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ed to the present Governour with reservation of the castle duties to Coll. Clayborne of wbat shipps are alreadie entered or shall enter before the expiration of this present thirteenth day of December.

(Rand. . Bl. MS. Jef. MS.)

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Ministers and FFOR encouragement of the ministers in this couv6 servants

trey and that they may be the better enabled to attend each, to be exempted from both publick commands and their private cures, It is public levies. ordered, That from henceforth each minister, in his

owne person with six other servants of his family

shall be free from publique levies, Allwaies provided How examin- they be examined by Mr. Phillip Mallory and Mr. cd.

John Green, and they to certifye their abilities to the Governour and Councill, who are to proceed according to their judgement.

(Rand. MS. Bl. MS. Jef. MS.)

Parish of Bris.

IT is ordered that the parish of Bristoll have power tol may hold to keep courts within their said parish and to heare courts, with

and determine all differences herein as at county courts tbe jurisdiction of county which courts are to be kept by the comissioners dwellco'rts.

ing in the said parish, but either plı. or defendant if Appeals to Charles City

they crave it shall have licence to appeale to Charles or Henrico Cittie or Henrico county courts. county

(Rand. MS. Bl. M$. Jef. MS.)

Salary of the speaker of the house of delegates.

IT is ordered that six thousand pounds of tobacco be allowed to Coll. ffrancis Morrison, speaker of this house, for his loss of time and great care and pains taken about the publick busines. (BI. MS.)

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Salary of the IT is ordered that Major Charles Norwood, heretoclerk of the

fore clerk to the Assembly, be allowed two thousand house of delegates. pounds of tobacco in full of all his arrears of salary;

and the clk. place of the Assembly henceforth to be Ileory Ran- conferred on Mr. Henry Randolph to officiate therein as pointed clerk. Major Norwood hath done and to have the same salary.

(Bl. MS.)


IT is ordered that for this present year the com’rs. 4 barrels of

powder and of the militia in every county endeavour to provide

proporfour barrels of powder with shot proportionable for tionably to be each regiment which shall be allowed the next year provided for out of the several county levies ; that Rob’t. Hubbard of militia. for the care in attendance on the committee for revew Compensation of the acts have two thousand five hundred pounds of the cl’k.of tobacco out of the levies of James City or York coun- the laws. ty, Provided he write out the acts and orders at large and compleat them according to the direction of the committee and get shem ready by the first of March next.

(Bl. MS.)

THAT Thomas Woodhouse for the quarter courts


to Thos. setting at his house two courts and for the committee's Woodhouse accommodation have two thousand five hundred pounds for the air.

court's sitting of tobacco granted him by the publick. (Bl. MS.) at his house ;

and the accommodation

of the comTHAT letters be sent unto Coll. Sam'). Mathews mittee.

Letters to be and Mr. Bennet that in respect the difference be- written to Matween us and the Lord Baltamore concerning our thews & Benbounds is as far from determination as at first, they de- nett on the sist in that particular until further order from this disputed boun country.

(Bl. MS.) daries with


THAT George the Armenian for his encouragement in the trade of silk and to stay in the country to


ment for mak follow the same have four thousand pounds of tabacco ing silk. allowed him by the Assembly.

(Bl. MS.)

WHEREAS a petition was presented to the ho- Provision for nourable Grand Assembly by Capt. Thomas Prit- meg Quarter chard, in behalfe of the inhabitants of Nuttmegg to Denbigh. Quarters intimateing their desire by reason of their small number not longer to continue a parish of themselves, but to be united to the parish of Denbigh, It is ordered that the comissioners the next county court make enquirie of the desires of the inhabitants, and if the major part agree vnto it, then they to be accompt

ed and be members of the parish of Denbigh aforesaid otherwise to remaine a parish of themselves as at present.

(Rand. MS. Jef. MS.)

Letters to be written by Col. Morrison to the protector & secretary of state.

THIS day Coll. firancis Morrison was desired by the house to write two letters, one to his highness, the other to the Secretary of State, and Capt. Willis to draw up a testimonial for the Gov'r. (BI. MS.)

