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the Board of Commissioners and the Directors al clemency ; William Chatwin and John Davis, of the Ealt ladia Company, to prevent those for robbing Samuel Hill on the highway dear

conspiracies which have of late become so fre. Shepherd'. Buh, of a pair of shoes, a pair of 21 quent and dangerous among the crews navigat. buckles, and a pair of fpe&acles and case. They

ing their ships to and from India. A preventive were brought on the scaffold a little after eight
plan will be put in execution on board the next o'clock, and the floor dropped at half after eight.
fhips that fail; instructions on which are now They behaved very penitently, and acknowledged
printing for the captains and other officers. A the justice of their fentence.
cure for those disorders can alone be effected by On Tuesday lalt, in the most solitary part of
a marine bill, which will be offered to parliae an awful wood near Ealby, about a mile and a
mene early che ensuing feflions.

half from Richmond in Yorkshire, a scene shockThe fire which a few days ago broke out in ing to humanity presented itself, viz. ewo men, Swinton-ftreet, Battle Bridge, and destroyed one by oame Christopher Barker and George Lockey. large houte with the furniture, was occafioned The former (as the latter declared before he by a person in bed, which set the curtains in a died) called on bim when at work (shoe-make blaze, and the man narrowly escaped with his ing) to walk with him. He went with him, but lite. It he had not jumped from a cwo pair of before they set out Barker had taken a koife Aairs window, he must have perished in the from Lockey's feat, which he had concealed.-flames. This should serve ax a caucion, among He says, that Baker by his importunities pere many others, against the dargerous practice al- fuaded him out of the road to get a few nuts, luded to, and prevent people, by fuch means, and without any provocation stabbed him quite from burning themselves and their neighbours. through the luogs, and was making a second at

The following daring robbery was committed tempe, when he wrested the knife from him, on Friday night lalt about nine o'clock : as Mr. and finding himself unable to struggle with him Parr, of New Bridge-freet, was pafling by the on account of his wound, stabbed Him three or dead wall in Portugal-Atreet, three ruffians with four times, once through his liver to his back crape over their faces, and bludgeons in their bone, which put an eod to his existence. Mr. hands, suddenly attacked him. Two of them Lax, a farmer, who was inspecting his work dragged him against the wall and held him by people not far from the place, heard the cry of the throat, while the third rifled his pockels, and murder leveral times repeated, and going to the took from him a guinea and some filver. Two part trom whence the found proceeded, he found of them rao off cowards Gilbert's passage, and the Lockey ficting upon Bárker, knocking his bravas other cowards Serle Street.

out against a Itone. Barker breathed iwice, but 2.) On Wednesday last came on at Edinburgh, was not able to speak. They were two of the before the High Court of Jufticiary, the trial of Atoutest men in the neighbourhood, and both William Brodie and George Smith, for breaking their hands were severely cut in the Atruggle. into the General Excise-office for Scotland, in he The Coroner's inqueft was taken, but the jury night of the sth of March last, and stealing Bank suspended the verdia till the 7th inftaot, as ihey notes and money. The trial commenced at a could not agree in opinion relpe&iog fome very quarter before nine o'clock in the morning, and material circumstances relative to the perpetrathe evidence was not closed till after one the next tion of this shocking murder. morning, when the whole was summed up by Tostructions have been lent over to his majela the Lord Advocate on the part of the Crown, and ty's envoy extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the by the prisoner's Counsel. The Lord Justice court of Deomark, to make strict enquiries into the Clerk then giving his charge to the Jury, which cause of some ships, bound from Sweden to Eng. Jalted will near lix o'clock, when they were in. land, being made prizes of by the Russians, and closed, and ac one recorded a verdict, unani- put into Elgneur, complaints having been remously finding the prisoners guilty. A motion ceived that they are British Property. At the was then made for ao arrest of judgment, which same time, the ambassador is commiffioned to detheir Lordships unanimously rejeded, and the clare, that as his Britaonic Majelty has explained Lord Justice Clerk pasted sentence on the prilo. himself unequivocally as to the perfect neotrality Otrs to be executed on the ilt of O&tober. he intends respecting the Ruffians and Swedes,

