In Whitcombe-street, Capt. Jas. Sir8. At Cambridge, Mrs. Lettice, wife of clair, in the service of the Ean India ComMr. L. B.D). late tellow of Sidney Coll. and pany. On account of a claim this gentlema daughter of Jobn Newling, cfq. one of the had set up to the title of Earl of Caithneis, aldermen of Cambridge.

the noble Lord who hears the title declinal Mr. Tho. Fearnley, of the Old Artillery: voting at the late election for one of the 11x ground, Spital-fields.

teen peers of Scotland till luis right to it hai Mis Mary Wrotrefley, youngest daughter heen ascertained by lily; but de:th harilig of the late Sir John W. bart.

removed the claimant, liis Lordship is left in 9. At his seat Rear Kirgton, co. Hereford, quiet poffeffion of bis tille. of a complaint in his bowels, which baffled

At Brompton, Mrs. Lacy, wife of Mr. L. the efforts of four physicians, the Right Hon. late patentee of Druiz-lane Thet!re. and Right Rev. John Harley, D.D. hinop of At Paddington, of the govt in fuis head and Hereforel, de:n of Wiradlfur, and registrar of stom:ch, Cot. John Peters, who was born the most noble order of the Garter. He was Hebron, in Connecticut, in June 1740. Hi consecrated in November last, and installed, was defcended from a brother of Hugh Perers by proxy, in December. His Lordship was and Gen. Thomas Harrison, and, on his nisi bom on the 29th of Septemher, 17:8; mar ther's fide, from John Phelps, efq. charaéters ried Roach, daughter of Gwynne Vaughan, well known in the latt century to Cromwell esq. of Trebarıy, co. Radnor, by whom he and Thurlow. Nevertheless, Colonel Peter has issue, 1. Edward, horn Feb. 20, 1773; took an active and ze:ous part, in 1976, 2. John, born Dec. 31, 1774; 30 two against the American rebellion, and in Cam dau; liters, Frances and Maitla. He was nada raised the regiment called “ The Queen's heir apparent to the present Earl of Oxford. Loyal Rangers," of which he was appointed He was collated co the archdeaconiy of Salop commandant by Lord Dorchester. By his in January 1760; and resigned it on his col. loyalty he loft his property ; by his patience lation to that of Hereford in 1769.-His and fortiende he supported his mind im 'er 's. Lore!hip was ill buat a very thort time, and long illness, and yielded up his life wick Jied much lamented by the people of Here. alacrity. He left a wife and eigl chillren Lord, and the gentlemen of the county. He at Cape Breton, to lament the lots of an afhad come to the refolution of repairing and fectionate husband and father, and of a geneb moking, confiderable additions to the noble rous and benevolent friend. His remains were Cathedral at Hereford, by his own family interred on Wednesday, Jan. 16, at four in contributions and his interest with the nobi- the afternoon, in the New Bunying-grotund Licy and gentry of the county; had drawn a of St. George, Hanover-square.-"Rebellion plan for that purpose, and received the ap- and Loyalty are alike fatal to foie families, priubation of the Archbiftop of Canterbury; and alike prosperous to others.” ainl actually engaged Mr. Wyait to go Mrs: Bentley, wife of Mr. B. lacuman in fun u early in the spins, and allo to make Bodford-Itr. Coveut-garden.

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Obituary of considerable Perfoms; with Biographical Anecdotes. Aged 8-», Tho.S:arling, esq. fen. alderman In Berwick-stre Soho, Mrs. Sarab Loader, of S. Giles's ward, Norwich. He served the a widow lady, o'tice of theriff in 1765, mayor in 1767, and On the Queen's Parade, Bath, Mr. Smyth bucame frther of the city in 1787. He had father to the celebrated Mrs. Fitzherbert, bien married 60 years tu Mrs. S. who fur At Entiekl, in his 74th year, Mr. Jn. Crade vives hin

dock, many years a respectable shop-keeper 1Docklington, co. Kent, Rev. Wm. in that town, but had retired from befiness

some years. A: her house on Clay-hill, Enfield, in her 15. Mr. Tho Mason, attorney in Black16.1 year, Mrs. Ame Scroder, claugh of Aum. man-street, Southwark. Michel, of Lowestofte, niece to Adm. Gar Universally lamented, Mrs. Dew, wife of coigne, and reliet of John Adolphus S. an Tomkyns D. esq of Cavendith-Square, eminent Dutch merchant in London, to whom At Hexham, Rob. Shaftoe, ery. of Baving, she was married Apr. 4, 1749, and hy whom ton, co. Northumberland. the had one daughter, married to Alexander 16. At Paris, the renowned Count de Hume, esp. of Wimpole-iir. 1779.

