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Certain commissioners to

attend gov. as

assistants to

quiet the dis

contents in Nor❜ampton and punish the offenders; to divide the

co'ty; to apand decide be

tween Scarbrough and others.

hath satisfied Dep: Webster eight beaver skins and an
otter skin for a gun which he bought a board the ship
Duke Byren.
(Bl. MS.):

To carry his tobacco custom free.

ACCORDING to an order of this Assembly, vpon the petition of Coll. Nathaniel Littleton, Coll. Argoll Yarley, Major William Andrews, and some other comissioners of Northampton county, Master Speaker, Left. Coll. Edward Major, Left. Coll. Geo. Fletcher, Coll. Thomas Dew and Left. Coll. Rob't. Pitt are nominated as assistants to attend the Governour and Secretarie for the settlement of the peace of that county, and the punishment of delinquents there according to their demerrits, the appointment of all officers both for peace and warr, the division of that county, and the hearing and determineing of the businesse of damages between Capt. Daniel How and Left. Coll. Edm'd. Scarbrough, As also between Capt. John Jacob and the said Edmund Scarbrough, with all other matters and things necessary and incident for the preservation of the peace of that place, ffor which this shall be their comission, The charges which the said comissioners shall be at, both in goeing stayinge there & returneing, to be levied vpon those persons that occasioned their repair thither. (Rand. MS. Bl. MS.)

WHEREAS Sr. William Berkeley, Kn't. vpon the deliverie vp of the countrey to the government of the Wm. Berkeley Comon-Wealth of England, had granted vnto him

Further time allowed Sir

to leave the colony.

by articles, that he should have a shipp to transport him to England or Holland, and whereas the present warr with the Vnited Provinces hath hindred the confirmation of the said articles in England, or the comeing of a shipp out of Holland: And the said Sr. William Berkeley desireing longer time (vizt.) eight monthes from the date hereof to procure the said shipp out of fflanders in respect of the warrs with Holland, and that she may be custom free for such tobacco as he shall lade in her; After debate thereof in the Assembly, It is condescended that his said request shall be granted, and he may accordingly within eight months procure a shipp out of flanders for the purpose in his said articles expressed. (Rand, MS. BI. MS.)

WHEREAS the ship Leopoldus of Dunkirk, for Appropriation the importation of prohibited goods contrary to the the sale of the of proceeds of act of Parliament, for the encrease of navigation, has forfeited ship been adjudged fforfeited, with her tackle, apparel, and Leopoldus. ffurniture to this country, ffor the use of the CommonWealth of England, and appraised at four hundred pounds sterling, This Assembly upon consideration thereof had her disposed of the same as followeth, (vizt.) two hundred and ffifty pounds to our agent Coll. Sam. Mathews and one hundred pounds to Coll. William Clayborne, sec. thirty pounds to the speaker, ten pounds to Coll. Cornelius Loyd, and ten pounds to Major Billingsley for their severall services done to the country in the said business. (Bl. MS.)

IT is ordered by this present Grand Assembly that Nathaniel Battson for many misdemeanors & a common defame* apparantly true, shall receive forthwith fifteen stripes on the bear back and for ever hereafter not to go or trade amongst the Indians and in case of default to receive further punishment by whipping and perpetuall banishment.


Wm. WHITTBEY, Speaker.

Defame" in MS. but it should be "defamer."

(Bl. MS.)

Punishment inflicted on Nath. Battson.



The names of the Burgesses for each respective Countie as followeth :...

Eliza. Cittie.

Ma. Wm. Worlich,
Mr. John Sheppard.

Charles Cittie.

Lower Norfolke.

Coll. Edw'd. Hill, Speaker, Mr. Barthol: Hoskins,
Capt. Henry Perry, Mr. Lyonell Mason.
Major Abra. Wood,
Mr. Stephen Hamlin.


Mr. Tho: Breman,
Mr. Wingfeild Webb.

NOVEMBER 20, 1654.


Mr. Richard Cock.

James Cittie.

Mr. Tho: Dipnall,
Mr. Abra: Watson,
Mr. Wm. Whitaker,
Mr. Henry Soane.


