The London Magazine, Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, Band 22

R. Baldwin, 1753

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Seite 326 - Tis folly to be wise. HYMN TO ADVERSITY DAUGHTER of Jove, relentless power, Thou tamer of the human breast, Whose iron scourge and torturing hour The bad affright, afflict the best ! Bound in thy adamantine chain The proud are taught to taste of pain, And purple tyrants vainly groan With pangs unfelt before, unpitied and alone.
Seite 144 - Yefterday his Majefty went to the houfe of Peers, and gave the royal aflent to the following bills, vix.
Seite 245 - ... newspapers. When the lower sort of Irish, in the most uncivilized parts of Ireland, attend the funeral of a deceased friend or neighbour, before they give the last parting howl, they expostulate with the dead body, and reproach him with having died, notwithstanding that he had an excellent wife, a milch cow, seven fine children, and a competency of potatoes.
Seite 262 - For defraying the charge for allowances, to the feveral officers and private gentlemen, of the two troops of horfe guards, and regiment of horfe reduced, and to the fuperannuated gentlemen of the four troops of horfe guards for 1767 9.
Seite 215 - England, every day produced fome new and mining folly, and fome improper expence. Would to God that they had ended as they began, with our journey ! but unfortunately we have imported them all. I no longer underftand, or am underftood in my family. I hear of nothing but /<? bon ton. A French...
Seite 215 - Extremely so, with some complexions," said my wife ; " but it does not suit with mine, and I never use it." — " You are much in the right, my dear," replied I, " not to play with edge-tools. Leave it to the girl.
Seite 157 - Trefco, as far as the northweft cliffs or banks of it, where another cave is feen, that goes by the fame name with the former. Going in at the orifice, at Peninnis banks in St. Mary's, it is above a man's height, and of as much fpace in its breadth; but grows lower and narrower farther in. A little beyond which entrance appear rocky...
Seite 245 - I fhall now mention. THE moft zealous and partial advocate for the ancients will not, I believe, pretend to difpute the infinite fuperiority of the moderns in the art of healing. Hippocrates, Celfus, and Galen, had no fpecifics.
Seite 114 - Silesia for payment of principal and interest ; and the whole debt, principal and interest, was to be discharged in the year 1745. If the money could not be paid out of the revenues of Silesia, the Emperor, his heirs and posterity, still remained debtors, and were bound to pay. The eviction or destruction of a thing mortgaged does not extinguish the debt or discharge the debtor.
Seite 97 - So beautiful, on earth, and, ah \ so rare, As kindred love, and family repose \ This, this alliance, Rome, will quite undo thee. See this, proud Eastern monarchs ! and look pale ! Armies are routed, realms o'er-run by this.

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