Graffe, who was taken prisoner by Admiral Ai Pattersea, Mis. Ponton, relict of the Rodney, in the Ville de Paris, at th: beginlate D.m. P. tiq.of Lambeth.

ning of last war. Mrs. Bridge, wilow of the late Alox. B. At Bach, Lock Rollinson, esq. of Chadefq. of Ewell, Surrey.

lington, co. Oxford. Ai Shrubland-bul, co. Suffolk, Rev. John Ac Canterbury, Mr. Win. Hills, attorney Pacun, M.A. i lineal defcenilant of the Lord in Chancery-lane. Kceper Bacon.

At Hinghain, co. Norfolk, aged 87, Sir At Burwood-park, the eldest daughter of Wń. Castleton, bart. The title descends to Sir John Frederick, bait,

his fon, a merchant at Lynn. A Buels, Ldy Cath. Bellatvie, ellest Ac Glaigow, Capt. Addison, of the 56th daugliter of the late Earl of Faucouherg, and regiment. After on the prefert Earl.

Aged 80, Mr. Tho. Powell, of Symond's13. Rev. Mr. Price, vicar of High Wy- Inn, one of the meliengers to the Comenis. comb, Bucks, and one of the aktermen of that fioners of Bankrupts. borough.

Ai Ruthiensay, in Scotland, the CourtorsJo. Cope Freeman, esy. of Abbot's Lang. dowager of Fife, mother to the Earl of F. le;, Herts.

At Galloway, acel 114, Pat. Conno lv, efq. In Park-street, - Douglas, efy, one of 17, Mr. Pilon, author of “ He wou'd be a the proprietors of the grant cotton inanafac- Soldier," and many other dramatic pieces.tury at Holywell, co. Flint.

His renkains were interred in Lambeth At Chelsea, Mrs. Stuart, relict of Captain church-yard on the 26th instant, ato two Tho. S. many years aliutunt of Chelse: Hosp. o'clock in the afternoon.

Mr. Rich. Clewin, Ermer, of Finchley. At her logings in Norfolk-ftreet, Strand,

Mrs. Amelia Adams, widow of the late Mrs. Bavly, wife of Nath. B. est, cof Jamaica. Mr. Tho. A. mercer in Pantou-stı. Hay-ma. In Robert-street, Adelphi, Andrew Gray,

14. Ac Hammersmith, Parkyns Mac Mac esy. agent to the Ayr bank. hon, esq. nephew of Lorel Macklethwaite, Mrs. Ancona, wife of Jacob A. esq. mar. Eari of Tortarlington of the kingdom of Ire ble-merchant in New-Str. Biilopfgate-tr. Lund, by the mother's fide. The title is now At Clerk-hill, co. Lancaster, the frat of extinct, by the failure of mal: ilue. He was James Whalley, esq. aged 17, Mrs, Ellen W. a gentleman well kuown in the literary worlala a maiden lady, late of Blackburn, co. Linc. He had served from bis childhoor! in the Irish 18. In Queen-square, Elopatbury, Mrs. brigale in the service of the King of France, Manthir, mother of John M. est ole of this cill about twenty years ago ; fiuce which time directors of the East India Company. he has resided in the kingdom.

19. Ini James-Itr. near Bimisingham-gate, At the George Inn, at Southampton, Sir Warwick Calmady, esy, one of the oldest of Philip Jennings Clerke, bart. M1.P. fus Tot- ficers in the navy. His fortun : devolves to ness, co. Devon, and Inc of the verdurers of his wilow, and only furviving child, the lady the New Forest. He is succeeded in his title of John Richardson, ely. of Brampton. And eitate by his fun, Sir P. J.---The

nner At Chatham, in his $6th year, Mr. Tho. of his death is somewhat remarkable : he Hopley, many years inatter of the Horse in was seized with a shivering in his lips; pre- the dock-yard, but lately fuperacnuated on sently afterwarus kis heal (welled to an enor account of his great age, mous özé; and he died in fix hours,

20. In Berner's-ftreet, Arth. Cuthbert, erg. Mrs. Spencer, wife of Mr. $. of the Gar Al Bampton, co. Oxford, ageil 6., Miso rick's Head, Bow-itr. Covent-garden. Eliz. Stephens, eldest daughter of the Rev.