3-) on Tuesday, the 26th ult. began play, the same assurance will be expected from the ing in Bourn Paddock, a grand alphabetical court of Denmark. match at cricket, made by the Duke of Dorlet, 6.) Some dispatches were received from Lord Winchelsea, and Sir H. Mann, for 1000 Gibraltar, brought over in the Sandwich cutter, guideas, which ended on Friday evening in fa- which is arrived off Plymouth ; they contain an vour of the Duke, by a majority of 75 golches. accouot of provisiops being much cheaper and

4.) Yesterday the four following prisoners more plentitul than they have been for fome çime were executed opposite the debtor's door in the past. Old Bailey; viz. Thomas Riley, for procuriog 8.) Two eight-oared cotters started from one John M.Daniel to take a falle oath, in o:der Westminster. bridge to row to Richmond against to obtain letters of adminiftration, and receive the the side for a bet of 60 guinea ; the first through wages of James Lewis, late a marine on board his Richmond bridge to win the money. This match Majefly's ship Hannibal ; Samuel Warner, for be- was attended with circumstances very remaikaing at large in this kingdom after having been ble: the names of the boats were ihe Chatham ordered for tradiportation, pursuant to the condi- and the lovincible, the former of which was the tion of his Majelty's pardon, be having been con• succeisfol boat. The race was the belt ever seen, victed of a capital offence, and received the Roye god bets at itarting were much in favour of the

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-six years:

Invincible, and continued so till they came off public office in Litchfield-treet, on suspicion of Son House, when the Chatham touched the lo- ttealing a number of books from the house where vincibie in the ftern, and lent her alhore, to the they lodged, in Johoston's court, Jermyo-ttreet. great surprile of all present, the Chatham being The man said he was a gentleman's fervant out 300 yards altern at Kew bridge. On board the of place, and had received these books from bis Tovincible the exertions were very great, aod wife. He was Itopped by Mr. Ware, in Long would probably have been effcctual, but tor the acre, to whom he offered some of them for circumstance of one of the hands having, as it fale His wife said she received them of 10 may be said, died at his oar through the violence old woman of the name of Conway, who aled to of the contest. He was carried athore at Kew, come back wards and forward to the house. where he expired, having not uttered a word from The mistress of the boule said the two priThe time he left his feat. Two others of the lame roners lodged in one of her garrets, and that a crew were carried out at the same time, and now great trunk full of books had been left with her lie dangerously ill.

by a Mr. Smith, who owed her 161. as a fecu. 11.) We learn from Sunderland, that about ity for the money ; thu the books which bad lweive o'clock s night the inhabitants of that been ftopped was part of thele, zod the believed town and the neighbourhood were greatly alarm. the prisoners had committed this robbery. ed with a sudden and dreadful form of thunder They said they were from Ireland, and the and lightning, which continued almof incessantly account they gave of their marriage was truly for sure hours ; leveral trees were shivered to. Irith pieces, and two cows and a horse were killed by Juflice. -Mr. Anderfon where was you ihe lighening.

married ? 16.) The launch of the Royal George man In Ireland, please your Wornsip, in a room. of was at Chatham, is acknowledged to have Justice - Mrs. Anderton where was you been the bett chat has happened for leveral years married l-In St. Paul's church. patt, and was as well auended; as upwards of Justice.

--Mi. Kelly, how long it is fince you 5000 persons are suppoled eo bave been witner was manied ? ies of her going off the flocks, which took place Juftice. Mrs. Kelly how long it is! Once at about a quarter of an bour patt one o'clock, you was married : 13 years. when the right hogourable Lord Hood had the bo Inftice. Mr. Anderson, what is your pour of naming her.

wife's maiden name ? -Henderson, please your She is one of the fine thips that was ever built Wo Mip. for the service of the British oavy, and carries Juftice. Mrs. Anderson, what is your. 10 guns.

maided name-Courtney, please your Woríhyp. 17 ] An account was received in town, of Justice Are you then this man's wife the late arrival of Queen Charlotte fur Mip, from I am indeed, please your Worship. Kanschatka, but lait from Cancon, oft' Dover. They were committed for farther examia She is not an ladiamga, but brings a cargo of lea balion. from China to Zurope, on account of the com

BIRTH S. pany.

