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The names of the Burgesses for the severall Plantations, JULY THE 5TH, ANNO 1653.

James Cittie.

Isle of Wight County.

Left. Coll. Robert Pitt,
Major Geo. ffowden,
Mr. Dan Boucher.

Left. Coll. Chiles,
Mr. Wm. Whittaker,
Mr. Hen. Soane,
Mr. Abra. Wattson.

Surry Countie.

Cap. Wm. Buttler,
Mr. Wm. Edwards,

Warwick County.

Left. Coll. Sam. Mathews,
Mr. Wm. Whittby, Spk'r.

Charles Cittie County.

Capt. John Bushopp,
Mr. Anthony Wyatt.


Coll. Tho. Dew,
Left. Coll. Edw'd. Major,
Mr. Peter Montague.

Lower Norfolk.

Coll. Francis Yarly,
Left. Coll. Corn. Lloyd,

Gloster County.

Mr. Abra. Iversonn,
Mr. Richard Pate.


Capt. Tho. Johnson,
Mr. Wm Mellin,
Mr. Stephen Horsey.

Lancaster County.

Capt. Moore ffantlaroy,
Capt. Tho. Hackett.

York County.

Major X'p'r Calthropp,
Mr. Robert Booth,
Mr. Wm. Hockaday,
Capt. Fra. Morgan.


Left. Coll. Fletcher,
Mr. Walter Broadhurst.

Henrico County.

Capt. Wm. Harris.
Elizabeth Cittie County.
Mr. John Sheppard,
Mr. Tho. Thornbury.

[In the Bl. MS. several pages are occupied with proceedings against different persons for speaking contemptuously of the government of Virginia, as established by the convention, and for refusing to pay the castle duties; some of whom were fined and imprisoned.7

Paper subscribed by in

Nor'amton county held scandalous & seditious.

Subscribers, together with Edm'd. Scarbrough disabled from

holding any office. Gov. &

Sec'y to go to


WHEREAS the paper subscribed by name of the inhabitants of Northampton countie is scandalous and seditious and hath caused much disturbance in the peace and government of that county, It is therefore ordered by this present Grand Assembly, That all the subscribers of the said paper bee disabled from bearing any office in this countrey, and that Leift. Edmund Scarbrough who hath been an assistant and instru ment concerneing the subscribeing of the same bee also disabled from bearing any office vntill he hath answered therevnto, and the honourable Governour & Secretarie be intreated to go over to Accomack with such assistants as the house shall think fitt, for the settlement of the peace of that countie, and punishinge delinquents. This order reversed by an order of Assembly, 26th March, 1658. (Rand. MS. Bl. MS.)

Provision for

THE order of the last Assembly in the busines relateing to land in York River desired by Tottopottoin York coun- moy, as information by some perticular members of

Tottopottomoy,an Indian


this Assembly is now represented, is ordered to be and remaine in force as formerly, Provided he lives on the same; but if he leaves it then to devolve to Coll. William Clayborne, according to former orders which gave him libertie to make his choice, whether he would have Ramomak, or the land where now he is seated, and that he appear in person before the Governor and Council to make his choice the next quarter courte which of the two seates he will hold, and Capt. John West, and Mr. William Hockaday are enabled to give a safe conduct to the said Tottopottomoy and his InThose seated dians for their coming to towne and his returne home, on the lands of And the commissioners of York are required that such Chickahomi- persons as are seated vpon the land of Pamunkey or ny Indians to Chickahominy Indians be removed according to a late act of Assembly made to that purpose, And Coll. John Fludd to go to Tottopottomoy to examine the proceedings of busines and to deliver it vpon his oath. (Rand. MS. BI, MS.).

Pamunkey or

be removed.

Grant of land

VPON the petition of Roger Green, clarke, on the to settlers on behalfe of himselfe, and inhabitants of NanseRoanoake ri- mund river, It is ordered by this present Grand As

Moratuck or

sembly that tenn thousand acres of land be granted vnto one hundred such persons who shall first seate on Moratuck or Roanoake river and the land lying vpon the south side of Choan river and the branches thereof, Provided that such seaters settle advantageously for security, and be sufficiently furnished with amunition and strength, And it is further ordered by the authority aforesaid, That there be granted to the said Roger Green, the rights of one thousand acres of land, and choice to take the same where it shall seem most convenient to him, next to those persons who have had a former grant in reward of his charge, hazard and trouble of first discoverie, and encouragement of others for seating those southern parts of Virginia.

(Rand. MS.)

Travels of

the mountains authorised.

WHEREAS diverse gentlemen have a voluntarie desire to discover the Mountains and supplicated for discovery to lycence to this Assembly, It is ordered by this Assembly, That order be granted vnto any for soe doing, Provided they go with a considerable partie and strength both of men and amunition. (Rand, MS.)

ver; also on Choan river.

south side of

land county, boundaries of.

