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other people; Betty Grey, under violent agitations, personated the great w

of Antichrist; took all the chairs in the room and barricaded the door, that nobody might come in or go out. This done, she laid aside her manteau and nightclothes, tied up her hair before all the company with singular modesty ; then taking a peruke and hat that she found in the room, put them on her head, and sat down in an elbow chair very majestically, with her arms akembo. After this, she rose out of the chair, and for about an hour together thumped and beat with her fist every one in the room in their turns, except Mr. Lacey; Sir Richard Bulkeley hid himself a while in a corner of the room, in hopes to avoid the effects of her fury; but she, finding him out, laid upon him unmercifully, without any regard to his diminutive infirm corps, or his quality; insomuch that he found himself obliged to make his escape over the bed, to shelter himself from the hard blows of this termagant w of Antichrist; who, as soon as the skirmish was over, sat down again in the elbow chair; and, being still in an extacy, opened her mouth, and fell ranting at a rate agreeable to her own character, and the w-she represented.

“ Then Mr. Allut, falling into agitations, and being commanded by the Spirit to combat this female fury, cries out, Es tu la grande béte, la


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person who

putain de Babylon? Then rose up, pulled her down upon the floor, stamped upon her, kicked her about as if she had been a dead cat, and, walking in triumph on her body, stood upon her breast till she appeared lifeless. Immediately "after, she rose up, spoke, and gave thanks, that Antichrist and the wof Babylon were over

Upon which, both their inspirations ceased ; and both the actors declared they had no sense or remembrance of what had passed in this rencontre; though they made such a horrid noise in the house, that Sir Richard's landlady gave him warning to be gone." - The relates this monstrous conduct declares himself to have been not only an ocular witness of it, but a corporeal one, when receiving the blows inflicted by the modern lady of Babylon.

I shall now refer the reader to the annexed plate, copied from a sheet, published by J. Applebee, 1707, and called “the English and French Prophets mad or bewicht at their assemblies in Baldwin's Gardens, &c.” The conclusion of this business was the

appearance of the worst of the fraternity at Guildhall, where they were tried for impostors, and found guilty ; after which, Elias Marion, Fashein*, and Bryant, were sentenced to stand on a scaffold at

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Charing Cross and the Royal Exchange, with papers on their breasts, explaining the nature of their offences, and to pay 20 marks each. This punishment made the remainder of the brethren more cautious in their proceedings, and their private meetings were gradually discontinued.


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