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WHEREAS it was enacted at an Assembly in June 1642, that if any person or persons whatsoever claimtents to issue ing land as due by importation of servants they or each of them shall prove their title and just right either before the Governor and Counsell or produce certificate from the countie courts to the Secretary's office before any grant be admitted, And that no pattents be made without exact survey produced in the Secretary's office as aforesaid, Rappahannock River to Rappahan excepted, which is confirmed by this present Grand As

Exception as

nock river.


for importa. tion rights.

The settle

ment of Rappahannock river postponed,

Penalty for dealing with other mens' servants or


inserted in a booke to be kept in the office for that purpose, which said act this present Grand Assembly to all intents and purposes ratified and confirmed, Provided that the cause depending be proper for a jurie.

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WHEREAS it was enacted at a Grand Assembly in June 1642, That Rappa'k river should remain vnseated for divers reasons therein contained, notwithstanding it should and might be lawfull for all persons to assume grants for lands there, Provided the same be first bounded, though not by a surveyor and to continue still their proper rights, till the seating thereof be admitted by a Generall Grand Assembly, & then all dividents to be bounded by just surveyors, which said act this present Grand Assembly to all intents and purposes ratifieth and confirmeth.


WHEREAS at an Assembly in October 1639 in consideration that divers ill disposed persons did secretly and covertly trade and truck with other mens' servants and apprentices which tended to the great injury of masters of familys, their servants being thereby induced and invited to purloin and imbeazill the goods of their said masters, It was enacted for redresse of the like disorders and abuses thereafter, that what person or persons soever should buy, sell, trade or truck

with any servant for any comoditie whatsoever, without lycense or consent of the master of any such servant, he or they so offending against the premises should suffer one month's imprisonment without bayle or mainprize as also should forfeit and restore to the master of the said servant four times the valew of the Four times thing soe bought, sold or trucked or traded for, which the value of said act to all intents and purposes this present Grand the article. Assembly doth hereby ratifie and confirme.


How licens.



In quarter


BE it also enacted, for the better regulating of at- Attornies, torneys and the great fees exacted by them, that it regulations shall not be lawfull for any attorney to plead causes on concerning. behalfe of another without license or permission first had and obtained from the court where he pleadeth, ed. Neither shall it be lawfull for any attorney to have license Restricted to from more courts then from the quarter court and one county court, and that they likewise be sworne in the To be sworn. said courts where they are so licensed, And it is further enacted that no attorneys plead in any county court shall demand or receive either for drawing petition, declaration or answer and for his fee of pleading the cause of his client above the quantitie of 20 lb. of tobaccoe or the value thereof, nor that at any pleading in the quarter court shall demand and receive either for drawing petition, declaration or answer and for his flee of pleading the cause of his cliant above the quantity or 50 lb. of tobaccoe or the value thereof, And if any taking greater attorney shall transgresse against the premises, or shall fees. take above the severall sums aforesaid either by gift or love directly or indirectly, such attorney for such of fence in a countye court shall forfeit 500 lb. tobaccoe, And for such offence in quarter court shall forfeit 2000 lb. of tobaccoe, one moyety whereof shall be and come to the King, and the other moyetie or halfe to the informer, whether it be client or adverse party, or any other person whatsoever, and may recover the same by action of debt in the severall courts respectively, And it is further thought fitt that no attorney licensed as aforesaid shall refuse to be entertayned in any cause as aforesaid, provided he be not entertayned by the adverse party, vppon forfeiture of 250 lb. of tobacco in a countie court, and 1000 lb. of tobaccoe in the quarter


Their fees in courts.


Cannot re

fuse to be re

tained unless

retained on side.

the other

Not to extend to special attoi nies; or those who

have letters

of procuration

from Eu gland.

court one moyety whereof shall come to the King's majesty and the other halfe to the informer aforesaid, Provided this act nor any penaltie therein expressed extend to such who shall be made speciall attorneys within the collony or to such who shall have letters of procuration out of England.


