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No, of cools ia 1688

ID 1788. reader of the synagogue said the blaffing for the Amsterdam 187,000 185,000 pffering, when every one preient, according to V cvice

134, 000 100,00 their abilities, made an offering for the recovery Bourdeaux

100,000 200,000 of his Maj aty. Then the following plains Dublin

69.000 170,000 were repeated, viz. plalm: 6, 9, 13, 16, 17, Rouen

66,000 100,600 18, 20, 22, 23, 25, 30, 31, 32, 33, 37, 38, Britto

48.000 50,000 39, 41, 49, 55, 56, 69, 86, 88, 89, 90, 91, Cork


90,000 102, 103 104, 107, 116, 118, 128, 141, Liverpool

20,000 60,000 1.13, and part of the 119th pralin, the first leta By which it appears that the cities of London, les of the verse forming the word MALBECR, Paris, Náplet, Bourdeaux, Dublin, Rouen, king. These were all chanted by the high priett Brittol, Curk, and the town of Liverpool, have and the coagregation, verle and verle alternateincrealed, and that Marseille, Lyon, Rome, 19; a'cer which, the aik being opened, the high Amsterdam, and Venice, have decayed in their priest, in a solemn manner, read a form of population ; from which circumstance, Naples prayer composed by him on the occalina. fom the fifth has become the third, Bourde a11x 17) The King continued composed, and his trom-the o nih, the four b; and Dublin from the mind more free from confusion than hitherto, tenib che levenih io rank, as to the number of His Majelty during the day onnye led with johabitants

stronger appearance of mental arrangemene tiraa · Acfiinnfier Hall, 14.] Jofeph Mitton, 2 at any period lince his indilpofition, particularly private founder in the Coldtream regiment of respecting a new library that was begun building guard', who was on the hill of November init.' belo e his iilneis. He gave directions how he conv cted of violently affaolling Philip Cham. wruld have the cases arranged for the books, pen Crep gay, Ea wa yeffe diy broogbe up and said he hoped foon to be able to inspect Wie into the Court of King's Bench, lo receive pinceedings himself. judgment.

The King expressed a wish on Sunday even. Mr. Erskine appeared in behalf of the prose- ing to go into the warm bath. His physicians curor, and acquilled himself with that manly agreed it would not be improper, and he was eloquence peculiar to himself.

permitted to use it, and it appears to have done Mr. B-arcrutt, Mr. Sheppard, and Mr. Dallas, his Majesty much leivice. followed, in behalf of the foldier.

Her Majesty is now fully acquainted with Mr. Justice Afhuift pronounced the sentence of the nature of the King's dilorder, and from the the Court on the defendant-He said he had assurance of the physicians, that the most fanbeen convicted of the affault laid in the two tast guine hipes may be cuterrained of his Majelty's counts of the ind a ment, which had been prov- perfect recovery, the Queen is more confoled ed by the wi nelle on the part of the profecu- and in better (pirits, tion to be of a very heinous kind, and on which 18 ] Yefterday afternoon, a Board of Admi. deach might very probably have ensued. The taily was held, when leveral offices that had delence, laid his Lordlh'p, which you let up, been appointed io fhips fiering out, attended acwas, that this was oot done by delgn, but by cording to order, and received their commision, accident. The Jury have not thought fit to be with full instruction to repair immediately on lieve your witnessesm if they had, they must board their relpective ship". have acquitted you in foto. They have believed His Majesty's appetite contince: very trong. the wituelles für theroiccution—The evidence - The physicians do not allow him much ani. given by your wil wes was lo contradictory, mal food. Belides ten, bread, and butter, he ihat 'it received bui vicde credit - It is fic that is ordered plenty of potatoes mahed into a you and all other persoos ftanding in the fame pudding. fruation with yourse:f, should know that there

