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Witnesses cited for God; and all their Witnessing Work

fummed up in this one Point, viz. their Attesting that he is God,

Page 84

' Isa. xlii. 12.—Ye are my witnesses, saith tbe Lord, that I am God.

After an introduction into, and an analysis of the words, and a doc

trinal obfervation raised from them, the following method is pro

posed, viz. 1. Some things premised for clearing this doctrine,

86 2. Shew how, or by what means, we are to be God's witnesses, 90 3. Speak a little concerning the import of these words, Ye are my wit

nesses, that I am God, 4. Demonstrate that the whole witnessing work of God's witnesles

is summed up in this, their witnessing that he is God, 5. Deduce some inferences for the application,

93 A discourse at the conclusion of the folemnity, ' .



Covenanted Grace for Covenanting Work,


Deut. xxvi. 17, 18. Thou baß avtuched the Lord, this day, to be

thy God, and to walk in his ways, and keep his fiatutes, and his commandments, and his judgments, and to hearken to his voice: And the Lord bath avoucied thee, this day, to be bis peculiar people, as he bath promised thee, and that thou shouldst keep all his commandments.

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Tie occasion, design, and scope of the words being pointed out,

the analization and explication of them cflayed, and a doctrinal proposition, expressing the sense of them, observed, the following

heads of discourse are laid down, viz.', 1. To touch a little at the engagement of a covenanted people, their avouching God,

126 2. To speak a little concerning the engagement of a covenantcd God;

his avouching them, 3. To point out the folemnity of these engagements, both of his

and theirs,


4. To prove the doctrine both by scripture and reason, Page 133
5. To deduce some inferences for the application of the subject, 137
An address to the avouchers of the Lord as their God,
.com witnesles of the solemn work .


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The Happy Hour of Christ's Quickening Voice, 149

JOHN V. 25. Verily, werily, I say unto you, The bour is coming, and

now is, when the dead shall bear the voice of the Son of God; and they that bear fhall live.

The words being viewed in their scope and conneclion, a genera,

and particular division and explication giver, and a doctrinal pro'

position raised from them, the following two things are proposed, viz." 1. A fort explication of the particulars in the text,

153 3. The application thereof, in several inferences, A discourse at the conclusion of the work,




The Best Security for the Best Life ; or, a Life hid , with Christ in God,



Colos. iii. 3. Your iife is bid with Gori;? ::2 Gold

After an introduction into, an accurate division, and succinct explica

tion of the words, and a doctrinal observation raised from thein,

the following general heads of method are handled, viz. 1. To speak a little of the treasure itself, viz. the believci's like, 191 2. To speak of its being hid ; and thew in what refpects it is 10, 193 3. To shew with whoin it is hid; and what is imported in its being hid with Christ,

196 4. To shew where it is hid, viz. in God; and what that imports, 198 5. To deduce inferences for the application,

.. 204 A discourse before serving the tables,

213 The discourse at the tables,

218 A discourse at the conclusion of the folcmnity,

.: 224


Heaven Posed and Pressed with Questions and Demands:

or, Faith's Freedom with God, warranted, Page 233

Isa. Iv. 11. Tbus faith the Lord, the boly One of Israel, and bis Maker, . Ask me things to come; concerning my sons, and concerning the works

of my bands, command ye me.

The Author having viewed the words in their connection, analized

and explained them, laid down a proposition from them, the follow

ing topics of discourse are illustrated, viz. 1. The truth of the doctrine confirmed,

235 2. Some of these questions mentioned, that the Lord allows to ask concerning his sons, and the works of his hands,

241 3. How, and wherein, he allows us to press him with our commands,

enquired into, 4. The reasons of the doctrine assigned,

255 5. The application of the whole subject, in several uses,

258 Ule 1. For information,

ibid. 2. For caution and dehortation,

265 3. For examination and trial,

266 4. For exhortation and trial,

i 276


SERMO A CXXXIV. ... Clean Water; or, the Pure and Precious Blood of

Christ, for the cleansing of Polluted Sinners, 280

E.ZEK. xxxvi. 25. Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye

Joall be clean : from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you.

The words being considered in their connection, divided and explained,

their proper sense ascertained, and summed up in a doctrinal observa

rion, the following inquiries are made, viz. 1. How t'ie blood of Christ is compared to water,

,283 2. In what respects it is clean water,

285 3. What way it is applied or sprinkled upon the urclean, for cleansing of them,

291 4. What is that cleanness, which is the effect of this sprinkling of the clean water,

... 296 $. Deduce inferences for the application, . . .299

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Christ's Treasures opened by himself, declaring he

hath all things that Goð the Father hath, 327

JOHN xvi. 15. All things that the Father bath are mine.


The connection of the words being viewed, as they ly in the context,

their scope and design considered, their analization essayed, and à doctrinal proposition laid down, the following general heads of

discourse are raised, viz. 1. Christ's right and title to all things that the Father liath, enquired

into, 2. Some of these all things which the Father hath, which are his, pointed out,

334 3. How, and in what sense, they are his, considered,

339 4. The reason why this is so ordered; or, the beauty of this dispensation, pointed out,

342 5. The subject applied in feveral inferences, .. The discourse at fencing the tables,

359 The table-service,

362 The discourse after the solemnity,



SERMON CXXXVI. True Lovers of God highly Privileged ; or, the Great Comfort of Believers in the Co-operation of all things for their good,


Rom. viii. 38. We know, that all things shall work together for good,

to them that love God, and are the called according to bis purpose.

The chapter being analized, the text divided and explained, and

a doctrinal observation laid down, the following topics of discourse

are proposed, viz. 1. To enquire what is to be understood by this note of universality, all things,

. . 382 2. To fhcw what this good is, that all things shall work, -390 3. To point out what is the meaning of their working, and working together for good,

. . 395 4. To .enquire into the character of these who are thus privileged, as they are lovers of God,


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