Chemical News and Journal of Physical Science, Band 5

W. A. Townsend and Adams, 1870

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Seite 293 - AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF CHEMICAL PHILOSOPHY : being a preparatory View of the Forces which concur to the Production of Chemical Phenomena. By J. FREDERIC DANIELL, FRS Professor of Chemistry in King's College, London ; and Lecturer on Chemistry and Geology in the Hon. East India Company's Military Seminary at Addiscombe ; and Author of Meteorological Essays.
Seite 224 - ... back. On the other hand, if a thick darkness enshrouds all beyond, we have no right to assume it to be impossible that we should have reached even the last link of the chain — a stage where...
Seite 87 - MDFRSKCTS president, in the chair. The minutes of the preceding meeting having been read and confirmed, the various donations received since were announced by Mr. H. Gibbs, secretary. Among them were, "The Transactions of the Royal Academy of Lyons," presented by that body ; several medical theses, by graduates of the University of Edinburgh, presented by Dr.
Seite 133 - ... the earth undergoes, owing to the fall of the water, gives rise to motion, which afterwards disappears again, calling forth unceasingly a great quantity of heat; and inversely, the steamengine serves to decompose heat again into motion or the raising of weights. A locomotive engine with its train may be compared to a distilling apparatus ; the heat applied under the boiler passes off as motion, and this is deposited again as heat at the axles of the wheels.
Seite 165 - It is obvious that if the spectrum of hydrogen were reduced in intensity, the line in the blue, which corresponds to that in the nebula, would remain visible after the line in the red and the lines more refrangible than F had become too feeble to affect the eye.
Seite 104 - If the blast be continued for ten seconds after the proper point has been attained, or if it be discontinued ten seconds before that point is reached, the charge becomes either so viscid that it cannot be poured from the converter into the ladle...
Seite 223 - The colouring matter is, in fact, a natural organic compound, of which copper is one of the essential constituents. Traces of this metal had previously been found in animals — for example, in oysters, to the cost of those who partook of them. But in these cases the presence of the copper was merely accidental ; thus oysters that lived near the mouths of streams which came down from copper mines assimilated a portion of the copper salt, without apparently its doing them either good or harm.
Seite 165 - It is a question of much interest whether the few lines of the spectra of these nebulae represent the whole of the light emitted by these bodies, or whether these lines are the strongest lines only of their spectra which have succeeded in reaching the earth. Since these...
Seite 83 - The residue in the tube contains the hydrochlorate of a new base, differing considerably in its properties from morphia. It may be obtained in a state of purity by dissolving the contents of the tube in water, adding excess of bicarbonate of sodium, and extracting the precipitate with ether or chloroform, in both of which the new base is readily soluble, whilst morphia is almost insoluble in both menstrua.
Seite 224 - When from the phenomena of life we pass on to those of mind, we enter a region still more profoundly mysterious. We can readily imagine that we may here be dealing with phenomena altogether transcending those of mere life, in some such way as those of life transcend, as I...

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