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104-Mrs. interred at Bromley,
in Kent, 105--catalogue of his
friends, 105, 106 - a pleasant
anecdote characteristical of, 107
passes a considerable time at
Oxford, 108-intimacy of with
Mr. Beauclerk and Langton, 108,
109 - composes a prayer, ib.-
engages in the Adventurer with
Dr. Joseph Warton, 110, 111-
writes a dedication to Mrs. Len-
nox's Shakespeare Illustrated, 112
-and the Life of Edward Cave,
ib.-Dictionary of, recommended
by the Earl of Chesterfield, 113
-bis letter to this nobleman on
the subject, 1144his character
of Lord Chesterfield, and his
letters to his natural son, 117-
his character of Bolingbroke's
works, 118-revisits Oxford, ib.--
memorial of, by Warton, 119,
120-anecdotes of, 120, 121–
letters from, to Mr. Warton, 121,
122, and to the Rev. Dr. Hud.
desford, &c. 126-to Mr. Bur-
ney, 129-to Bennet Langton,
130-to the Rev. Thomas War-
ton, 131, 132-remarks on the
publication of his Dictionary, 133,
-his double talent, ib. - de-
finitions in bis Dictionary, not
fully defensible, 134, 135-tbe
desponding tone of his preface,
136-bis scheme of life for Sun-
day, 138-price obtained for his
Dictionary,ib.- his liberal opinion
of the booksellers, ib. writes
some Essays in the Universal Vi-
sitor, 139, and contributes to the
Literary Magazine, ib.-- his Ori-
ginal Essays, 140—his reviews of
books, ib.—character of his Ob-
servations on the present State of
Affairs, 141-his patriotic spirit
further proved, ib.-bis defence
of tea against Mr. Hanway's ob-
jections to it, 142–his most ex-
quisite Critical Essay, or his re-
view of Soame Jenyns, 143-pro-
poses an edition of Shakespeare,
145-refuses a valuable church
living, 145, 146-letter from, to
the author of Dissertations on the
History of Ireland, 146-to the
Rev.Mr.Warton, 147 --to Mr. Bur-
ney, 147, 148--to Bennet Langton,
Esq. 148-sketch of, by Dr. Bur.

ney, 150-publishes the Idler, 151
-adds the Essay on Epitaphs, and
the Dissertation on those of Pope,
&c., 152 writes his Rasselas
Prince of Abyssinia, 157-cha-
racter of this, by Boswell, ib.
writes a Dissertation on the Greek
Comedy for Mrs. Lennox, 1594
and the Introduction to a Collec-
tion of Voyages and Travels, 160

makes another excursion to
Oxford, 161-his thoughts on the
life of a sailor, ib. enters into a
controversy upon the subject of
architecture with Mr. Mylne, 163
-writes an address for the pain-
ters to George III, on his acces-
sion to the throne, and the De-
dication to Mr. Bareti's Italian
and English Dictionary, 164-
becomes acquainted with Mr. A.
Murphy, 165-writes the preface
to Rolt's Dictionary of Trade and
Commerce, 167-writes a dedica.
tion to the King for the Rev. Dr.
Kennedy, Rector of Bradley, in
Derbyshire, 171-and another to
the Earl of Middlesex, of Mrs.
Lennox's “ Female Quixote,"
and a preface to the catalogue of
the Artists' Exhibition, 172-ob.
taios a pension of three hundred
pounds a year from his present
majesty, 175-remarks on his de-
finitions of pension and pensioner,
175, 176-confesses bis ignorance
to a lady, 177-accompanies Sir
Joshua Reynolds to Devonshire,
ib.-writes a character of Col.
lins, 180-difference between him
and Sheridan, 181-writės a de-
dication to the Queen, of Mr.
Hoole's Tasso, 180—is introdu-
ced to Boswell by Mr. Davies,
183—is refused an order by Gar-
rick, 1844his ideas of the “ Ele.
ments of Criticism,” 184
traordinary vigour of his conver-
sation, 185–his appearance when
first visited by Boswell, at his
chambers in the Temple, ib.
writes, in the Critical Review, the
account of" Telemachus,a Mask,
191—his history of Goldsmith's
distressed situation, 193—-his opi-
nion of Dr. John Campbell, and
Churchill the poet, 194, 195-of
Bonnel Thorntou's Burlesque Ode,


