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4thly. That Virginia shall have and enioy the antient bounds and lymitts granted by the charters of the former Kings, And that we shall seek a new charter from the parliament to that purpose against any that have intrencht vpon the rights thereof.

5thly. That all the pattents of land granted vnder the collony seale, by any of the precedent Governours shall be and remaine in their full force and strength.

6thly. That the priviledge of haveing ffiftie acres of land for every person transported in the collony shall continue as formerly granted.

7thly. That the people of Virginia have free trade as the people of England do enjoy to all places and with all nations according to the lawes of that commonwealth, And that Virginia shall enjoy all priviledges equall with any English plantations in America.

Sthly. That Virginia shall be free from all taxes, customes and impositions whatsoever, and none to be imposed on them without consent of the Grand Assembly, And soe that neither ffortes nor castles bee erected or garrisons maintained without their consent.

9thly. That noe charge shall be required from this country in respect of this present fleet.

10thly. That for the future settlement of the countrey in their due obedience, the engagement shall be tendred to all the inhabitants according to act of parliament made to that purpose, that all persons who shall refuse to subscribe the said engagement, shall have a yeares time if they please to remove themselves, and their estates out of Virginia, and in the mean time during the said yeare to have equall justice as formerly.

11thly. That the vse of the booke of common prayer shall be permitted for one yeare ensueinge with referrence to the consent of the major part of the parishes, Provided that those things which relate to kingshipp or that government be not vsed publiquely; and the continuance of ministers in their places, they not misdemeaning themselves: And the payment of their accustomed dues and agreements made with them respectively shall be left as they now stand dureing this ensueing yeare.

12thly. That no man's cattell shall be questioned as the companies vnles such as have been entrusted with them or have disposed of them without order.

13thly. That all amunition, powder and arms, other then for private vse shall be delivered vp, securitie being given to make satisfaction for it.

14thly. That all goods allreadie brought hither by the Dutch or others which are now on shoar shall be free from surprizall.

15thly. That the quittrents granted vnto vs by the late Kinge for seaven yeares bee confirmed.

16thly. That the comissioners for the parliament subscribing these articles engage themselves and the honour of the parliament for the full performance thereof: And that the present Governour and the Councill and the Burgesses do likewise subscribe and engage the whole collony on their parts.


Theise articles were signed and sealed by the commissionors of the Council of State for the CommonWealth of England, the twelveth day of March,


tween the

Articles for the surrendring Virginia to the subjection Additional of the Parliament of the Common wealth of England, treaty, beagreed vppon by the honourable the Comissioners for Commonthe Parliament and the hon'ble, the Governour and Councill of State.

wealth of En

FIRST, That neither Governour nor councill shall be obliged to take any oath or engagement to the Common-Wealth of England for one whole yeare, And that neither Governour nor Councill be censured for praying for or speaking well of the King for one whole yeare in their private houses or neighbouring confer


2dly. That there be one sent home at the present Governour's choice to give an accompt to his Ma'tie of

gland, and the colony of Virginia.

the surrender of his countrey, the present Governour bearing his charges, that is Sr. William Berkley.

3dly. That the present Governour, that is Sr. William Berkeley and the Councill shall have leave to sell and dispose of their estates, and to transporte themselves whether they please.

4thly. That the Governour and Council though they take not the engagement for one whole yeare shall yet have equall and free justice in all courts of Virginia vntill the expiration of one whole yeare.

5thly. That all the Governour's and Councill's land and houses, and whatsoever belongeth to them bee perticularly secured and provided for in these articles.

6thly. That all debts of the Governour's by act of Assembly, and all debts due to officers made by the Assembly bee perfectly made good to them, And that the Governour be paid out of the goods remaining in the countrey of the Dutch ship that went away cleer for Holland without paying his customs.

7thly. That the Governour may have free leave to hire a shipp for England or Holland to carrie away the Governour's goods, and the Councill's, and what he or they have to transporte for Holland or England without any lett or any molestation of any of the State's shipps att sea or in their rivers or elsewhere by any of the shipps in the common wealth of England whatsoever.

Sthly. That the Capt of the forte be allowed satisfaction for the building of his house in fforte Island.

9thly. That all persons that are now in this collonie of what quality or condition soever that have served the King here or in England shall be free from all dangers, punishment or mulkt whatsoever, here or elsewhere, and this art'e. as all other articles bee in as cleer termes as the learned in the law of arms can express.

10thly. That the same instant that the comissions are resigned an act of indempnitie and oblivion be issued out vnder the hands and seales of the comissioners for the parliament, And that noe persons in any courte of


jastice in Virginia be questioned for their opinions given In any causes determined by them.

11thly. That the Governour and Councill shall have their passes to go away from hence in anie shipps in any time within a year: And in case they goe for London or other place in England that they or anie of them shall bee free from anie trouble or hindrance of arrests or such like in England, and that they may follow their occasions for the space of six monthes after their arrivall.


Theise articles were signed, sealed, sworne vnto by vs the commissioners for the parliament of the common wealth of England, the 12th of March, 1651.


*An Act of Indemqnitie made att the Surrender of the Countrey.

Act of indemnity on

the treaty.

WHEREAS by the authoritie of the parliament of England, wee the comissioners appointed by the concluding Councill of State authorized thereto having brought a fleete and force before James Cittie in Virginia to reduce that collonie vnder the obedience of the commonwealth of England, and finding force raised by the Governour and countrey to make opposition against the said fileet, whereby assured danger appearinge of the ruine and destruction of the plantation, for prevention whereof the Burgesses of all the severall plantations being called to advise and assist therein, vppon long and serious debate, and in sad contemplation of the greate miseries and certaine destruction, which were soe neerly hovering over this whole countrey; Wee the said comissioners have thought fitt and condescended and granted to signe and confirme vnder our hands, seales and by our oath, Articles bearinge date with theise presents, And do further declare, That by the authoritie of the parliament and comor

* This paper is numbered "Act 86," in the revisal of 1657.

wealth of England derived vnto vs theire comissioners, That according to the articles in gennerall, Wee have granted an act of indempnitie and oblivion to all the inhabitants of this colloney, from all words, actions or writings that have been spoken, acted or writt against the parliament or comon wealth of England or any other person from the beginning of the world to this daye, And this we have done, That all the inhabitants of the collonie may live quietly and securely vnder the comon-wealth of England, And wee do promise that the parliament and common-wealth of England shall confirme and make good all those transactions of ours, Wittnes our hands and seales this 12th day of March, 1651.





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