Her Majesty; notwithstanding some report weapons with which you are entrusted in the to the contrary. is Itill very much indisposed; so character of a soldier, were given you for the are the princesses. detence of your King and country, and not to They vine at four, and the attendant declare, be used to the error and annoyance of his Ma- that it is the most afering light that the hurmaa jesty's peaccable subjects. Though the Ju'y mind can imagine, lo behult the royal family at bave nrgatived the first charge in this indictment, table. yet it is very certain, ibat if death bad happened The dinner hour of the prioce is five. His in consequence of the wound, it must have party is very small. The conversation is fullamounurd ro che crime of manflaughier. la able to the enelaacholy occafion, and the glass the present cafe, though death did not happen, is scarcely seen. This conduct nieriis much yet it in but a ima i extenuation of your crime, praila. and you are out Jelerving of less punishment; 19] The account received this morning and thereiore the sentence of the Court upon from Windfor, er ien o'clock, flater, that his you i,

" That you be imprisoned in his MaMajelly had Dept very little last night, and that jelly's gaol of Newgate, for the space of twelve his sever had rachep incealed. calendar mooth."

Judy mest against Barrington. 15.) At the grear Jews synagogue, St. James's, 20) Yelterriay about one o'cock, William Duke's Place, after the ordinary service, pray Jones, alias George Barrington, was brought els were offered up by a molt oumerous aod re tum Newgate to the Court of King's Bench, spectable congregation, for the specily restoration to receive judgment, pursuant to the process of of the health of our gracious sovereigo. The Outlawiy, iffaed aga oft him for not appearing form of the service was as follows : Fail, the in answer à charge of feloniously and privately

P P P P 2


ftealing from the person of Haviland de Melu A New Dress for the Ladies rier, Esq. one fik purse, value (wo-pence, and made its appearsoce, ander the title of Core 23 guineas and a half io gold. Mr. Lo Mesuier as Couosel for the proseco.

a l' Indienne tion, declared he did not mean to press for im- white ratio, che fore paits, buks, and tale of

The ftomacher aod back of this are made of mediate judgment; but if time was allowed the violet colour, all trimmed with white crape, and prisoner to produce a writ of error, he ought to in the middle have a violet coloured ribboa tied wave the plea of dor being the same George round, which divides the crape in two parts; and Larrington," as ftated in the proceedings; or elle plead instantly.

the ruffles are made of plain gauze, cut ia mall Lord Kenyon observed, that the Court were

points at the edges. Dot unwilling to do as much for the priloner as

The petticoat wore with this dress is made of the law would warrant. His Lordlip laid, they of plain Italian gauze, which are cat in praes

wbite crape, and has at bottom (ko fooncen would grani him line to produce his Writ of Erior; but, as to the application to infpe&t the at the edges ; above those foonces is a band of proceedings, there did not appear to be ang pre- ticoat, and is trimmed op botb edge with a fl

violet colour sain, which goes all round the petcedent o legai authority lo concede to that req cit, His L dship laid, the whole proceedings

Ver fringe. should be again deliberately read.

The head-dress is named Chaptes a beris The officer accordingly read them, after and is made of white fatio, having role-colour which, Lord Kenvoa taid, “ Let the prisoner from which it derives its name,

ribbon puffed on at bottom and op, ia be ice be reinanded and brought ap on Wedoelday Dext."

The hair is dressed in all detached curls all Barrington bowed very respearfully to ide over, four of which, in two ranks, tall os cach Beach and Coonill when he entered, and with de che neck, and behind it is relieved in a boat drew. fria the Comit,

He was decently, but ing chignon. Rol elegantiy d eiled.

They wear large plaio groze baadkerchiefs os 24] A Cook in a certain Noblegan's fa. the neck, very tall, and opea at the top; the mily wa laa y discovered to be in habits of 100

ende of which are hid under the caracs. great familiarity with hix Lordlip's spoule.