195 — and the World and the Litchfield, 251-instance of his
Connoisseur, ib.-his remarks on tenderness, ib.—writes a dedica-
Dr. Ogilvie's Poems, 196-his re- tion to the king, of Mr. Adams's
marks on his own pension, 1994 Treatise on the Globes, 253—and
his ingenuity in talking Jacobitism, the Prologue to Goldsmith's
200-bis definition of Whiggism, “Good Natured Man," ib.- frag-
ib--his opinion of the King of ments of his conversation, 254,
Prussia's writings, 201 — bis li- 255-renews his promise of com-
brary described, 202—his love of ing to Scotland, 255-bis preju-
youthful acquaintance, 206-pro- dice against Scotland, 256—his
poses a visit to the Western sentiments on adultery, 257-the
Islands of Scotland, 208-writes inscription on his dial plate, 258
the life of Ascham, and the dedi- his notions of popular liberty, 260
eation of that writer's English -regard for Francis Barber, ib.
works, 215—his appetite and vo- -rudeness to Dr. Perey, 261-
racity in eating, 217-bis opinion - particulars of his conversation,
of Bishop Berkeley's principles, 265-his thoughts on singularity,
218-visits the Langton family in and a London life, 267-plays off
Lincolnshire, 221_his reasons for his wit against Seotland pleasant-
not continuing his attendance at ly, 268-attacks Prior powerfully,
the Literary Club, 223—writes a ib.--accounts for the popularity of
review of Graingers "Sugar Cane," Whitfield, 269—his conversation
a Poem in the London Chronicle, on Pope, Shakespeare, Congreve,
.224— and an account of Gold. and Sheridan, 271, 272-his cha-
smith's “ Traveller” in the Cri- racter of feeling people, 275-ap-
tical Review, ib.-is severely af- pears as an evidence at the old
flicted by lowness of spirits, 225 Bailey in favour of Baretti, 276–

- his habit of talking to himself, the vigour of his understanding,
ib.-another peculiarity in walk- how cramped by his orthodoxy,
ing, ib.-bis custom of shaking 281-his thoughts on purgatory,
his head, rubbing his knee, chew- ib.--on death, 282--on Blackmore,
ing the cud, &c. ib.— visits the 283---on marriage, 285-publishes
University of Cambridge, 226– the False Alarm, ib.-- his general
is created Doctor of Laws by 'Tri- mode of life, 290-his good offices
nity College, Dublin, 227-in- in behalf of many of the natives of
tends to become a politician, and Scotland, 291 - his acrimony,
to study the law, 228—is introdu- 292–publishes Thoughts on the
ced into the family of Mr. Thrale, late Transactions respecting Falk-
ib.-his esteem for Mr. Thrale, land's Islands, 300—prepares
229-publishes his Shakespeare, fourth edition of his Dictionary,
230— treats Voltaire very con- 311-receives Sir Alexander Mac-
temptuously, ib.-excels in writ- donald, 313–sets out for Scot-
ing dedications, 231 took no land, 372-returns to London,
part in the Traveller, 233—the 373, 374 - makes the tour of
lines furnished by to Goldsmith's Wales in company with Mr. and
“ Deserted Village,” 234 — his Mrs. Thrale, 383—his difference
character of Rousseau and Vol. with Macpherson, 391-instances
taire, 236_anecdotes of, 237– of his courage, 392, 393-engages
his ideas on making verses, ib. in the Ossian Controversy, ib.
contracts an intimacy with Mr. publishes“ Taxation no Tyranny,
Chambers, 243-writes the de- 393, 394, 395-receives bis di-
dication to the King, of Gwyo's ploma as Doctor of Laws, from
London and Westminster Impro- Oxford, 409-goes to Bedlam
ved, and some pieces in a volume with Mr. Boswell, 423-sets out
of Miscellanies, by Mrs. Anna to Paris, 428-returns to Streat-
Williams, ib.-has a private con- ham, 430-his Diurnal Register,
versation with his majesty, 248, 431 to 439-his ability in writing
249 - passes three months at Freocb, 441_afew of his saying