At Canterbury, Mr. Tho. Smith, printer Wm. S. late vicar of St. Andrew's, Plymouth, and bowkfeller, and many years one of the and niece of the Rev. Tho. Sell. aldermen of thit city,

At Chowbent, co.lincaider, 'iged 86, Mr, · Mife Roherts, eldest fifter o Rev. Dr. X. John Mort, the last representative of a tgh maiter of St. Paul's School

r.Meclable faniil,


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At his fon's house in Buckinghambhire, Hrecorder uf Scarborough, vice Duke of

At Newport, in the Idle of Wight, aged 90, At Lord Howard's, at Audley.End, co. Mrs. Eliz. Tronghear, widow of Dr. T. late Cambridge, a son of Col. Ford, an infant. rector of Northwood, in that isand, sister of 25. In Wimpole-str. Mis. Wogan, widow the late Lord Holmes, late governor thereof, of the late John W.cíq. of Gaudy-hail, Norf. and mother of Leonard Tronghear Holmes, Her maiden name was Sancroft, and the was esq. of Westover-lodge, in the said ifle. the last of the Archbishop's family. Her

Mrs. Young, wife of Mr. Hen. Y. jeweller, fortune, which is very considerable, devolves of Lodgate-Itreet.

to Capt. Cha. Cotton, eldest son of Sir John Near Colehill, co. Longford, Ireland, Rev. Hinde C. of Maldingley, co. Cambr. bart. Dr. Brady, many ycars titular biihop of that 26. At his house in Brompton, William diocese.

Gerard, síq. of Mulfrath. 21. In Moor place, in his 88th year, Tho. Moore, efq. an opulent hofier, and manufac

GAZIT TE PROMOTIONS. turer of carpets.

EV, Dr. Dougl., bishop of Carline, apmany years an eminent grocer in London. der of the Garter, and dean of Windsor, vice

At Carthalton, Surrey, aged 89, Rev. Jolin Rev. Dr. Harley, dcc. Francis Delaporte.

Rev. James Jones, D.D. appointed ari niAt Preston, co. Lancaster, Tho. Wallerton, deacon of Hereford, vice Rev. Dr. i'arley, dec. cfq. a gentleman of large fortune from Jamaica. James Ford, M.D. appointed physician-ex

At Fareham, Mr. Wm. Lewis, brother to traordinary to the Queen. John L, esq. of Harpton, co. Radnor.

Mr. Thomas Keate, appointed surgeonAt Banff, in Scotland, Alex. Dirom, csq. extraordinary to the Queen. of Muireik. At Canterbury, Jn. Bax, esq.of Ramsgate.


IS Gracc the Duke of Beaufort elected aced 113, Jonathan Simpson, esq.

In his 67th year, Rev.Wm. Copley, rector Rutland, dec. of West Chiltington and Sullington, Sussex. John Mortlock, esq. M.P. for Cambridge,

22. Io Westmoreland-place, Surrey, Tho. elected recorder of that cown, vice Earl of Smith, efq.formeriya wholesale linen draper Kingoul, dec. in Milk-ftreet, Cheaplide.

At Woodstock, co. Oxford, Mrs. Grace ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Cotterell, dau. of the late Sir Clement Cotte EV. James Bean, Olney V. co. Bucks, rol Dormer, kut.

vice Rev. Moses Browne, deco Mr. Thomas Slop, of the Royal Exchange, Rev. John Rawstorn Papillon, elected fel. broker.

low of Queen's Coll. Camh. At Chatham, Mrs. Kirby, relict of the late Rev. Mr. Twining, St. Mary V. ColcherGeo. K. era.

ter, vice Rev. Mr. Barstow, resigned. At Knightfbridge, Mrs. Flatby, of Groton, Rev. In.R?wlins, B.D. Ponteland V. Durh. &c. Suffolk.

Rev. Mr. Lichfield, Altun and Tubney At Great Catworth, co. Huntingdon, Rer. RK. co. Berks. Matthew Maldock, many years rector of ihat Rev. fuhin Holland, M A. Long Crendon parith, and of Holywell with Needing worth, R. co. Bucks. in the same county.

