Cousin Geoffrey, the Old Bachelor: A Novel. To which is Added Claude Stocq, Band 1

R. Bentley, 1840 - 934 Seiten

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Seite 219 - Oh, Love! what is it in this world of ours Which makes it fatal to be loved? Ah why With cypress branches hast thou wreathed thy bowers, And made thy best interpreter a sigh? As those who dote on odours pluck the flowers, And place them on their breast — but place to die — Thus the frail beings we would fondly cherish Are laid within our bosoms but to perish.
Seite 223 - A warrior so bold and a virgin so bright Conversed as they sat on the green ; They gazed on each other with tender delight ; Alonzo the Brave was the name of the knight, The maid's was the fair Imogine. "And oh...
Seite 93 - ... the advantages derivable by the people from institutions such as this, only of a negative character ? If a little learning be an innocent thing, has it no distinct, wholesome, and immediate influence upon the mind? The old doggerel rhyme, so often written in the beginning of books, says that "When house and lands are gone and spent, Then learning is most excellent...
Seite 67 - Their prettiest drawings were made for him ; their choicest flowers were reared for him ; he had had the refusal of a large, sleek pet cat, a rabbit, a squirrel, and a matchless canary bird — strange gifts, perhaps, to offer to a man of fashion, living in London, but which were far stronger proofs of the affection of the offerers than more splendid presents which the great confer, rather as evidences of their own affluence, than pledges of their regard for others. But Juliet now, for the first...
Seite 225 - Well then, girls — come ! we must be off. Such trouble as we had to get away ! All the room in an uproar ! But I had promised I would look in on you all, and so I was determined.
Seite 216 - Proud fair, that thou should'st rivall'd be By a lone tomb, a cypress tree ! Oh ! ever in a scene like this, When time floats down the stream of bliss, And, wild and jocund, music springs To drown the rushing of his wings, The viewless chord, that to the past Links this sad heart, is bound more fast. At every sense, sad mem'ry keeps Her mournful watch, and watching weeps — A scent, a strain, a flower...
Seite 111 - ... flour, to play the part of excellent cream. Juliet and Blanche were much stricken with the appearance of the equivocally young ladies, as they stood at some distance, grouped round their stately father; but, on a nearer approach, the materials of their smartness betrayed themselves. Their pelisses were made of muslin, scarcely fine enough for window curtains, and were lined with pink calico — their bonnets were of cardboard, stamped in imitation ofpaille de riz, with flowers of their own making,...
Seite 212 - St. Aubyn was writing to Lionel. Blanche, with unequalled good-nature, pretending to preside at the teatable, though none but Wyndham appeared to wish for any more tea — but that was a sisterly manoeuvre, to indulge the still pale, but then happy Juliet, with a conversation with Montague Wyndham, which, apart as they were from the rest of the circle, had almost the charm, without the intimidating effect, of an actual tete-a-tete.
Seite 139 - I'll have them all, and she none the wiser." " As I saw he was resolved to go there," whispered Sir Csesar to his favourite and counsellor, Antonia, " I followed your advice. The Hodnots cannot well abuse us to a person we ourselves have recommended : besides, it will give us the privilege of calling when we please. Our young friend seems to have plenty of money, though I cannot find out that he is of any good family, although his name sounds well. I wish he would fall in love with Geraldine.
Seite 80 - Is he going, really going without saying good bye to me ?" burst from her lips though she was alone, and a flush of surprise and mortification suffused her cheek as she saw Geoffry and her father step into the phaeton, and drive off from the gate. As soon as they were gone she felt particularly anxious — she scarcely knew why — that her mother and sister should not be left to a...

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