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at two years and three quarters old, surprised his father by playing a tune on the barpsichord readily and in just time: soon after he played several, whatever his mother sung, or whatever he heard in the streets.

Samuel, the youngest, though he was three years old be, fore be aimed at a tune, yet by constantly hearing his brother practise, and being accustomed to good music and masterly execution, before he was six years old arrived at such perfection as to surpass, in many particulars, the attainments of most professors, and before he could write was a composer, and mentally set the airs of several oratorios, which he retained in memory till he was eight years old, and then wrote them down.

1779, Dec,

LXV. Names of those who first constituted the Antiquarian


4 List of the Society of Antiquaries, extracted from their Char.

ters of Incorporation, dated November 2, 1751.


MARTIN FOLKES, esq. Philip Yorke, esq.

Samuel Gale, esq.
Sir John Evelyn, bart. V. P. Edward Umfreville, esq.
Sir Clement Cottrel Dormer, Philip Carteret Webb, esq.
V. P.

Daniel Wray, esq. James West, esq. V. P. John Ward, LL.Ď. James Theobald, esq. V. P. Jeremiah Milles, D.D. Richard Viscount Fitzwilliam. Cromwell Mortimer, D.D. Hugh Lord Willoughby, of Richard Rawlinson, LL.D. Parham.

Browne Willis, LL.D. Sir Joseph Ayloffe, bart. George Vertue, gent. Charles Compton, esq.

Joseph Ames, gent. On the fourteenth of November the following Members were

nominated under the Power of the Charter.

Maurice Johnson, esq.
Thomas Martin, esq.
Henry Johnson, esq.
Allen Cooper, M.A.

Sir Charles Mordaunt, bart.
Wm. Lethieullier, esq.
Sir John Clerke, bart.
Isaac Wood, gent.

George Lynn, esq.

William Sotheby, esq. William Bogdani, esq. Philip Henry Warburton, esq. James Mundy, esq.

George Shelvocke, esq. Robert New, esq.

William Cowper, esq. Nicholas Hardinge, esq.

John Eardley Wilmot, esq. Charles Frederick, esq.

Thomas Edwards, esq. William Hall, esq.

William Strahan, esq. William Draper, esq.

John Lawry, M A. Walter Bowman, esq.

Peter Davall, esq, Samuel Tuffnel, esq.

John Booth, gent. Wm. Richardson, D. D.

Marsh Dickenson, esq. Edward Vernon, D. D. William Cole, M. A. David Papillon, esq.

Charles Chauncy, M.D. Thomas Birch, M. A.

Benjamin Prideaux, esq. Jobn Sawbridge, esq.

Erasinus Earle, esq. Andrew Mitchel, esq.

Henry Rooke, gent Zachary Chambers, esq.

Samuel Reynardson, esq. Geo. Lewis Scott, esq.

Samuel Squire, D.D. William Bowyer, gent.

Charles Joy, esq. John Cay, esq.

John Hill, esq. Thomas Barret, esq.

Josiah Colebroke, gent. John Locker, esq.

Wm. Townshend, gent. Peter Collinson, gent.

John Locke, esq:
Sir Arthur Forbes, bart. Francis Blomefield, M.A.
And. Ducarel, LL.D. Hon. Heneage Legge, esq.

Gustavus Brander, gent.
Thom. Morrell, D.D.
Theodore Jacobson, esq.

Edmund Sawyer, esq.
John Carter, esq.

John Taylor, LL.D. John Greene, esq.

Sir Tho. Robinson, bart. William Hanbury, esq.

Rev. Andrew Gifford. Charles Lyttleton, Dean of James Parsons, M. D. Exeter.

William Hooker, gent. Rt. Hon. John Lord Viscount Francis Wise, B. Ď. Tyrconnel.

Philip Smith, gent. David Hartley, M. A.

Samuel Mead, esq. Joshua Bļew, gent.

Walter Johnson, gent. Henry Baker, gent.

Francis Wollaston, esq. James Burrough, esq.

Henry Read, esq. George North, M. A. Edward Lye, M.A. Andrew Lawrence, gent,

Henry Cheere, esq. Richard Pococke, D.D. Samuel Berkley, esq. Robert Bootle, esq.

William Mitford, esq. Sir Peter Thomson, knt. Samuel Pegge, M. A. Thomas Lennard Barret, esq. Thomas Wilson, gent. Augustine Earle, esq.

Godolphin Edwards, esq. Allan Ramsay, gent.

James Burrow, esq.

The names of Archbishop Herring and Lord Chancellor Hardwicke, were added December 12, 1751.

1780, Jan.

LXVI, Writers in the Controversy on the Confessional.


March 16, 1780. THE following is a catalogue of the names of the writers in the two controversies occasioned by the publication of the Confessional, and the presentation of the clergy's petition to the House of Commons. It is left to the more curious and inquisitive to appropriate their respective works to their rightful owners; and this catalogue is subject to the correction of your correspondents, who may be possessed of better information than your occasional contributor,

A Country Clergyman.