Violet satin lues, and white shoes, *The Nobleman being in London, an exprel was

Another Acw dress is named immediately lene to bim, wbo repaired inftantly

Carece a l' saglase. to his county leat, to investigate a matter of fucb lerious concein. Calling the Cook to his

The whole body of this jacket is made of private apartments, he accused hier in fery rose colour, and the former are cat in the form

white fain; but the boks and arms of it are beccleiween his deew" and holding a pil? of lozenges, the whole trimmed witb : falvar lol to his head, swois, cha: if he disi nui ieli fringe. the truth, he weukt wat in meo blow out his

They wear with this dress a white falis petbraina; at the same time infinuating that he had ticoat, with a very long train, and winned the mipat incontrovertibki evide ce oi chcir cri

at bottom with a deep Giver frioge, having 3 minality. The poor fellow trenbied, and was

sestocn ruo all round the petticoat of the fame perplexed how to answer. Fring, towever,

fort of friage. ... ;uivocation could not be ad.pled, he con

A plain gauze neck be-dkerchief, the ends of felled the he had becu intimate with her Lady. which are put under the te nacher. ship " H..w often, vou rascal ?” says the No.

The head is ornamented with a Cap, called blema..---' Upwards of twenty times, please

Bonnet a la Pallas. your loruthip "-" Enrigh, you scoundrel & ah! your businefs." His Lordihip pocketed

This is made of plain groze put in large fold the affi, aus ihe Cook now enjoys quietis his

on the wings, which are also in large paits ;

and indead of oplom- of scather, has a very pan 25] Surda, lift a poor woman of the name large nolegay of artificial flowers tied with a bow of Build, was taken up ac Pričisfield in Hamp. of tole-colour calia ribbon in front. Shine, on su piciun of having murdered iwo two

Shoes are rose colour fatia trimmed with white, ballard children, of which she had priva: cly delia aod white roleiles. rered hericli about three weeks ago : The declar

BIRTH S. ed on her examination, that they were both Millibarn, and as no proir to the contrats could


1, HE Lady of Godichell Johrica, he adoluced, the was set at 'berty. The WOman travels abwae the country for a livelihood, in Bloomsbury Square.--22. The Lady of Thai. and it appears has carried ene dead bodies with Richard Peon, Esq. of a daughter, a bis house he in place to piace sil Sunday lait, when in Queen Aon-street, West, Cavendit fqoue. the hic them under the turf of a new male

MARRIAGE S. gave n Peter field church yad, where they

1788. Esq. of Kaigbobings, to Mis

Hayler, only daughter of the late Geo ge Hayter, Necu Fcfhions from Paris.

Esq. Bank Director, and niece to the late B foop Our days of mourning for the Prince of Bia- of London.--. Ac Bard, the Hon. Heart zil ended on the 8:b, when facey iciumd its Pelham, fecood Son of Lord Pelham, and one of itin, and

jep in ire

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the representatives for Lewes, in Sussex, to Miss laft, was very beautiful, and handsomely made, Cobb, daughier of Lady Elizabeth Cobb, and and quite active and agreeable, although the was piece to the Earl of Tyrone.

four feet in height, four feet two inches round DE A T H S.

the breaft, four feet fix iaches round the hips,

and round each leg eighteen inches. She weighBOUT noon, as Lady Grantham ed near two hundred weighi, and was in every 1788. was going to her house in Paile respect well proportiooed. - No, 2. At Pimlico, mall, in a chair, she was suddenly seized with Mr. Schroeter, a gentleman universally known an apopleclic fit, and expired immediately.--25. kod admired in the mulical world. Mr. Shroeter Sir James Campbell, at his houle in Scotland. - had for lome years toit his voice by a severe cold, At Wheatley, near Oxford, Wm. Julius Mickle, and could only make hiroself understood in a Esq. an eminent literary character, translator of whisper. It is suppoled that the same illoess also the Lufiad, an epic poem, from the Portuguese; materially impaired his conftitution, which the author of Sir Martyn, and other poetical produce habits of his life prevented him from guarding 01002.-28. Suddenly, at the sign of Clifford's, by the most exact temperance. - At Oxford, after Tower upon Peale hold Green, in York, where' a short illness, but levere suffer ogs, which he the had been exhibited to the curious for a fewe endured with the meekness of Chrittian Patience, day part, the surprising gigantic Worcestershire Mr. John Henderson, B. A. of Pembroke Cola Girl. The child was only five years old in June lege, in the 32d year of his age.

