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Monthly Intelligencer.

For the Year 1753.

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ID not Custom and Prescription plead for it, an annual Preface to a Work, so well known, approved, and established, as the LONDON MAGAZINE, would be totally unnecessary, as it must

generally be the same Thing over and over again, like writing an Ode to the SUN


New Year : Which though in itself a noble Subject, and what for Three or Four Years would afford great Variety of Entertainment, yet if pursued for Twenty Years together, would certainly grow dull, trite, and disgusting. For as the Poet who should write on the Sun, after having considered, and displayed the glorious Nature and Properties of its Light, the wondrous Powers of its prolifick Heat, the Change and Renewal of Seasons, and the surprizing Variety and Beauty of those numerous Productions which every Month owe their Birth to its enlivening Rays, muft certainly, in Time, find his Subject so exhausted that he will be




The PREFA obliged to repeat the same Words he hath i win, and to tread in the Steps he hath trodden bois : So the Writer of such an annual Preface as thi, fair above Twenty Years Travel, finds it equally difficuit and perplexing to strike out any Thing new in so beaten a Path. However, let us take up again the preceding Allusion, and try what we can do with it. APOLLO, or the Sun, in a Mythological View, is the God of WIT. As such he is our PATRON; as such we pay him Homage and Daily Adoration. The Twelve Months are the twelve immortal Priests who wait around his Throne in varied Vestments, presenting to his Hands the Hecatombs of Wit, which we twelve Times a Year select, a grateful Offering to the Muses, who compose his Court; and who in Return for this agreeable Present, implore their Patron to inspire our Friends with every useful Art, with every Grace and Elegance of Composition, and with the truest Taste and Judgment to direct their Choice in this COLLECTION. Such a friendly Correspondence as this being settled with the Court of APOLLO, where can the Publick expect to find so polite, so learned, so elegant, fo various an Entertainment as in the LONDON MAGAZINE?


URIOSITY, guided by PRUDENCE, inspecting C

the LONDON MAGAZINĖ, placed on the Back of TIME, wherein HISTORY is secording the most remarkable Events.

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