Family Romance: Or, Episodes in the Domestic Annals of the Aristocracy, Band 1

Hurst and Blackett, 1854

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Seite 150 - I have heard,' says Sir John Sherbroke, ' of a man's being as pale as death, but I never saw a living face assume the appearance of a corpse except Wynyard's at that moment.
Seite 166 - Third), told me that he believed the young Pretender was at that time in London, or at least had been so very lately, and had come over to see the show of the coronation, and had actually seen it. I asked my lord the reason for this strange fact. 'Why...
Seite 129 - Buckleberry ; he smoked tobaCco with one or two neighbours ; he inquired after the wheat in such a field ; he went to visit his hounds, and knew all their names ; he and his lady saw me to my chamber just in the country fashion.
Seite 168 - I own," added Helvetius to me, "although I knew the danger to be greater of harbouring him at Paris than at London, and although I thought the family of Hanover not only the lawful sovereigns in England, but the only lawful sovereigns in Europe, as having the...
Seite 225 - Majesty," replied he, when the offer was made him, " if you intend to make me a knight, I wish it may be one of your poor knights of Windsor, and then I shall have a fortune at least able to support my title.
Seite 32 - ... promises, kindly stepped in, and carried him away, to where the wicked cease from troubling, and where the weary are at rest!
Seite 245 - The next time Mr. Selwyn calls, show him up. If I am alive, I shall be delighted to see him ; and if I am dead, he will be glad to see me.
Seite 266 - Chittee, who was always with him,) when I discoursed with him about it, and pressed me to know, whether I resolved to buy it, when he 'came down to 100,000 pagodas, and something under before we parted, when we agreed upon a day to meet, and make a final end thereof one way or other, which...
Seite 120 - Turkish character and manners, which he thinks infinitely preferable to the European, or those of any other nation. " He describes the Turks in general as a people of great sense and integrity ; the most hospitable, generous, and the happiest of mankind. He talks of returning as soon as possible to Egypt, which he...
Seite 120 - We had a great deal of conversation with this venerablelooking person, who is, to the last degree, acute, communicative and entertaining, and in whose discourse and manners are blended the vivacity of a Frenchman with the gravity of a Turk.

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