Rev. John Gilbert Bernard, B.A. Shipton At Barming, near Maidstone, Kent, John npon Cherwelt Rico. Oxford. Amherst, esq. of Rochester.

Rev. Mi. Becher, elected head-master of 23. In Lincoln's-Inn-tields, John Elliott, the Grammar-school at Bury St. Edmunu's, esq. of Binfield, Berks, many years governor vice Rev. Philip Laurents, déc. of the four great royal hospitals.

Rev. Barry Robertson, Postwick R. Norf. At his house in King-street, Soho, much Rev.Cha. Lucas Edridge, Toftrées V. Norf. and very deservedly respected!, Lieut.-Col. Rev. Mr. Fountain, Sutton at Hone R. Keni, Hardy, late quarter-master-general at Gib. Rev. Mr. Vaughan, Wilcot V. co. Berks. raltar, and governor of Dartmouth. Rev.Mr. Fawconer, minister of Poole.

DISPENSATIONS. 24. At Newington, Miss Wraytson.

EV. Dr. Cleaver, bishop of Chester, ta Theophilus Osborne Herriett, ely.

St. Peter, Westminster. Mrs. Dobfon, wife of Mr. Tho. D. of Ro Rev. Hen. Holyoake, to hold Preston Capes foman-street, Clerkenwell.

R. co. Northampt. with Salford V. co. Warw.
BILL O MORTALITI, Irom fao. to Jan. 28, 1788.
Christened, 1 Buried.

50 and 60 144 Males 6812 Males

5 and 10

46 | 60 and 70 103 Females 753

10 and 20

45 70 and 80 86 Whereof have died under two years old 476

20 and 30

8o and

go 1

30 and 40 Peck Loaf 25. dl.

14 | 90 and 100 40 and so


2 and 5

1 22

Pamaica 63}1329

73;} 1474


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Amgaon. I VEITICai meg".
AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from Jan. 14, to Jan. 19, 1988.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.

s. d.js.'d.js. d. s. d. s. d. Eflex London

5 30 012 62 03 5 313 312 912 012 11

Suffolk 4 103 12 61 112 COUNTIES INLAND.

Norfolk 4 113

02 52

olo Middlesex

810 012 1012 413

Lincoln 5 22 11 2 61 103 Surry

5 93
02 1012 34




3 62 101 114 Hertford 5 70

92 213 o Durham 5 44 02 9.1 114 Bedford 5 6,1 103

Northumberld. s 13 52 71 9! Cambridge 5 13


6 Cumberland 5 1013 62 9I IIO Huntingdon 5 SIE 912

Westmorland 5 104 03 Northampton Š 32 10 2 61 912 Lancashire

03 T2 33 Rutland 91 102 7 Chethire

5 10

3 3 30 Leicester 5 2 3 6.2


5 ilo

O2 III Nottingham


13 4 Somerset


8,1 10 Derby

414 3 Devon



60 Stafford

314 4, Cornwall

S 90 Salop

2 112 OS 3

5 92

72 Hereford

013 12

IO Hampthire 560 02 72 03 7 Worcester

02 111 113 3
Suflex 5 50 2

13 9 Warwick

3 3.0
cl2 911013 7

5 410 012 ro'z

9 Gloucester

s 310


71 103 8 Wilts 5 40 02 712

WALES, Ján. 7, to Jan. 12, 1788. Berks

Go 82

13 1 Oxford 5 do 02

2 3

North Wales 5 814 413 1914 3 Backs 5 80 ola 811 12 South Wales

5 313 912 91 5:4 9 THEATRICAL REGISTER. Jan. DRURY LAXE.

14. King and No King-Ditto. Julia-The Deserter.

15. Tender Hulb.-Three Weeks after Marr. 2. School for Scandal --Harlequin Junior. 16. The Duenna-The Dumb Cake. 3. Percy-Ditto.