A letter from an officer on board the Bull-dog Aug. 26. LJER Sicilian Majesty, of a prince. soop of war, at the Cape de Verd Island, dated 1788. 28. The Counters De la War, of the 22d of July, fay, chac the vellels with dio a daughter.-Sipl. s. Lady Grey de Wilton, of vers, lepi oul by the East India company lo en. a daughter. Toe Lady of Richard Carr Glyo, dearour lo recover the irealure lost in the Hart- Esq. o! Jermyn-itreel, of a lon. well Indiaman, have since their return on that Service had very little success, owing to a ground

MARRIAGE S. Swell, which has entirely destroyed all the chests, Sept. 2. OHN Hobart Briggs, Esq. of the to that only 630 loose dollars have been got 1788. General Puft office, 10 Miss Oldwp.

hain, of Maryla-Boone.-- By special licence, at 19.) The grand reignor is particularly partial Clermont, the fear of the right hon. Earl Tyrto the Englich. He often employs Brit.ln vesela connel, Charles Grimfead, Elq. of Leatherhead, 10 carry merchandize in preferencr to those of Surrey, 10 Miss Chaclelie Walth, youngest the Turkish nation. This proceed from his love daughter of J 'hn Wallb, Eq. of Redbobin for an Englis lady, who a pelent is his greatest 8. AC Lilleton, Lieutenant-colonel Glyna, of favourite, and whole advice he cake, almost on the first regiment of tool, and youngest fun of every occasion. This modern 'Roxalana has so the late Sir Richard Giyan, Bart. to Mirs Hola bewitched him, chat the larely suppressed his ar. linbery, only daughter of the late Rev. Archdour lo act as leader to his croops against the ene deacon Hollinberry.-15. Lieue. Hen. Deering, my. His subjects follow the example, and ob- of the 89:h regiment, to Mit Flaitow, of Amern feive great alienuion in the natives of England, Mham, Bucks. being firmly persuaded, thus if they cootinue on

DE A T H S. terms of friendship with the English, they need entertain lille apprehension of danger from the Aug. 30, T Liverpool, suddenly, whilft his other powers of Europe. The Preoch were lately 1788. head was having, Walter Green, the favourite nacion, but the Turks have now M.D. eminent in his profeflion, and well knowo lost all manner of confidence in their proteffi- for his translation of Horace, Virgil, &e.

lo consequence of the 'brailes he received 20.) A man of the name of Anderson, alias few days before, when thrown from hi chaife, elly, and his wife, were brought ap to the Avery Jebb, era; brocher to be late Sir Rich.).



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Bart. He had been in trade, but meeting with Lock Holpital, and L.L.D.-11. At four o'clock misfortunes, was, by the preleat Chairman of in the afternoon, ac L lbon, of the small.pox, she Eat lodia Company, in graticode for aflift. Joseph-Francis Xavier, Prince of Brazil, and ance from Sir Richard's medical kill, presented heir apparent to the crown of Portugal. He was with a place of 400l. per anaum in the East lo- bora August 21, 1761 ; married Feb. 21, 1771, dia ware-houses. - Sepi. i. Ac Brighthelmstone, to his aunt, Maria Francisca Benedi&ta, who was in hrs 52d year, George Montagu, Duke and boro July 24, 1948.--15. Ac Richmood, Sir Earl of Manchester, Vicouat Mandeville, Baron Charles Algill, bart, banker. --Ai Chatham, of Montagu of Kimbolcun, knight of the garter, the gout in his ftomach, Ms. Marshall, many lord lieutenant, cuftos rotulorum, and colonel of years contractor for painters work to the royal che mililia of Huntingdopshire, high deward of Dany at that port and Sheeraels. He was eftcemGodmsachester, colle&or of the customs out. ed one of the first lip painters in England, wards in the port of London, prefident of the


