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At Stationers-Hall, January the 31st 1701,

Undertaken by CAVENDISH WEEDON, Efq;

Printed for Henry Playford in Temple Change in Fleet-street, and are to be
Sold by John Nutt near Stationers-Hall, M DCII.


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6-17-ofi RR


Generous Concurrence with bis
Majesty in bis Other Great Designs

and Endeavours for Publick Welfare; there can be no Doubt of your Asistance in That wbicb will Crown all tbe Rejt, bis Extraordinary Zeal for the Promoting of Religion and Piety.

You will therefore vouchsafe your Patronage to all sucb Methods as may contribute to fo Glorious a Design.

Amongst which there is None more Likely to bave a Good Effett, than Performances of Divine Musick; by wbich the Minds of people are sweetly surpriz d into Pious Ardour, and Charm'd into Devotion by Delight.


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