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The Sabboth to bee kept holy. No journey to THAT the Lord's day be kept holy, and that no be performed on the Lord's journeys be made except in case of emergent necessiday, nor goods tie on that day, that no goods bee laden in boates nor laden, borguns shooteing in ganns or the like tending to the propba.

nation of that day, which duty is to be taken care of by the ministers and officers of the severall churches, & by the comissioners in their places, and the partie de

linquent to pay one hundred pounds of tobacco or layd Penalty. in the stocks, and to take care that servants and others Servants and

do repaire to their severall churches everie Lord's tend church. day.

others to at


Laws of Eng. land against bigamy adopted.

Against Biggamy. THE lawes of England against biggamy or haveing more then one wife or husband shall be putt in execution in this countrie.


Process to is. sur from under the clerk's or secretary's hands, or by entry in the co'ty. court.

Not to abridge the governor's power.

Warrants and Writts, how to issue. ALL warrants and other writts for suites in lawe shall ordinarielie issue vnder the secretarie or clarkes hand, either for quarter courte, countie court, or else by entery of actions in the countie courte, and the sherriffes summons on the said actions as formerly and this to be vnderstood to be noe prohibition of the Goverbours power.


Divulgers of false bews concerning the present government

2 Against Divulgers of False Newes. IF any personn or persons shall forge or divulge any false or dangerous news tending to the disturbance of the peace of this collony vnder the government now established that vnles hee produce his author forthwith

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shall by the next com’r. for the peace be comitted to to be fineaees as prison and if he brings not bis said author the next if they proquarter court or countey court bee shall be fined two duce not their thousand pounds of tobaccoe or less if the merritt of author. the cause deserve it.

One justice inay decide

causes to the ACT VII.

value of a

hogshead of Comissioners to determine cuuses to 350 or 1000 lb. To- tobacco not bacco.


350 lb, two EVERIE comissioner of the severall counties re- justices to spectively shall bee authorized to hear and determine 1000 lb. and all pleas and controversies to the value of one hogs- award exe

cution. head of tobacco not exceeding 350* pounds and to

Appeal altowproceed to execution; two or more com’rs. whereof ed to co'ty one to be of the quorum may determine to the value court, but the of 1000 pounds of tobacco, and to proceed to executi- justice whose on, Provided that either partie may appeale to the appealed from countie court, these comissioners appealed from, not to not to sit as a

of sitt or have votes, during the hearing of that cause.


Matters of Shipps to provide four monthes Victuallo

on their Voyage to Virginia. ALL masters of shipps shall bee obliged hereby to Passengers provide fower monthes allowance of victualls for pas- to be provided sengers at their setting forth from the Downes or other parts of England and to give the passengers suf- visions for a ficient allowance of diett all the voyage, And comman- voyage from ders of shipps repectively to take care that poor ser- this country. vants do not want cloathes and bedding in the voyage, Poor servants in which particulars aforesaid if any shall offend they with sufficiente shall be liable to grievous censure here according to cloaths & bedthe merrit of the offence.


with four months' pro


* It would seem from this act that the ordinary weight of a hogs. head of tobacco, at this period, was 350 pounds.

*ACT IX. irveyors of sighways &

Concerning Surveyors of High Waise. support of bridges to be

THAT surveyors of highwaies and maintenance for annually kept bridges be yearly kept and appointed in each countie General ways court respectively, and that all gennerall wayes from from county to

county to county and all churchwaies to be laied out county and church ways,

and cleered yeerly as each county court shall think how laid out fitt, needfull and convenient, repect being had to the and cleared.

course vsed in England to that end.

Letters super

ACT X. scribed " for the public ser

Dispatch of Publique letters. vice" to be immediately

THAT all letters superscribed for the publique serconveyed from vice shall be immediately conveyed from plantation to plantation to

plantation, to the place and person directed, ynder plantation. Penalty for the pepnaltie of one hogshead of tobacco, for each neglect. default, and if any extraordnary charge arise thereby, Extraordinary the com’rs. of each county are hereby authorized to charges to be defrayed by

judge thereof and leavie payment for the same: These the counties. superscriptions are to be signed by the Governour, By whom su

Councill or Secrettarie or any comission of the quorum perscription to be signed.

or any of the comittee appointed for the militia.

Adjournement of Courts forbidden.

THAT all adjournements of quarter courts and counAdjourn. ment of courte tie courts be by all possible meanes avoided, and liketo be avoided wise that all possible dispatch for the determination of and business

all causes bee made. dispatched.


Concerning Passes. Masters of Bee it alsoe enacted and confirmed that noe master vessels trans- of any shipp, vessell, boate or

barque, shall transport porting any person out of any person or persons out of this collony except the the collong

said person or persons do produce a pass vnder the

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