IT is ordered by this present Grand Assembly that Westmorethe bounds of the county of Westmorland* be as followeth (vizt.) ffrom Machoactoke river where Mr. Cole lives: And so vpwards to the ffails of the great river of Pawtomake above the Necostins towne (Rand. MS.)

VPON the humble petition of John Claxsonn an old Virginian, and the testimony of the comissioners of the countie of Yorke where hee lived of the great loss he sustained by ffire to his vtter vndoeing, not able to maintain himselfe and five children, The Grand Assembly duely weighing his distressed estate hath granted him the said Claxsonn, an order as a breife to gather the charitable benevolence of well disposed persons. The hike also is granted vnto Thomas Bagwell of the Isle of Wight county and to Richard New of James Cittie county. (Rand. Ms.)

* This is the first time the county of Westmoreland has been mentioned.

[blocks in formation]

Indians of Glo'ster and Lancaster counties to

have lands & hunting

ground as-

signed to them.

An act of indemnity to those who have lent guns to Indi

a s.

Castle duties to be paid; and how recoverable.

Certain forfeited goods remitted.

The ship Leopoldus forfeited for

breach of na

vigation act

to be deliverWalter Chiles

ed to Coll.

at the appraisement.

IT is ordered by this Grand Assembly that the comissioners of Gloster and Lancaster countys are stricktly required forthwith to proportion the Indians inhabiting in the said counties their severall tracts of land according to an act of the last Assembly in that case made, and to sett and assigne them such places and bounds to hunt in as may be convenient, both for the inhabitants and the Indians, whereby the severall stocks of the English may be preserved.

(Rand. MS. Bl. MS.]

AN act of indempnitie is granted for all such as have lent gunns to the Indians, and if any person shall hereafter offend and justly prooved against him, he or they so offending shall suffer seveerly according to act in that case provided, other counties to have the same priviledge. (Rand. MS. Jef. MS. Bl. MS.)

IT is ordered by this present Grand Assembly that the castle duties shall be recovered by any refractory person's denying the payment thereof as hath formerly bin accustomed by way of action in any courte or attachment of their goods and estates to that value. (Rand. MS. Jef. MS. Bl. MS.)

IT is ordered by this present Grand Assembly upon the petition of Paulus Maeshouck, servant to Abraham Van Susteren, merchant of Dunkirk, that part of the goods forfeited belonging to his said master is remitted. (Bl. MS.)

UPON the petition of Leiut. Coll. Walter Chiles, It is ordered by this present Grand Assembly that the ship Leopaldus now adjudged fforfeited and consigned unto him that he the said Chiles should have the said ship according as she hath been appraised being £400 sterling.* (Bl. MS.):

*The following is the Bill of Sale executed by the Governor and Speaker of the House of Burgesses

Whereas the ship Leopoldus of Dunkirk hath by the grand assembly of this country been adjudged forfeit and accordingly con

UPON petition of the comm'rs. of the Isle of Wight Arrearages of taxes in Isle of county concerning the recovery of diverse arrears of Wight, how country and county levies yet unsatisfied since 1644 recoverable. and the lists not recorded through the delinquency of the Cik. of that county, It is ordered by this present Grand Assembly that such persons as have been sheriffs or collectors of the said levies since 1644 and are now living forthwith bring in their sev'll. lists and accounts respectively unto the said county court, and that such persons as have been delinquent in paying the said arrears or detaining of them in their hands be responsable for the same and upon default or denial to be recovered by distress and the parties that have paid the same be discharged from further molestation. And as for those sheriffs or collectors that are dead their es- ceased shetates are to be responsable for what shall appear due riffs liable. from them under their hands. (Bl. Ms.)

Estates of de

IT is ordered that Nath. Battson stand committed Judgment a

into the custody of the sheriff of James City until he gainst Vet.


fiscated according to the act of parliament for increase of navigation, Now know all men to whom these presents shall come that we the subscribers authorized by the said Grand Assembly do ffor and in consideration of the sume of four hundred pounds sterling paid by Ltt Coll. Walter Chiles of this colony for the use of this colony before the sealing and delivery hereof acquit and discharge hit, give, gránt, bargain, sell assigue and set over the said ship named Leopoldus about the burthen of three hundred tuns with her guns, tackle, apparel and furniture and whatsoever belongeth or appertaineth to the said ship unto the said Leiut. Coll Chiles, his heirs and assigns for ever, To have and to hold the said ship with all her said guns, tackle, apparel and ffurniture to him the Walter Chiles, his heirs, and assignes for ever without any let, hinderance, molestation or disturbance of any person or persons whatsoever claiming any right, title or interest to the said ship in the behalf of this colony or the commonwealth of England, We hereby in the behalf of the Grand Assembly warranting the same unto the said Lieut. Coll. Walter Chiles, his heirs, ex'rs. administrators, In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals and caused this our act to be register'd in the records of this colony of Virginia the twelveth of July, 1653.

RI. BENNETT, Seal. Wm. WHITBY, Speaker of the House of Burgesses. In presentia mea,




JOHN CORKER, Cl. to the House of Burgesses

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