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Medical Society's Bas Relief.Dr. Johnson and Mr. Whitaker. 221 Pourdrinier as a head. piece to feat. xii. and give one topick, however curious of Blackwall's “ Enquiry into the Life and new, too disproportionable a share of and Writings of Homer,"—with only the whole." Mr. Whitaker may be the omission of the snake, emblem of right when he calls this topick new and cternity, at the foot of the pedestal of the curious, if ne refers the expreflion mereGoddess, and some buildings, &c. in the ly to his elucidating the Engli 11- Bricith back ground.

radicals; but his method, that of purYour impartiality and candour ap- suing words through all their ramificapears in a ligli degree, in admitting such cions and relations, is as old as Wallis, rellcetions on your hero Dr. Johnson, is quoted in the preface to Dr. Johnfrom one who disputes with him the son's Dictionary,' and is exploded by prize of lexicography, but who cưr hiin, as being too curious. As he extainly should not have given to hold a prelles it, “ ingenious, but of more subchallenge without offering to the public elety than folidity, and such as, perhap', fome specimens of his own abilities, might in every language be enlargeu which, it is true, he promises in the without end." course of the summer. Deeds Should Dr. Johníon derives the word spear, a always outrun words.

lance, from sparum, low Latin. Mr. Allowing Calidore and his clients Whitaker gives his English-British des their claim in the fullest extent, he must rivarion; and in a note says, "there is not be offended at being told, that he has no such word [Sparum] in the Latin kept out of fight every inftance that language ; and to notice a modern word, makes against his docuine. All his merely with a Latin_termination, is ladies are good ones : but an equal, if surely :00 triling for Dr. Johnlon."not superior, number of bad ones might Seeing this note, Mr. Urban, I could be produced, to justify an assertion, that not let this ipse dixit pass without examifemale tyladov and maladministration is nation, as I well remembered the weaat least equal to that of the other fex; pon by which Epaminondas fell," sparo and that Åbbeles were not a whit better eminus percussus ;” and, looking into judges of speculative points of religion Morell's edition of Ainsworth, I found and morality than Abbots.

various authorities for its being of the

neuter gender ; though“ sparus” is Mr. URBAN,

well-known in Virgil, and “ sparos" in 1 . The of .

tum Mr. Croft pavs every tribute of re- spara, tum ramices portantur, tragula fpect to Dr. Johnson and his labours; porro,” which I have seen somewhere indeed, I never miltrusted him : for it is quoted, confirms Dr. Johnson's etymoseldom from men of letters that the logy, and proves Mr. Whitaker's millearned meet with neglect or ingratitude. take in terming it a modern word with

Mr. Crott's quotation from Mr. Whit. merely a Latin terminacion. aker made me turn to that gentleman's Dr. Johulon derives Barge, a boat, entertaining “ History of Manchester," from Barga, low Latin; and Bark, a where the pairage appears with particu- small hip, from Barca, low Latin. Mr. Jar propri-ty, as the manner with which Whitaker lays, "there words aie evi. hic treats the Doctor's derivations in his dently one." (If I am not mitaken, it own fpecimen of an English-Butish Dic. is Spelman who founewliere las tionary might appear mort barih and marked the difference.) Mr. Whitaker authoritative than would be proper; in fays," the words are derived probably particular I allude to notes upon two froin Borracha (Ital.) a bladder, and words, the etymology of which Mr. Borrachio (Spanish) a leathern Lottie; Whitaker controveits, and which, as I the British thips being veildis only of imagine I can detend, I doubt not, Mr. skins or leather." And in a note lie Urban, but you will infert, as the most adds, “ there are no such words as ein trivial cucicilin derives fome confe- ther Barga or Barca in the Latin, cho' quence if in support of departed merit. they are here exprely made the origin

Mr. Whitaker (ays, “there remains a of the English Bark and Barge." Upon large catalogue of three thousand Bri- reading this affertion, Mr. Urban, i tilh terms discoverable even now in the turned to Shefer “ De Milivâ Navali," Enolith ; of these he shall lay before the being determined to make strict enquiry reader a few only, &c. &c.” To bring whether Mr. Whitaker or Dr. Johnion more into the work would “ obftruct were miliaken. Scheller quotes Ildo. the progrels of the Hillory too much, rus," Barca eft, quæ cuneta navis como

March 5.