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Lendonderry, Nov. 26, 1988..

expiation at the gallows than undergo the mea

tal corlore he ha lince endured. FEW days ago, as Mr. Nebit, one of his Cabel, Dec. 8. An extraordinary transaction

Majetty's collectors of heartb-money, was lately took place not far from this city that has coming to Derry, from Enithowen, he was af- caused much conversation io the police circles, sauleed, near the old church of Culmere, by one and probably will afford great sport to the Civia of his Majalty's revenue officers (at present com. lians. A large company dined with che Rev. mander of a revenue barge or cutter (accompa. Mr. A. a near relation to the Archbishop's, and zied by tour or five of bis men, who ordered when the ladies left the dining room the gentle. Mr. Nisbie co ftop, which he not inftantly doing, men polhed about the bottle fo briskly that oa one of the men fired at him, be ball of which their joining the ladies in che drawing room they went clnie pail his cheek ; the curmander of the were reeling ipe for sport, and fit for any frolic. baaditti hen fired a pillol himself, which thot So thi Gouation the malter of the house observe Mt. Nesbit's horie, and it wa with difficulty he ed, that he had never married a couple, and deescaped and got to town. -Mr. Nesbit has iworn fired to know whether any of the parties present examinaticos against these persons who thu: vio would admit him to begin with them; and parlentiy and illegally attacked him on the King's ticularly akked a beautiful young Mils M this high road.

quelt on? She rep:ied that she had no objection Limerick, Nov. 27. Last Monday, Sheedy provided he would gee her a partner : he asked M.Nemara, r pour man who lived near G 100- Mr. R. a gentleman of very large fortune who mera, being purtued by some persons who had had dined with him, and was then perfectly elevatan order al law against him, fed to the King's ed, to ttaod up as a bridegroom, who immediately Idend, and attempting to swiin towards Pariern, did so, and Mr. A. then went regularly through unfortunately perithed.

the whole marriage ceremody between Mr. R. December 3: A moft extraordinary circum. and Miss M. to the on Imali amusement of the Rance occured here a few days ago. A man company. Fatigued with this bugners, as well about ebree years ago murdered his step-mother as overpowered with the wine he had drank, Mr. in the open day, and the alarm bring given a R. on the ceremony being foilhed threw himself gentlemen, with his aliendant, properly aimed, on a sopha and fell falt a leep. In the interim repaired to the place, in order to apprehend him. the company buyan to separate, and the party While the party were engaged in breaking open, with wcom Mii M. had come insisted on leaving the street divor. he contrived to make his escape her behind them, which they did, declaring that backward, and going curd, mounted the gea they could not part Mrs. R. from her husband. -tleman's horie, and code clear ff He was not On M Ri's awaking, somewhal sobered by his heard for abou, ih ee year ; but on Thunday nap, he was not a lietle surprised to find that he last went to the High Sheriff of the couniy had unexpectedly got a wife ; and persisted in of Westmeath, and voluptarily furrendered him- treating the whole transaction as a mere matter felf a priloner, and is now coolned in Mullingar of spot. But no matter of fport' is he likely in gaol.

find it, for the young lady's friends choose to In the case of the above wretch we have a view the 'bugueis in the mott serious light, and Atriking initance of the certainly of Divine Jur- incend, a we underftand, to inttitute a luit in cice, and the ocexpected means by which it ope. the Ecclefiaftical Court lo euforce the coolum

He was remote from punishment, and mation of the marriage. living orderly in his new habitation, bad acquir.