442, 443-abstains from wine, his illoess, 902 to 909-translates
460—the wretchedness of a sea an Ode of Horace, and composes
life, ib.-Iris opinion of statuary, several prayers, 909-bis thoughts
461-goes to Oxford with Mr. on a learned pig, 911-writes a
Boswell, 462-goes to Bath with list of the authors of the Univer.
Mr. and Mrs. Thrale, 500—re-

sal History, 913-his preparations
turns to London, 503_writes an for and fears of death, 919 to
Epitaph on Dr. Goldsmith, 520 928-bis decease on December
-is presented with a Round Ro. 13, 1784, 928-bis funeral, how
bin on the subject, 521—reads conducted,929-bis intended mo-
and approves of Dr. Blair's Ser.

nument, 930m-his figure and cha-
mons, 529-assists a relative of

racter, ib.
Dr. Goldsmith, 530 — writes a Johnsonjana, or Bops Mots of Dr.
prayer for Easter Day, ib.-his

Johnson, a spurious production,
Journey to the Western Islands of

458, 459
Scotland, 532 — commences bis Journal, a necessity of keeping, 201
Lives of the English Poets, 538, Irene, extracts from, 42, 43—first
539—writes a dedication to the performance of, 85 - did uot
King, of the works of Dr. Zachary please the public, ib.
Pearce, 540—and a prologue to Kaimes, Lord, Sketches of the His.
a Word to the Wise, a Comedy, tory of Man, 672
by Mr. H. Kelly, 541-proposes

Kenrick, Mr. his violent attack up-
Mr. Brinsley Sheridan, as a mem.

on Johnson's Shakespeare, 230
ber of the Literary Club, 542- answered by Mr. Barclay, ib.
arrives at Ashbourne, 553-writes Kennicot, collations of Dr. 295
Dr. Dodd's Speech to the Recor. King, why the, cando no wrong, 197
der of London, and the Convict's -a fine gentleman, 251
Address to his unhappy Brethren, Kings, great oves always social, 204
558, 559—and bis Solemn Decla- | Knowledge, all of some value, 414
ration, 560-letter from, to Dr. Knowles, Mrs. her dialogue with
Dodd, ib.--and another for him Dr. Johnson, 644
to the King, 561-a good descrip- Langton, Beupet, Esq. account of,
tion of, by Dr. Taylor, 565– 107
who the best initators of his Langton, Mr. Peregrine, an account
style, 566, 567-bis ideas on me- of his mode of living, 239
lancholy and madness, 578, 579 | Language, accuracy and flow of, bow
- characteristical portraits by, obtained, 87
581 to 591-instances of his li- Lauder, a literary impostor, 100

on Law, Dr. Johnson's thoughts on the

emigration, 609, 610 – Teaves practice of, 235

off drinking wine, 616 — his Law's Serious Call, character of, 292
thoughts of Pennant's Travels,630, Lay patrons in the church, claims of,
633—his different places of resi- adjusted, 358, 359
dence in London, 702-completes Learning, difference it makes in peo-
bis Lives of the Poets, 741-his ple of common life, 209,210-state
manner of walking the streets, of, in France and England, 621
759, 760-is visited by Mrs. Sed Leeds, verses on the marriage of the
dons, 848-is seized with a drop- Duke of, 732
sy, 860—and a cough, 863—his Letter to Bennet Langton, Esq. 154,
thoughts on death, 879, 880– 166, 238, 239, 253, 300, 304,
returns froin Oxford, 884-in- 307-to J. Boswell, Esq. 219,
tends going to Italy, 895–in- 232, 241, 258, 264, 284, 303,
formed by Mrs. Thrale of ber in- 306, 337, 339, 371, 372, 373—to
tention to marry Signor Piozzi, Mrs. Johnson, 155, 156- to Miss
ib. orders a stone to be put Porter, 156-to Mrs. Lucy Por-
upon his wife, thirty years after ter, 258--to a lady, 173-to J.
her death, 900 - writes various Simson, Esq. 160—to Mr. W.
letters, 901--with a journal of Drummond, 444, 245, 246-to

