Toothsome Dishes: Fish, Flesh, and Fowl; Soups, Sauces, and Sweets; with Household Hints and Other Useful Information

Carrie Davenport
John Hogg, 1885 - 176 Seiten

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Seite 147 - tea," you cannot but feel that nature knows what she is about. But a little tea or coffee restores them quite as much as a great deal, and a great deal of tea and especially of coffee impairs the little power of digestion they have. Yet a nurse, because she sees how one or two cups of tea or coffee restores her patient, thinks that three or four cups will do twice as much.
Seite 175 - WITH EIGHT ILLUSTRATIONS ON TONED PAPER. Second edition, small crown 8vo., 384 pp., cloth, price 3s. 6d. ; gilt edges, 4s. Stories of Young Adventurers. By ASCOTT R. HOPE, Author of " Stories of Whitminster,
Seite 17 - Small crown 8vo., 352 pp., cloth, price 3s. 6d. ; gilt edges, 4s. With Eight Portraits on toned paper. 5. PLAIN LIVING AND HIGH THINKING : or, Practical SelfCulture: Moral, Mental, and Physical. By WH DAVENPORT ADAMS, Author of "Woman's Work and Worth,
Seite 7 - The Parlour Menagerie is well named. Full as an egg of information and most agreeable reading and engravings, where before was there such a menagerie ?" — Animal World. ' ' We have never seen a better collection of anecdotes and descriptions of animals than this, and it has the great advantage of numerous and admirable woodcuts. Pictorial illustrations form an important and valuable addition to any such collection. Those in the book before us are of remarkable excellence We highly commend the spirit...
Seite 6 - LIQUID MEASURE 4 gills (gi.) = 1 pint (pt.) 2 pints = 1 quart (qt...
Seite 17 - A merrier book, with merrier pictures, one could not well imagine."— Newcastle Chronicle. " The glorious fun in these stories is quite irresistible. The illustrations are sure to set the table in a roar. The tales are supposed to be told by the boys themselves, and are amazingly well told. Mr. Hope's name is already a household word."— Sheffield Independent. " Mr. Ascott Hope, who is almost if not altogether facile nrinceps as a concocter of boys...
Seite 172 - The Secret of Success ; or, How to Get on in the World. With some Remarks upon True and False Success, and the Art of making the Best Use of Life. Interspersed with Numerous Examples and Anecdotes. By WH DAVENPORT ADAMS, Author of " Plain Living and High Thinking,
Seite 7 - Menagerie, a work so singularly full of interesting examples culled from so wide a range of Zoology, and so fully and beautifully illustrated, cannot fail to be a favourite with the rising generation — and many succeeding ones — of Juvenile Naturalists. When I recall the ' Description of 300 Animals ' (including the Cockatrice and all Pliny's monsters) which fed my early appetite for Natural History, I can congratulate my grandchildren on being provided with so much more wholesome food through...
Seite 10 - The aim has been to trace the origin and history of the Festivals and Fasts of the Ecclesiastical Year, and to illustrate in poetry the circumstances under which they began and continue to be celebrated, and the principal ideas and doctrines which they severally incorporate.
Seite 14 - This beautifully illustrated edition of Andersen's exquisite stories is sure to be a favourite with all young people who become its fortunate possessors. The biographical sketch is admirably written."— Sheffield Independent. "We recommend all boys and girls who have not read about the wonderful Shoes of Fortune, and the Ugly Duckling and the Snow Queen, to get this book as soon as possible.

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