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A man's best fortune, or his worst, is a wife.
Marry in haste, and repent at leisure.
Sir John Barley-Corn is the strongest knight.

Like blood, like good, and like age, make the happiest marriage.

Every ass thinks himself worthy to stand with the king's horses.

A good beginning makes a good ending.

One ounce of discretion, or of wisdom, is worth two pounds of wit.

A fair face is half a portion.
To forget a wrong is the best revenge.
Manners make the man.
Man doth what he can, God doth what he pleases.
Gold goes in at any gate, except that of Heaven.
Knaves and fools divide the world.
No great loss but may bring some little profit.

When Poverty comes in at the door, Love leaps out at the window.

That suit is best, that best fits me.
Self-love is a mote in every man's eye.
That which is well done is twice done.
Use soft words and hard arguments. .
There is no coward to an ill conscience."

He who makes other men afraid of his wit, had need be afraid of their memories.

Riches are but the baggage of virtue.

He who defers his charities till his death, is rather liberal of another man's than of his own.

A wise man hath more ballast than sail.

Great men's promises, courtiers' oaths, and dead men's shoes, a man may look for, but not trust to.

Be wise on this side Heaven. VOL, VI.

The Devil tempts others, an idle man tempts the Devil.

Good looks buy nothing in the market.

He who will be his own master, often hath a fool for a scholar.

That man is well bought, who costs you but a compliment.

The greatest king must at last go to bed with a shovel or spade. He only truly lives, who lives in peace.

If wise men never erred, it would go hard with the fool.

Great virtue seldom descends.
One wise (in marriage) and two happy.

Almsgiving never made any man poor, nor robbery rich, nor prosperity wise.

A fool and his money are soon parted.
The best thing in the world is to live above it.
Happy is he who knows his follies in his youth.

One pair of heels is sometimes worth two pair of hands.

'Tis good sleeping in a whole skin.
Enough is as good as a feast.
A fool's bolt is soon shot.
All is well that ends well.
Ever drink, ever dry.
He who hath an ill name is half hanged.
Harm watch, harm catch.
A friend's frown is better than a fool's smile.
The easiest work and way is, to beware.

If the best man's faults were written in his forehead, it would make him pull his hat over his eyes.

A man may be great by chance; but never wise, or good, without taking pains for it.

Success makes a fool seem wise.
What fools say doth not much trouble wise men.
Money is a good servant, but an ill master.
Pleasure gives law to fools, God to the wise.
He lives indeed, who lives not to himself alone.
Good to begin well, better to end well.

There would be no ill language if it were not ill taken.

Industry is Fortune's right hand, and frugality is her left.

We shall all lie alike in our graves.
When flatterers meet, the Devil goes to dinner.
To give and to keep, there is need of wit.
A man never surfeits of two much honesty.
Honour and ease are seldom bedfellows.

He can want nothing who hath God for his friend.

Young men's knocks old men feel.

He who is poor when he is married, shall be rich when he is buried.

Of all tame beasts, I hate sluts.

Giving much to the poor doth increase a man's store.

That is my good that doth me good.
An idle brain is the Devil's shop.

God send us somewhat of our own, when rich men go to dinner.

Let your purse still be your master.

Young men think old men fools; but old men , know, that young men are fools.

Wit once bought, is worth twice taught.
A wise head makes a close mouth,

All foolish fancies are bought much too dear.

Ignorance is better than pride with greater knowledge.

The charitable man gives out at the door, and God puts in at the window.

Every man is a fool, where he hath not considered or thought.

He who angers others is not himself at ease.

He dies like a beast, who hath done no good while he lived.

Heaven is not to be had by men's barely wishing for it.

Patch and long sit, build and soon flit.

One hour's sleep before midnight is worth two hours sleep after it.

Wranglers never want words.
War is death's feast.
Idle lazy folks have most labour.

Knavery may serve a turn, but honesty is best at the long run.

A quick landlord makes a careful tenant.
Look ever to the main chance.
Will is the cause of woe.
Welcome is the best cheer.

I will keep no more cats than what will catch mice.

Reprove others, but correct thyself.
Once a knave and ever a knave.
Planting of trees is England's old thrift.
It is more painful to do nothing than something.
Any thing for a quiet life.

"Tis great folly to want when we have it, and when we have it not too.

Fly pleasure, and it will follow thee.

God's providence is the surest and best inheritance.

That is not good language, which all understand not. Much better lose a jest than a friend. Ill-will never said well. He that hath some land must have some labour. Show me a liar, and I will show you a thief. We must wink at small faults. Use legs and have legs. Every one should sweep before his own door. Much coin, usually much care. Good take heed doth always speed.

He who gets doth much, but he who keeps doth more.

A pound of gold is better than an ounce of honour.

We think lawyers to be wise men, and they know us to be fools.

Eaten bread is soon forgotten.
When you see your friend, trust to yourself,
Let my friend tell my tale.
Mention not a rope in the house of one whose
father was hanged.

Speak the truth and shame the Devil.
Lend, and lose my money; so play fools.

Early to go to bed, and then early to rise, make man more holy, more healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Anger dies soon with a wise and good man.

He who will not be counselled, cannot be helped.

God hath provided no remedy for wilful obstinacy.

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