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the Hon. Thomas Hervey, 248– Memoirs of Miss Sydpey Biddulph,
to Mr. Baretti, 169, 174, 179 by Mrs. Sheridan, 182
-to Dr. Staunton, 170-to the Merit, intrinsic, why cannot make
Earl of Bute, 177, 178-to J. the only distinction among man-
Reynolds, Esq. 226, 303, 305 kind, 204

to Charles Burney, Esq. 231 Money-getting, not all a man's busi-
-to the Reverend Mr. Warton, ness, 580, 589
153, 263, 287-to Mr. Francis Montague, Mrs. ber Essay on Shakes-
Barber, 287-to Dr. Johnson, peare, 272, 273
301, 302, 303, 304, 306, 339— Mounsey, Dr. anecdotes of, 261
to Joseph Banks, Esq. 305---to Murphy, Mr. his Poetical Épistle to
the Rev. Mr. White, 340

Samuel Johnson, A.M. 165--his
Letters, various, 37 1 to 431, 442 to death at Knightsbridge, ib. -

455, 528 to 568, 632, 633, 675 to Orphan of China, by, 149
684,693, 701, 718 to 785, 756 National debt, effects of the, 295
to 759, 790 to 809, 827

Negroes, an argument in favour of
Levett, Mr. Robert, strange gro- the liberty of, 591, 592, 593, 598

tesque appearance of, 106-death Nonjurors, remarks on, 874
of, 794, 295

Oat ale, and oat cakes, 473
Levellers down, cannot bear level- Oglethorpe, General, his benero.
ling up, 207

lence, 52
Lexiphanes, by Campbell, 253 Old age, state of the mind in, 621
Literature of Scotland, 256

Orange peel scraped, its rises, 828
Literary Club, the, when founded, Original sin, real nature of, 785,

222-fraud, various instances of, 786
168-property, 368'

Ossian Controversy, the good state-
Lives of the Poets, observations on, ment of, 854
741 to 755

Othello, supposed defect of this tra-
London, a Poem, rapid'sale of, 52- gedy, 498

the best view of its magnitude, Oxford, advantages of, for learning,

196-its extensive influence, 293 256
Low spirits, or melancholy, the Pantheon, the, visited by Johnson,
cominon effects of, 22

Luxury, uses of, 505~-defended, Paoli

, General, presented to Dr.

Johnson, 269-his lofty port, 270
Lydiat, the history of, 83

Paper sparing Pope, 60
Lyttleton, dialogues of Lord, 29+ Parliament, proper office of, 413-
Macaulay, Mrs. levelling opinions duty of a member of, 761

of, ridiculed by Dr. Johnson, 207 Parson Ford, account of his sup-
Macbeth, misvellaneous observa- posed ghost, 670
tions on the tragedy of, by John- | Petitioning, a new mode of distress-

ing government, 273
Macaronic verses, origin of, 636 Philosopher, the character of a, ge-
Madden, Dr. anecdote of, 145

nerally misconceived, 647
Mahogany, a liquor, 764

Philosophers, a city of, 473
Mallet, David, a poem by, 835 Piozzi, Mrs. incorrectness of her re-
Marcbmont, Lord, acquaintance of lation, 34-ber misrepresentation
with Pope, 667,694

of Johnson's treatment of Garrick,
Marriage, thoughts on, 478 the 223

nature of its obligations, 491 Pity, not natural to man, 202
Matrimonial thought, a, 285 Pope's recommendation of Joboson
Mean company and low jocularity, to Earl Gower, 54