DUBLIN, Nov. 25, 1788. ed she reputation or an honest an, But his conscience preying on him for the horrid crime, THE funeral proceflion of the Volunteer who he bąs declared that he would rasher make an died in coolequence of the huit be received on


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the 4th inst. in serving the Artillery of the Lie trial cod verdict in the Cutart of King's Beach, berty Corps, was splendid beyond any thing we which lafted eight days fiting, and a vial in the have observed in ihis capital for a conliderable Court of Prerogative, which lelled thirty fire time. The bady was attended with decachments bearing days, and which also wear in favoa: of from the different Volunteer Corps in Dublin- Mr. Newburgh, ha even agzia, on each ined and all the various Ldges of Freemasons in rigation, been confirmed to him, and of cule

Jadeed the whole was folemn and re a paternal and confiderable landed property w'!! Tpeciable, and conducted with a propriety, that be restored to the truly reisectableheir male, and ņews in what high ellimacion the character to the ancient family and name of Newburgh. of a patriot foldier is held by the citizens of Dub. Dec. 1.] Lail Friday George Dixw, a srel. Tinie There were iwo bands of military music mealurer, fell irom a boat inos be river at Alattended. The procefiro extended near half a lon' quay, and was unf:rtunately drowned. PO miie in length

Saturday night laft, about eleven o'clock, i The houles of Divine Worship were never so genuleman palling through Henry-freer, *** crowded as on Sundav lan. Every description of, topped oppoate Coles-lane, by a single factopad, people seemed culous in prelerring their perio' who robbed himn of a guinea aud 6. 6d. wth tions to Heaven for the life of our beloved Sove. which he effected bis escape. reiga. 'Many who had not quitted their chambers 2 ] Laft Sunday morning 2: Mr. Adarsles, for year, obliged themselves to be carried out ap eminent logar-baker of this oy, was tid:g upis his inte elting occafion-lo it at there was in the Phenix Park, bis horle threw him, by a general overflow in all he churches in town. which he was most dreadfully hart With an eye of hope, and pure fpurit of devotion, 3.] Monday night last fore rilass found the leveral congregations looked up eo the throne means to enter the ware-hopie of M., David of Eternal Grace in fupplication for the best of Clarke in liule Strand- ftreet, out of which they Kings. Never was a icene of affection at this tole 59 pieces oi liden, and made their clape reunion of loyalty and religion. It was not like andiscovered. the colit, PRO FORMA allembiaye, which loo Last week, in one of the Coarts, a certain frequency takes place on the Sabbait- be coun. Barrister, fond of volubilily, withing co be wity lenance, the demca991, and the exn iftirin: of one borse dealer, asked him wha:ibe borse in the worshippers, all indicated the af?ion of question said to him. The dealer replied it be their hearts, and the fincerity of their piety. never knew a horle could speak ; box be had

The Prefbyterians, ever remarkable for their orice heard an als bray. I beg your pardon, Sir, attachment to the Houle of Hanover, wib that I did not mean you decent detachment which distinguishes their pro The Hon, and Rev. Piercy Jocelyn, third fon, feflion, ofered their pious peutions to avere im. ní the Earl of Rodeo, has lately been presentes pending deach.

hy bis Grace the Lord Primate to a par it is the Továzealous Inyally was ont confined to the diocese of Armagh, worth 1000l a year. *Itabi theo church. The fame vircunu Aame A gencirman at Kiima obam lately bought warmed the brealls of our Catholic brethrenna

ad a bouched care from a merchant in and in every Romish church in the metropolis, ** yottieet, which he ordered home ; it was che moit fervent fupplications were offered by the presolo clieves, and sent off with three porters Leveral priets at the alears, joined in sentiment who conveyed it to the purchaler's mansion,

6 and cxpicffion by their fucks. The variou !c88 where they unloaded it, and packed it is a bian o D. Tencers were allo alive to the generous eel so much to his fatisfaction, that be paid them ings which persade the community, and the I berally for cheir trouble ; mo which one of the forms of prayer pfc pared on the occafirin. feliowf, (leemingly affected with a paroorím of

Hay the united prayers of millions be crowned gratitude) taking his generous employe alite, with locall and may our beloved Sovereign be told him in confidence, “He could not fee fo reiterad lo ihe grand supplications of his a Mic- gond a man wrooged without informing him; and people, aad 10 tbe government of : be italm, thus the wine they bad brought him bome was which he has ever inafocained in justice and not that which he had bought and paid for, hut

a very inferior kind, which had hien palmed upCoint of Common Pleas.