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mercia ad littus portat.” He says, the contempt and reproach has for some

is at this day used on the lake of years been exhausted, I fear, if my proGeneva, and by the Venetians, if credit posal Thould not be adopred, that come may be given to Bayfius."-Varco, a

one will soon close his speech with the partage, and varcare un fiume, to ford a manual finale of the orator at Bolabola. river, appear in Baretii's Italian Dictio. But, if any should be of opinion, with nary; and in the 9th canto of Danie's Mr. Paley, that “the magnitude of the Inf. the very word Barra is to be met evil does not justify the danger of the with : “ Lo Duca mio discese nella Bar. experiment” of at once altering our preca.” So that Morell had reason to ad- fent establishment, and permitting wo• mit it among the illegitimate words at

men to have lears in the house of reprethe end of his Latin Dictionary, and Dr, fentatives, at least they ought immedi: Johnson to make use of it as a natural arely to be put on an equal fooling with and obvious authority.

the clergy, and be (what, to the Thame Yours, &c. AÚRICOLA.. of our language, I am obliged to in

vent a word to express) ele Etreffes ; I (Concluded from p. 101 of our last Mag.) should then feel little anxiety for ile Quoth Gertrude,

fuccess of the former part of any propo. Thor menne bin stronge, thei womene fal. It would foon follow of course. To quelle hem aye in thrale ; [wronge, The certain consequence would be, that Sith womene konne, better nor monne, we thould have a younger, an handTo gide in felde or halle.”

fomer, and a politer Parliament, thaa Ancient Ballud, Brit. Muf. any which have sat of late ycars, except Mr. URBAN,

the present. Had that been the case, we THE HE advantages of admirting women may be confident, that the vdious female

to seats in the house of representa- capitation tax on the young and helpless tives would be many. In the first place, part of the sex would not have taken the fex is noted for a ready answer, the place. Neither would the popular almost difficult part of or acory. How of• fembly be disgraced by a Salique exclu. ten have we leen the mos fluent speaker tion from the gallery, whichí a lists: of studied rhetoric woefully at a loss for kingdom has gallantly disdained to coany connexion in his reply! Befide, py: As this churlth prohibition has after having the car grated for several only prevailed fince Afatic in Aucnce has hours with the tiresome monoiony, and unfortunately become but too atcerdant hoarse ditlonance of man's voice, nothing among us, may we not conclude, that it could relieve it more agreeably than the is the first step toward thruiting our varied musical modulations and natural women into barams and zenanas? melody of feminine eloquence; and the Let then Dr. Tucker, Sir John Hawsprightly fallies of a fair burgers would kios, and M., Palev, first set aside the never fail to awaken the House froin

arguments I have used, in my toriner the corpor of logical declamation.-- letier, in defence of the naiural and On thele accounts, I with deference

equal right of women to participate in propole, that the lacies should, in every

the management of public affairs ; lec debate, take on them the difficult office

them maintain, if they are vain enough of reply.. It hould not be objected a to attempt it, that, where men have bce gainst this parliamentary improvement, wildered themfelves in science unconthat it may tend to increale loquacity, troled by the superior disc roment of the for, whatever apprehensions our ancef feinale mind, they have not run into the tors might have formerly felt on that most ablad exiravagances : let them head, when their favourite maxim was, prove, if they are able, that women a"port rede [council), goed rede," ali mong the Apátics

, debaied by despotism, fuch feais muit now be groundlets, fince and lunk in luxury, live more in a state the excellency of modern oratory is doo of nature than among the Germans, termined by the clock : no perlon can when they ranged the woods, contented hope to be eminent, who is not on his with fimple necessaries; or than the abe legs at least three hours.

original Americans, who fill wander The presence of the ladies would also uncorrupted in their wilds *. Let them transfuse a frela supply of urbanity, re•

instrain the natural roughness of men, and prevent their being hurried, by the ar