17. The Beaux Stratagem-Rofina. 4. The Strmtagem-Ditto.

18. The Man of the World-Dumb Cake, 5. Merchant of Venice-The Minor, 19. Robin Hood-Midnight Hour. 2. The Wonder !—Harloyuin Junior,

21. The Miser-The Farmer. 8. Douglas-Ditto.

22. The Duenna--The Dumb Cake. 9. The Way to keep Him--Ditto.

23. The West Indian–Midnight Hour. Jo. Cymbeline-Ditto.

24. Merchant of Venice-Love a-la-Mode. 11. The Jealous Wife-Ditto.

25. Much Ado about Nothing—The Farmer, 12. Merchant of Venice-The Minor. 26. Robin Hood - Midnight Hour. 14. Love in a Village-Harlequin Junior. 28. The Lady of the Manor-Rolina. 15. Isabella-Ditto.

29. The Recruiting Officer-The Farmer. 16. Richard the Third-Ditto.

31. The Lady of the Manor-Dumb Cake. 17. Venice Preservidt-The First Floor.


ROYALTY THEATRE. 18. The West Indian---Harlequin Junior.

1. Thomas and Susan--Deferter of Naples 19. Jane Sbore-Ditto.

Harleq. Mungo. [serter of Naples. 21. King Lear The Deserter.

2. Apollo turned Stroller-Cat. Club-Dan 2:. The Beggar's Opera--Harlequin Junior. 3. Ditto-Catch Club-Ditto-Ditto. 2 3. The Provok'd Husband-Comus.

4. Ditto-Ditto-Ditto--Ditto. 24. King Lear-High Life below Stairs. 5. Ditto-Ditto-Ditto-Ditto. 25. The Heiress-Harlequin Junior.

7. Ditto-Ditto-Dillo-Ditto,

3 26. The Maid of the Mill-Ditto.

8. Didto-Ditto-Ditto--Ditto. 28. School for Scandal -Selima and Azor. 9. Hero and Leander ---Ditto-Ditton 29. Kiuz Lear-Ditto.

10. Ditto-Ditto-Ditto-Ditto. 21. Tbe Fate of Sparta-The Humourist. 11. Ditto -Ditto-Ditto-Ditto. Jan. Covext GARDEN.

12. Do.-Almirina-Do-Do. {D. Juan. 1. The Roman Father-- The Dumb Cake. 14. Apollo turned Stroller--Der.of Naples 2. The Suspicious Husband--Ditto.

15. Ditto ---Catch Club-Deserter of Naples. 3. Snch Things Are-Ditto.

16. The Conftant Maid-Gray's Elegy-Ditce 4. The Comedy of Errors--Ditto.

17. Ditto-Collins's Olle--Ditto. 5. The DuennCheats of Scapin.

18. Ditio-Catch Club-Ditto. 7. Romeo and Juliet--The Dumb Cake. 19. Ditto-Gray's Elegy-Ditto. 8. Robin Hool-Midnight Hour.

21. Ditto-Variety of Imitations-Ditto. 9. The Careless Husbiod—The Dumb Cake 22. Apolloturned Stroller-Cat. Club--Ditto 10. Merchant of Venice--Love a-la-Mode. 23. The Constant Maid-Ditto--Ditto. 11. Provok'd Hulband-The Dumb Cake. 25. Apollo turned Stroller--Ditto-Ditto. 12. The Dueuna-Disco.

31. Dulu-Del. of Naples. Imitations, &in



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16 17


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76 761 964



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Bank 13 perCt 3 poct. 1 Ditto (4 per Cris per Ct Long Short Ditto | India India India 1 S. Sea! Old New 13 per Ctl New 13 perCi 4perC«./Excheq Lottery
Stock. reduc, confols.

1726 Confoi.

Ann. 1777. | 1778. Stock. 'Ann, Bonds. Stock. Ann. Ano. 1751 Navy. Scrip. Scrip. | Bills.' Tickets.
76 775


2 7581
76177 a


16 14 0 3 258 765

16 17 6

1.6 16 6 77 764 953


16 16
6 Sunday

16 16

6 7 0581 76 a


116 16 6 9


133 88

1.6 16

I 155



2 160 705

116 16
3, Sunday
4 1503



5 159

16 18 6


16 17
7 1594 70 751

133 1741


16 17 6
75 a
951 112

16 18

16 18 G


13 87

17 95 2.24

16 18 6 159 753 75 a 75 751 221

16 16 159 251 7511 96

87 N.B. la tác 3 per Cent. Confols, the highest and lowest Price of each Day is given s in the other Stock the highest Price oply.


768 76

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16 15 16 15

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