Burrowes again? on him. I would advile you therefore, fad Newburgh.

he, to take a boule of the wint, as if you had afier a trial of leveral days, 0.1. Monday lant.catted it and found the fiard, and send back all tba evidence being entirel clored, ird Chier the rest, in lieu of which I'll engage to bring Justice Carleton hill, and the Right Hon. Mr. you half an hogthead of the very belt in his cel. ultice Helien arter, priceeded co charge the lar." No jooner said than dope ; the wine jury, in the course of which the learned julge: was loaded in the clieves and sent back, bar neiShe wed the greaieft abiliey, impartially and ther thas or any other ever appeared again ; it juur:nene.

weocto anodila country.' Alter may Testere, who were composed of gentlemen, painful and resterated traiche, che grateful porter ipecialis fuidiouned from the co. Cavan) and of wa found, but the sufferer was fo much alham100 miya reipectable character and ion une, atier ed that he quietly puis up with bie lots. the charge, reted bear Ieven o'clock in be Last Sunday, an excellent charity seimon wu

evenine, an in left than teen minutes re proached in La2019 Hill Chapel, to a very lage Curried liveir verdict in favour of Mr. Newburgh, congregation, curf ting more of protestants and which accorded with she charge of the leared protei'ant online shan of Roman Catholic ; phy Judges,

and what rerouad much to the honout of the Thus the jong lizigaced cauls, after a former proleltaps bessell, and proves the liberality of



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che present day is, that the protestants contria As Mre. Catharine Ate (wife of Mr. Alle, buted raftly more to the charity than their Ca. harpsichord-maker) was fitting at a table in her tholic brethren ; exclufive of which, many per apartment in Capel. ftreet, the unfortunately dorca fups of the estabi.thed church generoudy added afieep; in the interina the candle set fire lorer to the charity who could not aliend, by sending cap, and before it was discovered, or any spill. their leveral miles to the different persons 2p ance could be procured, she was burned in lo painted to collect, from iwo and three guineas, melancholy a manner, thas the died the followto half a guinea ; - -how noble this, and how ing. Toesday. worthy of imitation !

The abominable custom of throwing snowball, Lali Thunday a gentleman in Chaibaro- ftreet Mould be, by all mean', discountenanced: A fuld a beaulitul poney to a Mr. Gulben for eight young lady was hit in the temple with one, on peace a pound ;--this was a whimical way, we the Batchelor's walk, which knocked her lentewill allow, of disposing of a horse, however his less on the flags, where the continued, till be price coiwishitanding, amounted to lixteca pounds was brought into the next shop, and blodded, eighteen shillings and thice pence halipenny which in a little time brought her to hertelt, Herling; the bargain was, that he should be although the consequence may be fatal, as the reWeighed thes and all, which was the cale. ceived a violent cootulion.

6.) La't Thursday night, fome facrilegious Last Monday, a poor anag fell dead in Barrackvillains found means to enter St. Catharine's ftreet, which, it is supposed, was occafioned church in Thomas-treet, out of which shey itule by the want of the common necessaries of life. the communion cloth, the clergyman's furplice, 19.] The late to my weather has produced aod fcveral other article, with which they effect. fome disastrous effects on our coift, a letter t:om ed their escape.