And the freedom of the said corporation was Waterford, Sept. 31, 1788.

also unanimoully voled to William Cope and John ON

N Sunday evening lalt, Mr. Robert Fen- Bions, Eqrs. for their attention to the trade and

wick, * gentleman belonging to the army, manufactures of the kingdom in general, zod was found dead in a field near the county gallows, of this city in particular. From the licuation he was found in, it is lup. 26.) Sunday morning, a failor Atowing the pored he put an end to his owo existence. gib va buard a vessel coming into our harbour,

Drogheda, October 11. Yesterday morning from a port in the Baltic, milled his step, aod che Rev. Ms. Roe, a Roman Catholic clergyman, fell into the water, where he remained above an was found dead in his fifter's apartmeatx in West- hour, and was taken up without any figas of freet.-He was Glling in a chair with his head life. Spirits were applied to his cemples and lessing on his hand, and is imagined to have been postrils, in vain, vill the Captain ordered the in chat licuation iwo days. He was in a bad fate fume of a lighted tobacco pipe to be thrown inof health for some time palt.

to his body. This experiment set ihe lungs in Ernis, 08. 13. On Thurday laft, Patrick play, and gradually rettored him. He is now Cody, of Ballyhenneen, was conviced, and fin- perfectly recovered. ed three pounds before Thomas Crowe, Esq; for October 2] Tuesday being the day appointed cutting timber on the lands of William Spaight, by charter for swearing the chief magistrate into of Corbally, Elq.

office, the right hon. Jiho Role tok the ulual Limerick, El. 13. A few nights ago, come oath in prelence of his excellency the lord licu evil.mioded perlons came to the field of Mr. tenant, in the council chamber, at the cattle, as William Brownrigg, near Clogheen, co. Tippe. lord mayor of this city, for the coluing year. sary, and most inhumanly cut off the sails of His lo dhip was introduced by the recorder, who, three cows, and the ears of three horses, the pro. in a very eloqueat ipeech, paid sume handsome perty of said Brownrigg.

and deseived compliments to the lace magiltrate, Kilkenny, 02. 24. On Thursday morning as a citizen who had discharged the ducies of his about nine o'clock, a lesvant woman having office with a scrupulous integriey.-The charge thrown some curf alhes near a'rick of hay adjoin- was delivered by che right hos Barry Yelvertoo, ing the barracks at Ballyragget, the hay took chief baron of his Majesty's court or exchequer, fire, and the wind being high, it foon commu in a molt leaned and eloquent manner, com nicated to the barrack., in which the fire raged prising the various parts of duey incumbent on lo with great fury for five hours, notwithstanding important an office. The proceflion to aod from ene uim t exertions of stroop of the 12.b drathe castle war oumerous and splendid; and in goons quartered there, aflisted by the inhabi- the alle samop his excellency, with the principal cenes of the cown and neighbourhood; in that Nate officer, and several of the oobility and emitime every thing combustible was consumed, so nent cuizens, were sumptuously entertained at that the mere hell of the barracks alone remains. dioner by the right hon. ibe lord mayor, ac she --Happily no lives were loft ; a few of the dia. mayoraity. house, Dawsoo-treet. goons were a little scorched in endeavouring lo Same day, T. Tweedy, and Jer. D'Olier, Save their effects,

Esqrs, were swo: o in high theriffs for the couing

year, before the righe hon. ihe lord mayo, at DUBLIN, Sept. 20, 1788.

the Thollel; as was also William Burke of Ar. WEDNESDAY being quarter day of the Guild rao-quay, Esq. an emineat attorney, sworo into of St. George, or corporation of Hofers, the the ofñce of lub sheriff. After the recorder had freedom of hat ancient and respectable guild was given a very learned charge to the high and sub. unanimouly voted to John Toler, Esq. his Ma. Meriff, they all proceeded in grand proceflioa ta jesty's second ferjeant at law, and chairman of the mayorally house in Dawson ftreet. the quarter seffions at Kilmaipham.

