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Upon the Delegation being seated, she, after

ITEMS OF NEWS. some preliminary general remarks,said “You have

Robert Walsu formerly editor of the National Gabeen to see the President;" to which the Delegation zet:e, of this citydied in Paris, on the 7th ult. in the 75th replied “Yes.” “Well what did you want to see year of his age. His criticising apja literature and him about ?” U pon this the Delegation explained art were almirable, and gave great value to his paper. to her fully the object of their visit, informed able nan, somewhat bigoted on political as well as re

Tbe Evening Bulletin says:-“ He was a pure and her of the incarceration of the five young men in ligious questions, but honest, faitbful and loyal to evprison, and the cause of it, acquainted her with ery cause that be espoused. His literary style was their names and the families to which they be-clear, strong, and masculine, free from ornament and lodged, described their suffering condition, their surplus of words, and therefore the more relied upon

exposed situation in the jail, and the distress into and the more admired by judicious people. el which their. parents and friends were brought.

HARRISBURG. -The Governor has signed the followDuring this narrative her feelings became so much ing bills : An act relating to certain charitable corpo

rations. It makes it lawful for the courts to permit excited, that evidently, without being fully con- married women to be incorporated with others in any scious of what she was doing, she arose from her institution composed of women, or to be under their

chair, her mind deeply absorbed in reflection, and management, for the care and education of children, be walked slowly across the room without speaking or for the support of sick or indigent women.

Also, the act to incorporate the International Union a word. Upon returning to her seat, after a short

of Art and Literature. This company bas for its ob. pause, she said, “have you told all this to the

ject the publication of a magazine, bearing contribu. President”? To which the Delegation replied, tions from the literali of the world, together with the “ Yes.” She then asked, “what did he say?" To distribution of fine engravings among its patrons. It this it was replied, “the President received us is something similar to the Illustrated London News,

which is also a stock company. A number of weali by most kindly, and appeared desirous to release our

men of Philadelphia are connected with this enteryoung friends from prison, provided he could do

prise. it consistently with the duties imposed on him,

SLAVERY ABOLISHED IN KANSAS.- We find the followbut he said under his constitutionalobligations he ing, under the date of the 8th ult., in the Lawrence was bound to execute the laws of the United correspondent of the Leavenworth Times :—"Council States, and he apprehended he could not proper-bill to abolish and prohibit slavery was then taken ly interfere in the matter.” Upon hearing this up, with only two bours to insure the Governor's sig

nature or compel him to return it. An exciting scene she seemed much affected, and said, “then are occurred. None like it has occurred this session. The they to be left in jail, though innocent of any friends of the House admitted that council bill was not crime?” We answered, "we feared so.” Then what they wanted in all respects; but that Dr. Root she firmly added, “ well, friends, I never read the should not be allowed to carry their bill in bis pocket constitution, and if I did read it, I suppose I for four weeks, as the confidential agent of the Gover

I should not understand it, but there is one thing efforts were made to prevent final action by a few mem

nor, for the purpose of defeat.

The most persistent I do understand; this is a case of cruel hard-bers ; but the matter was passed through, and a final ship and oppression, and I am determined the vote was taken at 11 o'clock, P. M., when, by a large President shall never close his eyes in sleep majority, slavery was abolished and forever prohibited until these children are liberated from confine.

in the territory of Kansas." ment!” This was expressed under an earnestness

THE SLAVE TRADE.—The U. S. ship Vicennes was at and arlour of feeling that gave us some hopes de Loando on the 23. 10 mo. 11 he sighted the Wan

the month of the Congo river 10 mo. 13, and at St. Paul's they would be released, and the Delegation soon derer, off Snake Head, but the Slaver got off. Subseafter withdrew; but as they had not been able quent information showed the fact that the Wanderer to leave Washington until late in the afternoon, shipped three hundred and fifty negroes on the coast, they could only proceed a few miles before night, and during their stay there. the officers sported the and concluded to stop on the way at the house uniform of the New York Yacht Club. The French

slave pens at the mouth of the Congo are described ag of a friend, where they remained until the next fine, comfortable, stationary bouses, over which the day, and therefore did not reach Baltimore un. Imperial flag floats in security protected by two men til late in the afternoon. Upon arriving at home, of-war. In different cases the British cruisers were they found their young friends were at liberty; quite active, and lately burned the American brig Ru

fus Soule, leaving her first mate and another Amerihaving been discharged from prison under an

can seaman on sbore at Kabenda among the negroes. order from the President.

The Rufus Soule sailed from Matanzas for Fernando


Messrs. Isaacs, READER & Co., of Sierra Leone, are

manufacturing large quantities of Indigo at the island A great, and good, and a right mind is a kind of Matacong, forty miles from the Colony. It is quite of diguity, lodged in flesh, and may be the bles- a new enterprise. They have two hundred acres unsing of a slave as well as of a prince; it came first-rate quality.—Col. Herald.

der cultivation, and the produce is reported to be of from heaven, and to heaven it must return; and it is a kind of heavenly felicity, which a poor Honse of Representatives of Mississippi, are that free

THE LEADING Provisions of a bill presented to the and a virtuous mind enjoys in some degree, even negroes or mulattoes shall not be lawfully in the State upon earth.— Seneca.

after a certain time, and in case of being so found,

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at 93 cts.

