Memoirs of the Life and Times of the Rt. Hon. Henry Grattan, Band 4


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Seite 123 - When that nameless thing which has been lately set up in France was described as " the most stupendous and glorious edifice of liberty which had been erected on the foundation of human integrity in any time or country...
Seite 276 - In the awful presence of God, I, AB do voluntarily declare, that I will persevere in endeavouring to form a brotherhood of affection among Irishmen of every religious persuasion, and that I will also persevere in my endeavours to obtain an equal, full and adequate representation of all the people of Ireland. I do further declare, that neither hopes, fears, rewards...
Seite 66 - I also declare, that it is not an article of the catholic faith; neither am I thereby required to believe or profess that the pope is infallible, or that I am bound to obey any order in its own nature immoral, though the pope or any ecclesiastical power should issue or direct such...
Seite 159 - ... and death ; a death which no innocence can escape, no art elude, no force resist, no antidote prevent. — There was an antidote — a juror's oath — but even that adamantine chain that bound the integrity of man to the throne of eternal justice, is solved and melted in the breath that issues from the informer's mouth. Conscience swings from her mooring, and the appalled and affrighted juror consults his own safety in the surrender of the victim : — Et qus sibi quisque timebat, Urdus iu miseri...
Seite 86 - A Protestant King of Ireland, A Protestant Parliament, A Protestant Hierarchy. Protestant Electors and Government, The Benches of Justice, The Army and the Revenue, Through all their Branches and Details, Protestant: And this System Supported by a Connection with the Protestant Realm of Britain.
Seite 159 - Have you not marked how the human heart bowed to the supremacy of his power, in the undissembled homage of deferential horror? How his glance, like the lightning of heaven, seemed to rive the body of the accused, and mark it for the grave, while his voice warned the devoted wretch of...
Seite 319 - ... the miserable plaits of his phraseology, nor placed his patches and feathers with that correctness of millinery which became so exalted a person. If you agree with him, gentlemen of the jury; if you think that the man who ventures, at the hazard of his own life, to rescue from the deep the drowned honour of his country, must not presume upon the guilty familiarity of plucking it by the locks, I have no more to say.
Seite 66 - I do declare that I do not believe that the Pope of Rome or any other foreign prince, prelate, person, state, or potentate, hath or ought to have any temporal or civil jurisdiction, power, superiority, or pre-eminence, directly or indirectly, within this realm.
Seite 459 - That it is the right of the subjects to petition the king, and that all commitments and prosecutions for such petitioning are illegal.
Seite iii - And you, brave COBHAM ! to the latest breath, Shall feel your ruling passion strong in death : Such in those moments as in all the past ; " Oh, save my country, Heaven !

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