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Show not to all the bottom either of your purse or of your mind.

I heard one say so, is half a lie.
Lies have very short legs.
One lie draws ten more after it.

Keep company with good men, and you'll increase their number.

He is a good man, who is good for himself, but he is good indeed, who is so for others too.

When you meet with a virtuous man, draw his picture.

He who keeps good men company may very well bear their charges.

He begins to grow bad, who takes himself to be. a good man.

He is far from a good man, who strives not to grow better.

Keep good men company, and fall not out with the bad.

He who throws away his estate with his hands, goes afterwards to pick it up on his feet.

'Tis a bad house, that hath not an old man in it. A burden which one chooses is not felt.

The dearer such a thing is, the better pennyworth for me.

Suppers kill more than the greatest doctor ever cured.

All the wit in the world is not in one head.

Let us do what we can and ought, and let God do his pleasure.

'Tis better to be condemned by the college of physicians than by one judge.

Knowing is worth nothing, unless we do the good we know.

A man is half known when you see him, when you hear him speak you know him all out.

Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present.

Be slow to give advice, ready to do any service.
Both anger and haste hinder good counsel.

Give neither counsel nor salt till you are asked for it.

The fool never thinks higher than the top of his house.

A courtier is a slave in a golden chain.
A little kitchen makes a large house.
Have money, and you will find kindred enough.

Of money, wit, and virtue, believe one-fourth part of what you hear men say.

Money is his servant, who knows how to use it as he should, his master, who doth not.

'Tis better to give one shilling than to lend twenty.

Wise distrust is the parent of security.
Mercy or goodness alone makes us like to God.

So much only is mine, as I either use myself, or give for God's sake. .

He who is about to speak evil of another, let him first well consider himself.

One day of a wise man is worth the whole life of a fool.

Asking costs no great matter.

A woman that loves to be at the window, is like a bunch of grapes in the highway.

A woman and a cherry are painted for their own harm.

The best furniture in the house is a virtuous woman,

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The first wife is matrimony, the second company, the third heresy.

A doctor and a clown know more than a doctor alone.

Hard upon hard never makes a good wall.
The example of good men is visible philosophy.
One ill example spoils many good laws.

He who throws a stone against God, it falls upon his own head.

He who plays me one trick shall not play me a second. · Do what you ought, and let what will come on it.

By making a fault you may learn to do better.

The first faults are theirs who commit them, all the following are his who doth not punish them.

He who would be ill served, let him keep good store of servants.

To do good still make no delay; for life and time slide fast away.

A little time will serve to do ill.

He who will take no pains will never build a house three stories high.

The best of the game is, to do one's business and talk little of it.

The Italian is wise before he undertakes a thing, the German while he is doing it, and the Frenchman when it is over.

In prosperity we need inoderation, in adversity patience.

Prosperous men sacrifice not, i.e. they forget God.

Great prosperity and modesty seldom go toge


Give your friend a fig, and your enemy a peach.

He who hath no children doth not know what love means.

He who considers the end, restrains all evil inclinations.

He who hath the longest sword is always thought to be in the right.

There lies no appeal from the decision of Fortune.

The sword from Heaven above falls not down in haste.

The best thing in gaming is, that it be but little used.

Play or gaming hath the Devil at the bottom. The Devil goes shares in gaming. He who doth not rise early never does a good day's work.

He who hath good health is young, and he is rich who owes nothing.

If young men had wit, and old men strength enough, every thing might be well done.

He who will have no judge but himself, con. demns himself.

Learning is folly, unless a good judgment hath the management of it.

Every man loves justice at another man's house; nobody cares for it at his own.

He who keeps company with great men is the last at the table, and the first at any toil or danger.

Every one hath his cricket in his head, and makes it sing as he pleases.

In the conclusion, even sorrows with bread are good.

When war begins, Hell gates are set open.

He that hath nothing knows nothing, and he that hath nothing is nobody.

He who hath more, hath more care, still desires more, and enjoys less.

The sickness of the body may prove the health of the soul.

Working in your calling is half praying.
An ill book is the worst of thieves.

The wise hand doth not all which the foolish tongue saith.

Let not your tongue say what your head may pay for.

The best armour is to keep out of gunshot.

The good woman doth not say, “Will you have this?" but gives it you.

That is a good misfortune which comes alone.
He who doth no ill hath nothing to fear.

No ill befals us but what may be for our good.

He that would be master of bis own must not be bound for another.

Eat after your own fashion, clothe yourself as others do.

Make yourself all honey, and the flies will eat you np.

He is master of the world, who despiseth it; its slave, who values it.

This world is a cage of fools.

He who hath most patience best enjoys the world.

He is unhappy who wishes to die; but more so he who fears it.

The more you think of dying, the better you will live.

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