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On Romans viii. 29, 3o.

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8. TlsHOM he did predestinate, them he also called. This is the third step: (still, remembering that we speak aster the manner of men.) To express it a little more largelv. According to his sixt decree, that believers shall be faved, thofe whom he foreknows as such, he calls both outwardly and inwardly: outwardly, by the word of his grace; and inwardly, bv his Spirit. This inward application of his word to the heart, seems to be what some term effectual calling. And it implies, the calling them children ol God, the accepting them in the Beloved; the justisying them freely by his grace, through the redemption that is in Jesus Christ.

Vol. V. , 'Yyy 9. Whom

9. Whom he called, thofe he Justified. This is the fourth step. It is generally allowed, that the word Justified here is taken in a peculiar sense; that it means, he made them just or righteous. He executed his decree, conforming them to the imapc of hjs Son, or (as we usually speak) fanclified them.

1o. It remains, whom he Justified, thofe he glorified. This is the last step. Having made them meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light, he gives them the kingdom which was prepared for them before the world began. This is the order wherein, according to the counsel of his will [the plan he has laid down from eternity] he saves thofe whom he foreknew, the true believers in every place and generation.

11. The same great work of salvation by Faith, according to the foreknowledge and decree of God, may appear in a still cleat er light, is we view it backward, from the end to the beginning. Suppofe then you stood with the great multitude which no man can number, out of every nation, and tongue, and kindred, and people, who give praife unto him that silttlh upon the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever: you would not sind one, among all that were received into glory, who was not a witness of that great truth, Without holiness no man JJiall 'fie the Lord: not one of all that innumerable company, who was not fanclified, besore he was glorified. By holiness he was prepared for glory, according to the invariable will of the Lord, that the crown purchased by the blood of his Son, mould be given to none but those who are renewed by his Spirit. He is become the Author of eternal salvation only to them that obey him: that obey him inwardly and outwardly; that are holy in heart, and holy in all manner of conversation.

12. And could you take a view of all thofe upon earth, who are now fanilifisd, you would sind, not one of these bad been sanctisied, till aster he was called. He was sirst called, not only with an outward call, by the word and the messengers

of os God, but likewise with an inward call, by his Spirit applying his word, enabling him to believe in the only-begotten Son of God, and bearing testimony with his spirit, that he •was a child of God. And it was by this very means they were all sanctissied. It was by a sense of the love of God, shed abroad in his heart, that every one of them was enabled to love God. Loving God, he loved his himself, and had power to walk in all his commandments blameless. This is a rule which admits of no exception. God calls a sinner his own, that is, justisies him, besore he sanctissies. And by this very thing, the consciousness of his favour, he works in him that gratesul, silial assection, from which spring every good temper, and word, and work.

13. And who are they that are thus called of God, but thofe whom he had before prede/linated, or decreed to conform to the image of his Son? This decree (still speaking aster the manner of men) precedes every man's calling. Every believer was predestinated, besore he was called. For God calls none, but according to the Counsel of his toill, according to this wpoSis-i,-, or plan of acting, which he had laid down besore the foundation of the world.

14. Once more. All that are called were predestinated, fo all whom God has predestinated ho. foreknew. He knew, he saw them as believers, and as such predestinated them to salvation, according to his eternal decree, He that believeth shall be saved. Thus we see the whole process of the work of God, from the beginning to the end. Who are glorisied? None but thofe who were sirst sanctisied. Who are sanctisied? None but thofe who were sirst justisied. Who are justisied? None but thofe who were sirst predestinated. Who are predestinated? None but thofe whom God foreknew as believers. Thus the purpofe and word of God stand unshaken as the pillars of heaven, He that believeth fall be saved: he that believeth not jliall be damned. And thus God is clear from the blood of all men; since whoever perishes, perishes by his own act and deed. They will not come unto me, says the

Y y y % Saviour

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