The men of the time in 1852, or Sketches of living notables ...

D. Bogue, 1853 - 421 Seiten

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Seite 444 - Year-Book of Facts in Science and Art ; exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements of the Year, and a Literary and Scientific Obituary. By the Editor of
Seite 118 - good gifts,' which he improved by study and attention in a most exemplary manner. He slept in a stable — generally on horseback — and so terrified a Newfoundland dog by his preternatural sagacity, that he has been known, by the mere superiority of his genius, to walk off unmolested with the dog's dinner, from before his face.
Seite 119 - ... by digging out the mortar, broke countless squares of glass by scraping away the putty all round the frames, and tore up and swallowed, in splinters, the greater part of a wooden staircase of six steps and a landing — but after some three years he too was taken ill, and died before the kitchen fire. He kept his eye to the last upon the meat as it roasted, and suddenly turned over on his back with a sepulchral cry of "Cuckoo!
Seite 236 - ... event of a total change of system. Of all monarchs, indeed, since the revolution, the successor of George the Third will have the finest opportunity of becoming nobly popular.
Seite 443 - Objects. 4to. half-morocco, 15s. Emma de Lissau ; or, Memoirs of a Converted Jewess. With Illustrations by Gilbert. New Edition, 7s. cloth ; 10s. 6d. morocco. Miriam and Rosette ; or, The Twin Sisters : a Jewish Narrative of the XVIIIth Century. By the Author of
Seite 438 - The Open Timber Roofs of the Middle Ages, illustrated by Perspective and Working Drawings of some of the best varieties of Church Roofs ; with Descriptive Letterpress. By R. and JA BRANDON, Royal 4to, uniform with the above, £3 3s.
Seite 434 - The Gallery of Byron Beauties : Portraits of the Heroines of Lord Byron's Poems, from Drawings by the most eminent Artists. Super-royal 8vo, morocco, 31s. 6d.; highly coloured, £3. Heath's Waverley Gallery. Portraits of the principal Female Characters in the Writings of SCOTT. 36 highly-finished Plates, super-royal 8vo, splendidly bound in morocco, 31s.
Seite 442 - FK HUNT. Two vols. post 8vo, 21s. cloth. The Religion of Geology, and its Connected Sciences, By EDWARD HITCHCOCK, DD, of Amherst College.
Seite 115 - Yorkshire guide, philosopher, and friend, having ripped it open with an inky pen-knife. The impression made upon me, however made, never left me. I was always curious about...
Seite 438 - Glossary of Architecture. Explanation of the Terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian, and Gothic Architecture, exemplified by many Hundred Woodcuts. Fifth Edition, much enlarged. 3 vols. 8vo. 48s. Introduction to Gothic Architecture. By the Editor of the "Glossary;" with numerous Illustrations, 4s.6d, cl.

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