Col. Ab'm. IT is ordered, that Coll. Abraham Wood be apWood appoint- pointed and made Coll. over the regiment of Charles antofregiment City and Henrico countys in the room of Coll. Hill by in Charles this present Assembly suspended, and Capt. William City and Hen- Harris made Major of the said regiment being his due rico, in room

as the first Capt, according to the desire of the said suspended. Coll. Abraham Wood.

(BI. MS.)

of Coll. Hill

Col. Edward

ORDERED that Edward Digges, Esquire, being Diggs requestcd to act as at present Governour, be requested to continue his gor'r. during office, and reteine the reines of government in his his stay in the country.

hands during his abode in the countrie, and in the inCol. Samuel terim Coll. Samuel Mathewes, Governour elect to take Mathewes, gov'r, elect to

place next him in the councill. iake place

(Rand. MS. BI. MS.) next him in council.

ORDERED that Edward Diggs, Esq. Gov'r. after Rank of Ed. Diges in coun- the expiration of his government do in the Councel cil after expi- take place next unto Coll. John West, Esq. ration of his time as gover

(Bl. MS.)

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Courts in Charles City county to be held on the south side of the river.

VPON the petition of Coll. Abraham Wood and Mr. Anthony Wyatt in behalfe of the inhabitants on the south side of Charles Cittie county, shewing the greate inconveniencies accrewing to them by reason of the courts being kept on the north side of the river, It is ordered that the place of keeping courts for the said county shall be on the south side of the river, at such place as the comissioners or the major part of them shall find most convenient for the ease and benefitt of the inhabitants.

(Rand. MS. Jef. MS.)

WHEREAS a reveiw of the lawes hath been made Revised lam by this Grand Assembly, it is ordered therevpon that

to be digest

ed into one they be all digested into one volume, and that the volume. same be presented to Leift. Coll. Walker, Coll. Abra: Wood, and Capt. ffrancis Willis, who are desired as a comittee to compare the same with the originall by How and by March court next, and vpon their signing it publicati- whom copied on to follow, And it is further ordered that Mr. Ro- ginal records. bert Hubert may have license to carry the originall booke of records home to his owne house to copie them

(Rand. MS. Jef. MS.)

out by


WHEREAS by petition of the inhabitants of the Rappahanlower part of Lancaster county shewing their vast dis- nock county tance from the countie courts was presented to the the upper honourable Assembly by Capt. Moore ffantleroy and part of Lantheire desire of haveing the county devided, It is ordered that according to an order of court devideing the said countie at present into parishes, be for the future the bounds of the two counties, vizt. The vpper part of Mr. Bennettsland knowne by the name of Naemhock on the south side of the eastermost brauch of Moratticock Creeke on the north side the river be the lower most bounds of the vpper couuty; The lower county to retaine the name of Lancaster, and the vpper county to be named Rappahannock* county and notwithstanding this division both counties to be liable to the Burgesses charge of this present assembly.

(Rand. MS. Jef. MS.)

[Here follow in the Rand, and Bl. MSS. a number of decisions in civil actions, and of petitions from individuals for compensation relating to the late expedition against the Indians; but they are not of sufficient interest to merit insertion.]

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IT is orderered that Sr. Wm. Berkeley be allowed Allowance to four thous'd. five hundred pounds of tobacco for cask Berkeley for with the tobaccos upon the sale of his house, It being his house

This is the first time the nanır of Raphahamork occurs.

according to the agreement though omitted by the clerk and that it be placed upon James City county.

for the pre

Agreement of

BE it enacted, That the articles of agreement made 5th May, 1652, with the the 5th day of

1652 with the comissioners of comm'rs. of the parliament be renewed vpon the

and parliament as

here continued which is as followeth. It is agreed & to appointment of offi thought best,

government of this cers, continu- the Governour, comissioners, &

That the ed.

right of election of all officers of this country be and appertein

the Burgesses, the representatives
of the people, And it is further
sent by the Burgesses, that in remonstrance of the con-
fi that they have in the said comissioners, That
the present election of all offic not already con
stituted be referred to the said Governour and comis-
sioners, and that this their elections be not presidenti-
all to any succeeding Assembly. (Rand. MS.)


[In the Bl. MS. the acts of this session are followed by the letters of the Assembly to the Lord Protector and Coll. Samuel Mathews, together with instructions for the honourable Edward Diggs, which are accurately published in the second vol. of Burk's Hist, of Virginia, pa. 116.)

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