The Isle of Wight.

Left. Coll. Pitt,
Capt. John Moone,
Mr. Fra. Hobbs,
Capt. John Bond.


Mr. John Carter,
Mr. James Bagnall.


Ma. Peter Walker,
Mr. Wm. Waters,
Mr. Tho: Johnson.


Coll. Tho: Dew,
Mr. Sam. Stoughton,
Mr. Tho. Godwin.


Mr. John Trussell.


Mr. Wm. Batt,
Mr. James Mason.


Lt. Col. Sam. Matthewes,
Mr. William Whittbye.


Ma, John Holland,
Ma. Alex. Baynhan.


Capt. Wm. Gooch,
Mr. Robert Booth,
Mr. John Hayward,

New Kent.*

Capt. Robert Abrell.



WHEREAS Coll. Edward Hill vnanimously cho- Proceedings sen speaker of this house was afterwards maliciously against Wm. reported by William Hatcher to be an atheist and blasphemer according to an information exhibitted against him the last quarter court, from which the honourable Governour and Council then cleered the said Coll. Edward Hill and now certified the same vnto the house: And forasmuch as the said Wm. Hatcher, notwithstanding he had notice given him of the Governour and Councills pleasure therein and of the said Coll. Hill's being cleered as afforesaid, hath also reported, That the mouth of this house was a Devil, nominateing and meaning thereby the said Right Worp'll. Coll. Edward Hill, It is therefore ordered by this house, that the said William Hatcher, vpon his knees, make an humble acknowledgement of his offence vnto the said Coll. Edward Hill and Burgesses of this Assembly; which accordingly was performed and then he the said Hatcher dismist paying his fees.

(Rand. MS. Bl. MS.)

*This is the first time the name of New Kent appears among the proceedings of the assembly-It was taken from the upper part of York county. See an act of the present session.

that the
speaker, coll.
Edw❜d. Hill,
was an atheist:

Hatcher to make an ac

knowledgment on his


the tobacco

IT is ordered by the Assembly that the comissioners Comm'rs to of the militia and the comissioners of the respective account for counties shall at the next sessions of this Assembly levied for in March give in an account of the 6 lb. of tobacco per powder and pole lately levied for powder and shott for the vse of shot. each county, and what other powder and shott shall be in their custody belonging to the county.

(Rand. MS. Bl. MS.)

New Kent county, boundaries of.

Marston parish established.

Lists of tithables, how taken, & corrected,

IT is ordered that the vpper part of Yorke county shall be a distinct county called New Kent, from the west side of Scimino creek to the heads of Pomunkey and Mattaponie river, and downe to the head of the wist side of Poropotanke Creeke. (Rand. MS. Bl. MS. Jef. MS.)

Approved by the assembly.

FROM the head of the north side of Queen's creeke as high as to the head of Scimino creeke is made a distinct parish named Marston ordered by this Grand Assembly.

(Rand. MS. Bl. MS. Jef. MS.)

WHEREAS certaine arrears by overchargeing of tithable persons in some counties are now in question, It is ordered that such errors as are alledged to be comitted shall be certified vnder the com'rs. hands att the Assembly in March next, and for the future that all lists shall be taken and certified vnder the hands of the com'rs, and not otherwise, and so presented to the Assembly.

(Rand. MS. Bl. MS. Jef. MS.)..

Orders of Assemblie in Private Causes.

[Here follow, in the Rand. and Bl. MSS. the decisions of the Grand Assembly, in various civil actions; but they are not of sufficient importance to justify their insertion.-See APPENDIX.]

Edw. Diggs THE Governour and Council have thought good nominated by to call Mr. Edward Diggs, Esq. to be one of the the gov. council to be Councill, if the Assembly shall like thereof, and signi fie their approbation and concurrence therein, Novem. 22, 1654.

one of the council.

[ocr errors]


IT is vnanimously consented vnto, he haveing given a signal testimony of his fidelity to this collony and Common-Wealth of England.


CHA: NORWOOD; Cler. Assem. (Rand. MS. Bl. MS.)

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