The Laws of Short Whist

John Lorraine Baldwin
Holt, 1878 - 163 Seiten

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Seite 26 - ... good, the surplus card at the end of the hand is considered to have been played to the imperfect trick, but does not constitute a revoke therein.
Seite 18 - The player on the dealer's right cuts the pack, and in dividing it, must not leave fewer than four cards in either packet ; if in cutting, or in replacing one of the two packets...
Seite 24 - If a player leads a card better than any his adversaries hold of the suit, and then leads one or more other cards without waiting for his partner to play, the latter may be called upon by either adversary...
Seite 22 - Any one dealing out of turn, or with the adversary's cards, may be stopped before the trump card is turned up, after which the game must proceed as if no mistake had been made.
Seite 26 - If a player called on to lead a suit have none of it, the penalty is paid. CARDS PLAYED IN ERROR, OR NOT PLAYED TO A TRICK.
Seite 20 - If, during dealing, a player touch any of his cards, the adversaries may do the same, without losing their privilege of claiming a new deal, should chance give them such option.
Seite 33 - It is unfair to revoke purposely ; having made a revoke, a player is not justified in making a second in order to conceal the first. Until the players have made such bets as they wish, bets should not be made with bystanders.
Seite 34 - Dummy's hand when he should lead from his own, or vice versd, a suit may be called from the hand which ought to have led. DOUBLE DUMMY Is played by two players, each having a Dummy or exposed hand for his partner. The laws of the game do not...
Seite 29 - At the end of a hand the claimants of a revoke may search all the tricks. If the cards have been mixed the claim may be urged and proved if possible; but no proof is necessary and the claim is established if, after it...
Seite 14 - Should the rubber have consisted of three games, the value of the losers' game is deducted from the gross number of points gained by their opponents.

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