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they shall be arrested by the Sheriff, and on trial by a a 1 75 for prime wbite. Rye selle as fast as received. Justice of the Peace, if they are guilty of an intent to

Corn is in demand; sales of yellow at 82 reside eitber for a definite or indefinite time, the pa- a 84 cts. Oats are steady; sales of prime Pennsylvapers and eridence are to be certified to by the Board nia at 55 cts., and Delaware at 54 cis. of Police. The Board, if satisfied of the facts, shall CLOVERSEED continues in good request at $650 order the Sheriff to sell as a slave and at public anc- $6 75 per 64 lbs. Timothy commands $2 12 a 2 25 tion, the negro or mulatto, and the proceeds, after per bushel, and Flaxseed at $1 70 a 1 75. deducting expenses, to be paid into the State Treasury for the benefit of the State Library.—Col. llerald. DOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, WEST CHES.

GRAIN.--The scarcity of grain in many parts of Canada is said to be such tbat the farmers will find it to

afforded of pursuing any of the various branches of be impossible to procure the necessary seed for spring science usually taught in the schools, and it is ine Bowing

constant object of the Principal, co to blend instruc. The Asylum For Inebriates at Binghampton, N. Y. of those brancbes, the mental and moral culture may

tion, ibat wbile giving clear and practical knowledge intended for only 300 patients, will not be ready before next fall, but already there are 2800 applicants! keep pace with the acquisition of literature and

science and tbe saddest fact of all, 400 of these are women

The domestic arrangements are as nearly as possiTHE LAKE TRADE.-The lake trade to Europe bos ble those of a prirate family, and especial care is resulted so satisfactorily that twenty sail bave just been taken to provide for healthtul exercise in the fres b engaged to go from Detroit to tbe West Indies dext air. spring, and a large number for Liverpool.

Pupils should be provided with their own towels. The Kansas City Journal of Commerce says that both soap, clothes-bags, over-shoes and umbrellas, and bituminous and cannel coal bave been discovered in clothing should be distinctly marked. large quantities within eight miles of that city in the

The school year consists of ten months, commencing bluff's of the Kansas River.

on the first 2d day in 9th month. SENATOR SUBNER.- A Wasbington dispatch says

TERMS.-$150 per year, payable quarterly in ad

The Languages, Drawing and Coloring, en. information is received from Charles Sumner, that bis

Bocks furbished on rent or at the usual retail health is much improved, and that he will return early in tbe Spring. He will be present to occupy his


E. W. RICHARDS, Principal. seat in the Senate ehould an extra session be called.

West Chester, 2nd mo. 8th, 1859. Selling his own Children.- About ten years ago a wealiby planter of Alabama died, leaving two daugh- TTLEBOROUGH ACADEMY FOR RENT.-The ters, whom he bad educated, partly in a seminary in


present occupant, Sidoey Averill, being about to Philadelphia, where they bad been accustomed to all remove to his farm in the State of New York, tbe the refinements of life. He left them all bis property, Building and premises are for rent, situated in a his brothers to be tbe executors, of the will. They healthy neighborhood, and thickly settled; tbe opeo. knowing that the father's marriage to the mother was ing for a boarding and day school, with a competent invalid, she being a quadroon, wbom he had purchased Teacher, is seldom surpas:ed, as the experience of ihe in New Orleans, took the property, under the law, and present Teacber will show. His school, for three past sold the girls as slaves. The records of tbis case can years, averaging boarders and day scholars, be found in the courts of that State.

Rent moderate. Apply to either of the owners of said HAYTIEN REPUBLIC.-By a decree of the Department Building, living in Attleborough, Bucks Co., Pa. al Committee of Gonaives, the Territory of the Repub. Isaac LIVEZEY,

Joshua RICHARDSON, lic is open to all Haytiens who have been banished by JAMES FLOWERS,

M. W. ALLEN. the ex-Emperor Souli que.

Attleborough, 2nd mo. 14th, 1859. President Geffrard has issued a circular to the generals of Departments, luying down the programme of


GIRLS.-The Summer Term will commence on He says that he bas surrounded

The location is unusualhimself with wise men, and that his and their efforts the 11th of 4th month next. will be to secure the love of the people by executing ly healthy and pleasant; ihe course of study extensive the laws which guarrantee public order, and a free and thorough. Terms Thirty-six Dollars per session

of thirteen weeks. administration of justice. Nobody hereafter is 10 be punisbed except upon conviction, after a fair trial ; and

For particulars, address Principals,

SIDNEY PUSEY, or no one to be put in irons except by virtue of a legiti

FANNY A. KISSEY. * mate sentence. The people are exhorted to devote themselves to agriculture, and other industrial pur

Kennett Square, Chester Co., Pedda. Buits, and rely upon the protection and encouragement

* In the two former numbers this dame, by mistake. of the Goreroment, whose motto is, “ Peace, Union, was printed “ Henry Kensey.” Labor, Order, and Public Progress.”

2d mo., 1859.-2m.

YBERRY BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. THE PHILADELPHIA MARKETS. FLOUR AND MEAL.-The Flour market continues firm Jane Hillboin and Sisters, will commence the 21st of at the advance in prices. The sales of superfine are | 2d mo. 1859, and continue twenty weeks. The course light at $6 25 a 6 37, and $650 a 6 62 for extra l of instruction embraces all the branches of a liberal family. The sales to the retailers and bakers are English education. within the range of the same figures, and fancy lots



TERMS.-$10 per session, one half payable in ad. at from $6 75 to 7 50. Sales of Rye Flour and Corn Meal continue limited. The former sold at $4 37.

For Circulars containing further particulars, address Corn Meal is held at $375.

JANE HILLBORN, Grain. The receipts of Wheat are light, with fair

1st mo. 22d, 2m demand. Sales of Southern and Pennsylvania at $1

Byberry P. O., Philada., Pa. 54 a 1 55 per bushel for fair and prime red, and $1 70 | Merrihew & 'Ihompson, Prs, Lodge street, north side Penya. Bank


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