ibe Surveyor of Dunleary having been dispatched 12.] Edgworth, who wa« on Monday convict. yefterday to the Commiffoders of the revenue ed on iwo indictinents, for fubor nation of per- with information that on the preceding day a yaw!, jury, in the latamous and atrocious attempt 10 with some parts of a 'wreck, were driven on prosecute the hapleis child Mary Neil, 20d her Strand, between Dunleary and Bullock. The game ill-faced parents, was yesterday called up, to re or" Bennet Negu, mafter," is painted on be ceive the fedience of ihe Court. The learned jaside of the yawl's ftern.-lo coulequence of Judge, after expatiating inost pointedly on the the above advice, the Board leat immédiate in.' enormity of his guilt, till aggravated by his pro- ftructions to the Surveyor, not only to take care fefion and his knowledge of the tendency, lene of what he had already saved, but also for hiin ienced him to fix months imprisonment, on each and his officers to exere themselves in saving and indictment; and to hand in the pillory, once in securing whatever oiher parts of the wrecks they the latt week of each period, with a label on his may chance to and. back, exprcfive of his crime.

BIRTHS for December, 1783. Lat! Tucli ay night about twelve o'clock, a country chupman, (who lately came to this city

'N Dawson-street, the Lady of Stephen Rice, to buy good) in going home to his lodginga in Esq; of a daughterla Curte-treel, the Sraithricid, was stopped in King-ftreet by lome Lady of William Corid, Esq; of a lon-lix feite wn, and robbedende gheen guineas and some Dominick-treet, the Lady si Samuel Biark, Eq; fiver. Not content with heir booty, che in hu- of a daughter.-In North Cumberland iteret, the man montters murdered the men in a molt Mock. Lady of Robert Swill, Eq; of a ico.--Al Fraak. ing manner : Hisiace was wil disfigured with fore, the Lady of Awby Magawly, Ely; of a coa Cuis: 0. him bdy wcre dicovered several Habs and heir.-The Lady of the Righe Hooke Earl of a barwoe', and his 'imbs were bruke in differ- of Arren, ut & daughter. in Abbey Bricel, the ent places. We are corry to reflect, that the pero Lady of Jame. Moy, Ely; of a fonola Leinpetrators of this hoisid murder have escaped de iter.wreel, the Lady of James Carlite, Ely; of a itdun.

daughter -- in Henry Itreet, the Lady of George 15 1 An inltarce of the melancholy effects of Kerean, Elq; oi a ion and heir. in'oxication : - Lai Tuciday, a man of the

MARRIAGES for December, 1788. name of Minha Calea died in Switt'<.prw, and was buried on Friday: after the funera', his DIERCE POWER. Esq; of the county of wile and her friedo mide too free with the giais, I Waterford, to Mify Coppinper, of Barry aud began in quarrel; and it is fuppled the wo CW., Robert French, of Rahaiare, county of han received an unfortunate blow, as she was Guway, Liq; 10 Miis Aylmer, daughier of found dead in her room next morning : - She Michael Aylmer, of Lyons, county of Kildare, was chis day igcerred in the same grave with her 3:4;-lo Scand, James Moore Byle, of Tulo huiband at Church-town, but no enquiry has as jyvin, co. of Cuvan, Esq; to Mifs Móvre, daugh. yet been made ao the affair.

Irpi of Richart Moore, of Rachdowney, in ihe 17.) Lait night, about eleven o'clock, the cote Queen's co. E1q;= Monsiee: Le Baron O'Dowda, ton marutacury in 11and Bridge, the property Captain in hi Imperial Majelly's service, to Mis of Metlrs. Gardiner an d'Grey, caught fire by ac. Tenperance Fnzgerald, youngest daughter of cident, and is entirely consumed; with the cot Robert Filzfeiald, Etq;--The Rev. Robert ton, to the amoupe et leven hundred poundi, Marih, Mifs Wolicly, eidelt daughter of the and ail the meta! machinery were either melied, Rey. Mr. Wollely, of Tullycoibet.-A Killaror rendered cucally useless. Providentially no ney, Edward Codicy, Elg; to Miis Markham. lives were bott; and though the premiser Wrre di Calle Conuell, Ule Williamson Philpot, iolarcd in the amount or free!.10., rundt, o! Greente!, Co. of Cork, Ef; to Mis Lloyde, yet it is imagined the proprietors on toita u 400 daugbter of Thomas Lloyde, of Pruisecl, Ele;


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