Agreement with the governor of Maryland as to the regu

WHEREAS according to arti's. of agreement concluded with the Governor of Maryland bearing date the 3d day of June 1642, It was then at the said Assembly enacted that it should be free and law full for lation of com- the said inhabitants to trade and barter within the Col

merce rati


Penalty for breach of regulations.


lony for all manner of commodities raised within the collony otherwise then with tobaccoe, excepting in the said act all goods, servants imported, excepting alsoe in the said act according to the former act of the 14th Jan 1641, exporting of horses, mares, sheepe, Whereas also it was enacted at the said Assembly in June 1641 that everie article inserted in the aforesaid agreement should be published in all parishes, This present Grand Assembly doth enact and confirme, every clause and branch in the aforesaid act, to be and remaine in full force and vertue, And doe further enact, that what person or persons soever shall bring or cause to be brought any tobacco of the growth of Maryland vnto this collony and therewith trade, buy or barter for any goods or servants imported, or for any comoditie whatsoever raised within the collony, he or they so offending shall forfeit the goods and servants or commodities aforesaid or the value thereof, halfe thereof shall be & come to the King's majesty, And the other halfe to the informer, And whosoever shall directly or indirectly buy or cause to be bought for or on the behalfe of the said inhabitants of Maryland any goods of what nature, kind or condition soever, which shall be imported or are formerly excepted, for any comoditie whatsoever shall forfeit treble the value of the goods so bought vpon due proofe and conviction therein, One halfe whereof shall be and come to the King's ma'tie, and the other halfe to the informer, which act and the penaltie therein is to extend as well to the seller as the buyer.


VPON consideration had by this Grand Assembly of the scarsity of powder and aminition in the plantation and the difficultie in procureing the same, It is thought fitt and enacted that the Governour, at his discretion, do allott a barrel of powder to each countie, to be kept and preserved in the hands of the commander and a publique stock, for which the comander of each county is to be responsible.


IT is enacted and consented to by this Grand Assembly, that the county of Vpper Norff, shall have power and priviledge to chuse Burgesses for the severall parishes within the limitts of the said parishes.

A barrel of powder allott ed to each



FFOR the preservation of the puritie of doctrine & vnitie of the church, It is enacted that all ministers whatsoever which shall reside in the collony are to be conformable to the orders and constitutions of the church of England, and the laws therein established, England. and not otherwise to be admitted to teach or preach Non conform publickly or privatly, And that the Gov. and Counsel ists to be do take care that all nonconformists vpon notice of compelled to them shall be compelled to depart the collony with all depart the conveniencie.


Ministers to conform to & preach the

doctrines of

the church of

Upper NorBurgesses of folk to be

chosen within the limits of each parish.


Lane's creek

WHEREAS it was enacted at an Assembly in Jan: 1639, that the inhabitants of Lanes Creeke should parish, act reduced into a parish, and the said parish to beginn repealed. concerning from the mouth of Hogg Island creeke along the river to Lanes Creeke, And from Lanes Creeke to the head of the vppermost branches of the said creeke, and from the head of the branches of Lanes Creeke to the head of the branches of Chippoaks Creeke westerly, and thence to the mouth of Chippoaks Creeke, and from thence to Hogg Island Creeke, and that it should be

Distinct parish formed.

Boundaries of.

Wallingford parish, boun

daries of.

Lower side of Water's creek, distinct parish.

Isle of Wight county divided into parishes.

lawfull and free for the inhabitants of Hogg Island in
of the remoteness of church of Ja: Cittie, to
which parish they belong, to provide themselves of a
minister at their owne charge without any allowance to
the said minister from the parson of Ja: Citty, wherein
also it was provided that they should pay as full and
ample contribution to the building of a church at Ja:
Citty as the rest of the parish of Ja: Citty should be
rated, It is thought fitt by this Assembly that the said
act be wholly repealed, And in stead and place thereof
be it enacted in consideration of the disabilitie of the
said inhabitants to maintain a minister of their owne,
and to contribute to the minister of Ja: Citty, whence
they receive no spiritual benefit, that the said Chippoaks
be reduced into an absolute parish without any relation
to the parish of James Citty, the bounds of the said
parish to be southeast vpon the parish of Lanes Creek,
And northwest vpon the Suncken Marish and northeast
vpon James River.

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WHEREAS alsoe it was enacted at an Assembly in June 1642, That the inhabitants of Mrs. Edlow's divident lying above Sandy Poynt should be taken and admitted vnto the parish of Wallingford: It is now further enacted, That David Jones' Creeke be the vtmost bounds of the said parish, including the whole divident of Mr. Rice Hoe.


BE it also enacted and confirmed that the inhabitants of the lower side of Waters Creek downewards to the vttermost extent of Warwich Countie shall be a distinct parish of themselves and injoy all the priviledges of a parish without any dependence or relation to the parish of Denbigh or any other parish whatsoever.


WHEREAS it was ordered at a Grand Assembly in June 1642, That the comissioners of the Isle

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