The rigne hon. John Rose, lord mayor of this The freedom of the corporation was at the city, ha been pleased to appoint Molefworih fame time unanimously voied co Travers Hart. Green, E!q. an eminent attorney, to be his ley, Esq. one of the representatives in parlia. lordship: secretary for the ensuing year. ment for this city, as a mark of approbation for 3) Friday night lalt, William Snea, one of the faithful and honourabic discharge of his duty the Inspectors for Slepben's-green division, apin parliamacas.

preheaded no less than 32 Atrolling prostitutes, tex,


of whom were the following morning committed dependent of its vtility, is an elegant vehicle to Smithfield Bridewell, seved to Newgate, and The ground io the body is a dark red, decorated three to Chaonel-row, by Mr. Alderman Carle- by a Wue border ftudded with gilt thamats ton, the Divisional Justice : :--And on Saturday The King's Arms, well emblazoned, baving the Dight, 14 prostitutes were taken up by the same word "Mail" over them, occupy the center of Inspector, and brought before Mr. Alderman the door pannel, and at tbe elbow leathers Carleton, who committed'u of them to Smiibo are four ftars of the order of St. Patrick, eks. field, and three to the New Prilon.

gantly embossed in filver and formoupied by : Same night, as Mr. Lindsey, attorney, and coronet. Two handsome-lamps, fufpended fomehis son, were returning home, between the hours what obliquédy, at the fronx tides of the leathera, of 11 and 12 o'clock, to his house in New-Street, are intended to give lighe when necellary to the they were attacked at the corner of Fombally's. coachman and travellers, sod particolarly the lane, by four villains, armed with pillols and guard feated behind. This carriage, which : bludgeons, and after Atriking and ill-uring Mr. hung on a new principle, seems to unice ftrengið Lindley, robbed him of two guineas and a half with elegance. Four may be accommodated and his hal; on endeavouring to take his warch conveniently as inside passengers, and the coacbthe chain broke, and he thereby saved that artis box will admit of an outlide traveller along with cle; they took from Mr. Lindley's fon his hat the driver. The liveries are the lame as there and half a guinea, and were proceeding to trip of the Sovereigo, scarlet and blue laced we them of their clothes, till the appearance of i gold, and under the seat of the guard (abe is person from an adjoiniog houle compelled them provided with a bluederbuss and pistols, and to make off.

from his Gluation has a full command over and Lelcers patent have palled the great seal of on every side of the vehicle) is placed a ftieng this kingdom, containing his Majesty's grant un. trunk wherein the mail is to be depoticed ; this to Isaac Corry, Esq. of the cffice and place of is cootrived on a plan of perfect fecurity and great surveyor general and affiftant to the Lieutenant convenience, being so managed as ia obvine General of all and Gingular his Majesty's ordoance even the deceflity of quitting his feat when rés in this kingdom.

ceiving bis letters. 4.] "A few days lince, a young man, the After the carriage bad made a few circuits in servant of countelor Nolan, of Jarretstown, co. the yard, during which the guard founded his Meath, having, by an untortunae accident, res horn' and performed other inanæuvres, bis Excel. ceived a gun-shot in his leg, and a mortification lency fignified his approbation, and it was driven being apprehended, amputation was preleribed : off to Mr. Hution's.

-To this the poor fellow obftinately retused 7) The right hon. the lord mayor, accamto submit, uouil the symptoms became evident panied by Denis George, Elq. recorder, together and alarming, and even then objected to the with the aidermen and sheriffa, went ia state operation, alledging, as his only sealon for this from the Manfonhoule, in Dawlon-street, to obstinacy, that if he survived it, he would put the Thollel, to open the quarter feffions for the live the affections of a young woman, servade in city of Dublin, when the grand and market juries the house, to whom he paid courtship, and who were sword; after which the court adjouraed he judged would got marry bim with a wooden till to-morrow. leg--adding that he would much rather die chao After the adjourement of the quarter leflions live without her.