* Though the women in America (says vuur of debate, into indecent excelles,

our great political pliilosopher) have genel'or, as every other mode of fhewing rally the laborious part of ine a conomy up

invalidate, if they can, the authenticity confistently froin the servile pen of Fil. of the records I have cited, which make mer, a retainer of the wretched Charles, it plainly appear, that it was part of our who, to gratify his master's lult for tyconftitution to admit women to a share rannv, maintained without reserve, inne of the legislation : let them allert, if his Freeholder's grand Inquist, that “the they dare, that history makes it evident, Commons, by their writ, are only 19 that women, when permitted to govern, perform and conjeni 10 the ordinances of have been found unequal to the task : Parliamene,"—that " the Lords or Comand let them deny, if they are hardy e mon Council, by their writ, are only 10 nough, that many advanrages would ac. treat and give counsel in Parliament,"crue by reviving this equirable usage of and that the King bimself only ordains our ancestors, by which they tempered and makes laws, and is fupreme judge the stern mind of man with feminine de in Parliament ;" Who contends in his licacy, and by that means seasoned jus. Patriarcba, that “it is unnalural for tice with mercy. Let them allo show, the people to govern, or to choose goin what particular man is superior, ex vernors," -and that postive laws do cept in brutal strength, before they .not infringe the natural and fatherly again argue from an abuse, and attempt power of Kings ;” and who thus feria to demonstrate, that men have not a na ously and sagely reasons, in his treacise cural right to be concerned in their own on the difference between an English and government, because women in modern Hebrer wiich, against a

willer who Typerns are arbitrarily excluded. This supposed that the Devil is the principal redoubtable triumvirate might, with the actor in witchcraft : “ So that the De. fame jusrice, endeavour to prove, that vil is the worker of the wonder, and the becaule Manchester, Sheffield, and Bir witch but the counsellor, persuader, or mingbam, in the present deplorable Itate commander of it, and only acceffory beof representation, return no members to fore the fact, and the Devil only principarliament, therefore no town has a pal. Now the difficulty will be, how right to lend representatives. It will the acceflory can be duly and lawfully not perhaps be displeasing to the reader convited and attainted, according as to know whence this idle argument a. our statute requires, unless the Devil, gainst the native liberty of mankiod is who is the principal, be first convicted, Holen. “ In allemblies (says Sir Robert or at leasi outlawed, which cannot be, Filmer) that are by humane politique because the Devil can never lawfully be constitution, the superior power that or fummoned according to the rules of dains such assemblies, can regulate and

cominon law." Trails, p. 301. confine them, both for time, place, pes. But that we should in our days see sons, and other circumstances : but, the savings of a zealot for the despotic where ibere is an equality by nature, houle of Stuart insidiously blended and there can be no superior power; there dignified with the title of the Principles every infant, at the hour it is born in, of Nioral and Political Philofopby, is hath' a like interest with the wifett man truly wonderful. If the exploded opiin the world. Not to speak of women, nions of the bigots of those times are to especially virgins, who by birth have as be again brought forward, Mr. Paley much natural freedom as any other, and should not have rendered his work imtherefore ought not to lose their liberty perteet by neglecling to infert a chapter without their own consent." The Anar'. of instructions on cafes of witchcraft, chy of a limited and mixed Monarcby, both Hebrew and Englila *. Filmer's Tracts, p. 250.

Men, Arguments of this cast come very

I commend Mr. Paley's prudence in on themselves, yet they are far from being concealing where he had been poaching for the flaves they appear, and are not at all this and other arbitrary positions. Among subject to the great subordination in which others, at p. 399, Tee Filmer's Trels, p. 108 they are placed in countries where they and 166 ; at p. 400, see Filmer's Patriarcba. seem to be more respected. On the con Again, at p. 417, see Tracts, p. 121; and trary, all the honours of the nation are on

Pairiarcha, p. 43. But why did he not the side of the woman. They even hold mention Locke, Blucksture, and many others, their councils, and have their share in all from whom he has so largely transcribed ? deliberations which concern the state ; nor For instance, at p. 11, compare Ellay on are they found inferior to the part they act. Human Underfanding, ch iii. sect. 9; at p. -Burke's Account of sbe European Satile 47, see ch. iii. sect. 5, &c. &c ; at p. 96, see ments in America, vol. I. p. 186.

