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Pagitt, Justinian, letter from, 21.
Parnassus, Raphael's picture of, 6.
Parson Adams, 58.
Partridge, the almanac-maker, letter from, 94.
Patents, Lord Mansfield's opinion on, 433.
Pegge, Rev. S. letter from, 165.
Peeping Tom, 226.
Penn, Springett, letter to, 100.
Pentecostals, 166.
Percival, Dr. letter from, on the subject of prisons, 465.
Percy, Rev. Dr. 104.
Peterborough, literary Society at, 119.
Phillips, his Life of Cardinal Pole, 186.
Philosophy, Rustic, 335.
Physical error exploded, 404.
Picture, description of one, in Windsor Castle, 408.
Picture, description of two curious, 79.
Pins, on swallowing, 449.
Plague, 467.
Plants, male and female, 479.
Plot, remarkable anecdote from his History of Oxfordshire, 338.
Poetry, History of English, 64.
Poets, Johnson's Lives of the, 84.
Poor, education of the, 118.

- the Industrious, proposal for lending small sums to, 497.
Pope, proceedings on the election of a, 368.
Pope, letter from, 140.
Powder, sympathetic, wonderful effects of, 401.
Powell, the fire-eater, 276.
Pownall, Governor, letters to, 230.
Prayer, Forms of, 50.
Predictions, extraordinary, 407.

enthusiastic, the absurdity of, 283.
Premises, that word improperly applied, 511.
Pretender, on his being in London, 159.
Priestley, Dr. letters to, 167.
Pringle, Sir John, letter to, 159.
Prior, letters to and from, 54, 153.
Prisons, on the ventilation of, 464.
Prophecies, 172.
Proverbial saying explained, 336.

Quadrille, explanation of the terms in the game of, 445.
Quebec, anecdotes of two officers who fell before, 336.


Raikes, Mr. institutor of Sunday Schools, 118.
Raleigh, Sir Walter, letter from, to Prince Henry, 28.
Registers, Parish, observations on, 365.
Revelation, on the Interpretation of, 172.
Rheumatism, the famous American receipt for, 367.
Richardson, Mr. S. letter from, 200.
Robertson, Dr. William, 61.
Robinson, Jacob, letters to, 76.
Rocks, artificial, 306.
Rogers, Charles, Esq. letter from, 79.
Rome, pictures at, 6.
Rush, Dr. Benjamin, on the effects of spirituous liquors, 456.
Rustic Philosophy, 335.


Salt, effects of, in fattening cattle, 416 ;-scurvy occasioned by,

Savage, Richard, letters from, 154.
Scald, cold water recommended for, 500.
Schools, Sunday, 115.
Scott, Dr. letter to, 205.
Scurlocke, Mrs. Mary, letters to, 127.
Scurvy, on the causes of, 203, 519.
Sea-water, method of making it fresh, 285,
Second sight, remarks on, 423.
Sermon in praise of Derbyshire, 420.
Sevignè, Madam, her letters, 136.
Seward, Rev. Thomas, Latin letter from, 225.
Shakespeare, the unlikeness of his busts, 329.
Shame, public, ill effects of, 300.
Sheep and sheep walks in Spain, account of, 351.
Sherlock, Bp. letter from, 175.
Sidney, Algernon, letter from, 1.
Sight, observations of a youth who had just recovered it, 512.
Society, account of a literary, 119.
Spain, change of the climate in, 354 ;-soil of the mountains in,

Spearing, Lieut. George, his sufferings in a Coal Pit, 488.
Spirits, Henderson's opinion concerning, 169.

Spirituous liquors, inquiry into the effects of, 456.
Stanhope, Dean, letters from, 43, 181.
Star-chamber, cases in the, 22.
Statue, on erecting one to the memory of Mr. Howard, 122.
Stedman, Col. letter to his son, 187.
Steele, Sir Richard, letter to, on the Conscious Lovers, 15;-letter

from, 127.
Strange, Sir Robert, letter from, 6.
Stuart, Dr. letter from, 60.
Stukeley, Dr. on the Gout, 477.
Suicide, letters on, 107.
Sunday School at Canterbury, 115 ;-good effects of them, 118,
Suppers, ill effects of, 483.
Surgeons formerly incorporated with Barbers, 396.
Swallows, against shooting, 494.
Swift, letters from, 9, 209, 212.
Swimming, useful hints for, 425.
Sympathetic powder, wonderful effects of, 401.

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Talbot, Miss, to a new-born child, 26.
Tar-water, 204.
Tea, 462.
Temperance in diet, good effects of, 483.
Testimony, human, the uncertainty of, 255, 345.
Thumb, the biting of, a token of disdain, 21.
Tillotson, Archbishop, letter from, 213.
Timber, method of increasing the strength of, 251.
Toads found in stones, 290.
Tontines, origin of, 481.
Tragedy, on the language, &c. of, 71.
Turner, Rev. R. letters from, 44.,
Twysden, Dr. letter to, 21.

Ventilation, the effects of, in sweetening milk, and water, 287 ;-

of Prisons, 464.
Vertue, George, letter from, concerning Milton's portrait, 42.
Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, Lord Cornbury's letter to, 24.
Vinegar, on correcting spirituous liquors with, 281;-with water

Vulgar Errors, enumeration of, 392.

Wake, E. letters from, 62.
Walmesley, Mr. Gilbert, letters from, 17.

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Walpole, Sir R. defence of, 231;-letters to, 234.
Wanley, Mr. letter to, 55.
Warton, Rev. T. letters to, 64, 96.
Wasp, remedy for the sting of, in the throat, 366.
Water, experiments for preserving it sweet, 278, 287 ;-for puri-

fying it, 450.
Water-pipes, method of preventing them from freezing, 300.
Weldon, Sir Anthony, 505.
Wens, a cure for, 525.
West, Richard, Esq. 66.
West, Mrs. letter to, on the education of her son, 67.
Wesley, Rev. S. letters to, 140.
Westleys, Charles and Samuel, their early proficiency in music,

Wheeler, Rev. Dr. 104.
Whitsun-farthings, 166.
Wild, Henry, account of, 266.
Williams, John, Esq. letter from, 66.

Rev. letter to, 57.

Zachary, letters from, 142.
Wilson, Rev. W. letter to, 91.
Windar, Rev. letter to, 209, 212,
Windsor Castle, description of a Picture in, 408,
Wine, 460.
Winwood, Mr. letter to, 124.
Woide, Dr. 158.
Wolfe, General, letter from, 176.
Wood's halfpence, 10.
Woodstock, curious story concerning the king's house at, 338.
Wren, Sir Christopher, churches built by, in London, 431.



Yeast, the efficacy of, in putrid fevers, 524.
Young, Dr. letters from, 138, 218;-Life of, 88.
Young, Wm. letter to, 58.


Munday and Slatter, Printers, Oxford.

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