their ill consequences, 208 Porter, Mrs. Lucy, 477
Melancholy, how best cured, 207 - Predestination, how slightly men-
how to be diverted, 483

tioned in the Articles, 280
Methodists, the cause of their suc- Priestley, Dr. tendency of the Theo-

cess in preaching, 212--six justly logical works of, 293
expelled from Oxford, 328, 329 Priuter's Devil, a, married, 773

son, 75

Pronunciation, the true English, 314, Scarsdale, Lord, seat of, described

Quakers, remarks on the, 470-dif-Scotch faw, a question upon, 333,
ference between their precepts 334—militia, proposed, 458-na-
and practices, 833

tionality, remarks on, 399
Race, the, a Poem, by Mr. Cuth- Scoundrel, definition of a, 481
bert Shaw, 247

Second marriages, thoughts on, 267
Rain, what is good for, 198

-sight, remarks on, 235
Rambler, numerous subjects in the Severity of a schoolmaster, how far
93, 94

necessary, 307, 312
Rats, the grey, Hanover, &c. 468 Seward, Miss Anna, 476
Razor, the various modes of apply. Shebbeare, Dr. some account of,780,
ing it, 571

Reading, the art of, 829, 830 Sheridan, Mr. his unforgiving tern-
Readings, various, in the lives of

per, 182—what the effect of his
Cowley, 743-in Waller, ib. teaching, 209
in Milion, 745-in Dryden, 746 Sleep, various methods of being
--in Pope, 748-in Parnell, 750 'roused from, 574
-in Blackmore, ib. in Philips, Sinith, Dr. Adam, on the Wealth of
751-in Lyttelton, 752--in Swift, Nations, 457

Smollet, Dr. Jetter from, to Mr.
Retirement, a Poem, 298

Wilkes, soliciting the release of
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, visits Devon- Dr. Johnson's black servant, 162
shire, 177

Snakes, observations concerning, 634
Reviews, the Monthly and Critical, Soame Jenyns on the Origin of Evil,

143— epitaph ascribed to hiin,
Rheumatism, a medicine for, 416 144-View of the Internal Evi.
Rhyme, the excellency of, over dence of the Christian Religion,
blank verse, 195

by, 639
Rigmarole, how applied by Sir John Soldier, the character of a, 485
Hawkins, 162, 163

Spectator, who the writers in the,
Riots, account of, in 1780, T15 to 495

Spelling book, a, dedicated to the
Rolt, author of a dictionary, a sin- universe, 10

gular character, 167-personales Stanza, licentious in Pope, 669
Akenside in Dublin, 168

Stealing, what turpitude is attached
Rome, remarks on the tenets of the to, 204
cburch of, 875

Strahan, Mr. proposes Dr. Joboson
Roman Catholic religion, abuses of as a proper representative in par.
the, 488

liament, 301
Rousseau's Treatise on the Inequality Student, the, or Oxford and Cam- .

of Mankind, when a fashionable bridge Miscellany, 90
topic, 203-censured, ib.

Style, thoughts on that of different
Rudd, the celebrated Mrs. Marga. sermon writers, 617
ret Caroline, 518

Subordination, remarks on, 236
Ruddiman, Mr. Thomas, zeal of decrease of, remarkable, 625

for the Royal House of Stuart, Swallows, where deposited in winter,

Russia, how a great empire, 279 Swift, how treated by Johnson, 261
Sacheverel, Dr, at Litchfield, 8 Tacitus, deficiency of, as an author,
Savage, Richard, the life of, 69– 329

letter from, to a noble peer, ib. Tea, how made by Mrs. Williams,

talents and endowments of, 74 277
Savage in Scotland, how the object Temple and Johnson, the difference
of a, may be frustrated, 200

between the styles of, 95
Savage life, on the happiness of, 266 Tenants and landlords, the mutual
Savage's narrative, falsity of, 73, 74 dependence of, 279

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