the Commentaries, yol. II. p. 6,470, 1770; at

P. 184,

Men, indeed, have betrayed a conici. “When such as Scotus is, it all Paij be." oufre's that their ufurpation over the If men were to be allured, that they female sex is highly ur jufi and unnatu were to rise again in the shape of local, ral (as much so, surels, as the contrary eren their rugged irleilees would feel Amazonian initirutions), by the variety fume of the leníations which mufi esciuof feeble efforts which have been made

ciate the young, ike it nder, the celicare, to palliate it. Eforts {imilar to those

utre tev to bylieve the fequellorce row used by the Creolian advocates to

ITC k, who tells thein, iar in the next reconcile us to their tyranny over our world thev wili unque 110canly appear sable fellow-funjects. Even the apato in the shape of men. The adherents to mists have been brought in to fins', as this doctone suicis couin dit ver love fome pretend to fay of the African New looked on chemtelses as of eleman 1977, groes, that a uiman is an accident, an but must have chosen w be thoughi, imper feElion, and on trror of nature !! an

Genfque virum truncis, & duro robore altertion which they particulaily mutt

.. nata." know to be falle. That thcle is en of the world could be induced to join in thrown iogether such fi:ictures in 1994

Having thus, Mr. Liban, tilv the conspiracy is astonithing. I allow it

Ca ion of ihe inherent rights of wont was necetiary for the gloomy recluse, who banifned the nilder fex from their

as teadily occurred, I har: only to ide fociety, to invent excuses for their pre ard averned by ore of the tail lex; iney

ment, that they liare noi licen aisanked posterous chablithments. To vilify the lex was to justify their feparation. They eieganer which a female hand aicae can

would then bare peitelieu! at fuperior have accordingly gone till farther than the anatomills, or our quaternion of po. Hool, that I do not feel mvielf fully

give. Not that I would have is underliticians, their rencour has pursued the fair beyond the grave,

Though the capabile to effećtually camioner, in their

own rough way, any of the Turint te, following comes, I think, from the An

nets of my aciverlaries. gelic Doctor, I will not distress my clie

Yours, dic, CALIDORE. ents by translating him; but let the men Tead, and blush with confufion at the absurdity, the indecency, and the pro


НЕ “ Ompes fæminas, exceptâ folâ (Plate III.) was lately discovered Beatâ Virgine, in sexu virili refurre&tu at Salisbury, behind some old waintcoats ras: imo, quia sexus fæmineus eft ac. ing, when clearing away the old build. cidens & imperfe£lus bominis, jam vero in ings for the fite of the new council. resurrectione omnis imperfectio abole house, and must be at least 300 years bitur : 2do, quia fæmina est mas occa old. The fyle of the architecture is fonatus telle philosopho, unde in fæmi. Gothic, and very much relembies tlie nâ producendâ videtur erralle natura, ornaments of the Close gate on that ficie pe cùm veilet producere hominem per

towards High-street, which is fuppoled fe&tum, marem scilicet, deficiente vir. to have been built soon aficr the cachetute generativâ pro mare produxerit fæ. dial The carving of this chimneyminam,' Inter Scholafticos. 2 sent. dift. piece is divided into four compartments,

each of which has in the center a thield, This passage is extracted from the charged with fun lry device : tiili a cya work of a. predecesor of Mr. Paley in phero: al S.', rebibly tle initials of the casuistry, now defervedly waste paper;

puilon's name for whom it was trecuted. and, without pretending to a prophetic ibc with a stroke of abbreviation over it,

The second is in oli Eriglich characleis, fpirit, we may venture to pronounce, that the day is not far distant,

an ancient inethod of wing the name of Chrilt, trom the Greek capiials IHS

for THEOYL. The third is the figure of p. 184, see vol. II. p. 491; at p. 185, see

a dolphin. What this alludes io is not vol. II. p. 13; and at p. 281, see vol. I. p. 437, &c. &c. The miserable excuse in the

known. It is probable that either this jure face, p. 12, for omitting the names of tig: gave nane to the Dolphia eatingthose he has pluodered, reminds me of the preacher, who, having copied his sermon * H S. was probably plicel as the initials wholly from St. Austin, to ward off the im of Benny Surridge, ul. 25 Mayor of 5aputation of plagiarism, concluded his dif num in 159 ; wind this phoin was perhaps course with a as Sc. A llin jayso"



Feb, 19.



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