Allen, John, M. A. Vice Principal of Magdalen Hall, Oxford.
Balguy, Thomas, D. D. Archdeacon of Winchester.
Barker, Robert, B. D. Fellow of Queen's College, Cam-

Bellward, John, A. B. Rector of Burgh Castle, Suffolk.
Benlow, Mr. of Houghton, near Darlington.
Blackall, Samuel, B. D. Fellow of Emanuel College, Cam,

bridge. BLACKBURNE, FRANCIS, M. A. Archdeacon of Cleveland. Blackstone, Sir William, D. C. L. Buckler, Mr. Benjamin. Burnaby, Andrew, M. A. Vicar of Greenwich. Carlos, James, M. A. Chaplain to the Bishop of St. David's,

and Rector of Blofield. Carter, Nicholas, D. D. Rector of Woodchurch, Kent, Clarke, Richard, Rector of Hartley, Kent. Cooper, Samuel, M. A. Rector of Merley and Yelverton,

Norfolk. Dawson, Benjamin, LL. D. R:ctor of Burgh, Suffolk. Disney, John, D. D. Vicar of Swinderby, Lincolnshire. Duncan, John, D.D. Rector of South Warmborough, Hants. Edwards, Thomas, D. D. late Fellow of Clare Hall, Cam

bridge. Evanson, Edward, M. A, late Vicar of Tewkesbury, Glou



Firebrace, John, A. B. late Lecturer of St. Paul's, Deptford. Forster, Nathaniel, M. A. of All Saints, Colchester, and

Tolleshunt Knights, Essex. Fleming, Caleb, Ď. D. Furneux, Philip, D. D. Goddard, T. M. A. Rector of Swell, Somersetshire. Gwatkin, Thomas, of Malden, Essex, since Professor of

Mathematics and Natural Philosophy in William and Mary

College, Virginia. Hallifax, Samuel, LL. D. King's Professor of Civil Law,

Cambridge, Hardy, Samuel, Rector of Little Blakenham, Suffolk, and

Lecturer of Enfield, Middlesex. Harris, Dr, of Lupit, near Honiton, Harvest, George, M. A. Fellow of Magdalen College,

Cambridge. Harwood, Edward, D.D. Haslet, Rey. of Maidstone, Kent. Hey, John, B, D. Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cam

bridge, and Preacher at Whitehall. Hopkins, William, A. B. Vicar of Bolney, and Master of

the Grammar School of Cuckfield, Sussex. Hurd, Bishop. Ibbetson, James, D.D. Archdeacon of St. Alban's, Rector

of Bushy, Herts, and Prebendary of Lincoln. Jebb, John, M. A. and M. D. Jones, Vicar of Shephall, Hertfordshire, Jones, William, A. B. late of University College, Oxford,

Rector of Pluckley, Kent. Law, Bishop. Lindsey, Theophilus, M. A. (late) Vicar of Catterick, York

shire. Madan, M. A. B. Chaplain to the Lock Hospital, Nornian, Henry, late Minor Canon of Winchester. Paley, William, M. A. Fellow of Christ's College, Cams

bridge. Palmer, Rey. John. Patten, Dr. Peckard, Peter, M. A. Plumptree, Robert, D. D. President of Queen's College,

Powell, W. S. D. D. F. R. S. Master of St. John's College,

Cambridge, and Archdeacon of Colchester,
Priestley, Joseph, LL, D,
Purver, Anthony,
Pye, Benjamin

Randolph, Thomas, D. D. President of C. C. C. Oxford,

Lady Margaret's Professor of Divinity, and Archdeacon

of Oxford. Ridley, Gloucester, D. D. Minister of Poplar. Robinson, Rev. Robert, of Cambridge. Robertson, William, D. D. of Wolverhampton. Roe, Samuel, M. A. Vicar of Stotfolde, Bedfordshire. Rose, William, M. A. of Chiswick. Rotherham, John, M. A. Rector of Ryton, Durham. Rutherforth, Thomas, D. D. and F. R. S. Archdeacon of

Essex, and King's Professor of Divinity in Cambridge. Secker, Archbishop. Seward, Thomas, Canon Residentiary of Litchfield. Sheppard, Richard, B. D. Fellow of C. C. C. Oxford, and

Rector of Friskney in Lincolnshire. Stevens, Thomas, M. A. Fellow of Trinity College, Cam

bridge. Stone, Francis, M. A. Rector of Cold-Norton, Essex. Sturges, John, M. A. Preb. of Winchester, and Chaplain

in Ordinary to his Majesty. Temple, Anthony, M. A, Master of the Free School of

Richmond, and Vicar of Easby, Yorkshire. Tillard, Richard, M. A. Vicar of South Leverton, Notting

hamshire. Tisler, Mr. of Deptford. Toplady, Augustus, A. B. Vicar of Broad-Hembury, Devon. Tottie, John, D. D. Archdeacon of Worcester, and Canon

of Christ Church, Oxford. Towers, Joseph, LL.D. Towgood, Rey. Mr. Tucker, Josiah, D, D. Dean of Gloucester. Watson, Richard, D. D. King's Professor of Divinity in

Cambridge. Whitfield, Henry, D. D. Vicar of Brightlingsea, Essex. Williams, Rev. David. Wollaston, Francis, LL. B. and F. R. S, Rector of Chisle

hurst, Kent. Wood, John, B. D. Rector of Cadleigh, Devon, and formerly

Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Wywill, Christopher, LL. B. Rector of Black Notley, Essex.

1780, May,

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