this day, Thomas Tweedy, Esq. one of the This being communicated to the young wo high sheriff, 'gave an elegant entertaiomeat to man, the declared in an effufion of jiny and picy, the right hon. the lord mayor, the recorder and that she would marry him if he recovered, evea the board of aldermen at the Tholsel, at which though he should be deprived of boch legs. leveral of the nobility and principal citizens were

This perfectly reconciled the poor fellow to allo present. submit to the painful effort for his recovery; and The quarter lesions for the county of Dublin, the operation was performed by surgeon Nel- opened this day at the court-house in Kilmain ligan of Navan, whose skilful and humane ham, * before John Toler, Esq. chairman of the attention on che occasion merits much praile, feffivds, and the bench of juttices, when a new and the patient is in a fair way of recovery. If grand jury was sworn in, after which the court any ching can send more forcibly to alleviate the proceeded to business. poor fellow's misfortune than the hopes of pol S.] About ten o'clock at night, as a gentle. fefling his miltrels, it must be the kind and ien. man was going from towo to Glasnevin, be was der concern or coupsellor Nolan and his lady, stopped on the road within a few yards of Mr. who have teftified the most humave anxiety for Newburgh's villa by four fellows armed with pif. the poor fellow's accident, and the tenderelt care tols, who rubbed him of a guinea and a half and attention during his illnef:.

and five shillings; one of the villains took the 6.) . This day, came on at Guild-hall

, the gentleman's hai, but his accomplices made him election of Matter of the Gurd of Merchants, for return it, Alier commiuring the robbery chey the enluing year, when James Napper Tandy, Croffed the fields leading towards Drumcondra. Elq. was declared duly elected, no perton have Same night, about nine o'clock, a female iog opposed him.

child, seemingly about a year and an half old, The new mail coach, drawn by grey huoters, was found in an entry in Eishamble ftreet; the was exhibited in the Cattie-yard before his Ex. circumftance being made known, lome humane cellency the Lord Lieutenant, who surveyed it persons in the neighbourhood have taken upon from one of the windows. le appears well calo them the care of rearing ihe child, and providing culated for the cod of its cooitruction, and, in- it with proper decolaries.

9.) This

9.] This day, i gentleman Aopping at the North Wall, under the dire&ion of the high fhecorner of Crampton-court, in Dame-freet, lo riffs, and in cuftody of a strong military guard see the lord mavor's procefsion towards the Thol- of hosle and fool, in sixteen carts and the seffia lei, had his pocket picked of his purse, which on's carriage, and from thence sent in boats on contained 7 guineas and a half, two louis d'ors, board the vellel chartered to transport them to and four Fiench crowns,

Rofcway, in Nova Scotia. fifteen of the carts Same day, a man riding furiously through were filed with men and boys; one cart, and Nex street, was thrown from his horse and kille che leffioas carriage with females; in all, about ed on the spot.

one hundred and filig. 11.) This day, a fhoe-maker having some Same day being quarter assembly at the Thola dilpute with a young mao who lodged with hiin, sel, the chanks of the corporation were unanihe Itabbed him with his koife in the breast in so mously voted to aiderman William Alexander, dangerous a manner, that his recovery is doubca' for his very proper, and exemplary conduct, durfui. The man who committed the crime has ing his lase mayoraley: the sum of sool, was been suffered to cicape.

also voted, iwo or three only difíenting, to the Same day, 21 prostitutes were brought up to alderman, being the accustomed gratuity. the Thollel, in order to be tried; and being puc Same day being the anniversary of the festival to the bar, one of the Inspectors of Police ap- of St. Luke, the college of phyfieians held their peared to prolecule, and having no other crime, appual meeting for the election of officers, when 19 produce agaioft them except being night the following gentlemen were elected, viz. Dr. walkers, the recorder in a very learned charge, Cha. Wm. Quinn, prevdeos, Dr. Cullen, trezexpatialed on the liberty of the subject, aod the furer, and Dis. Brereton, Perceval, Dickion and cruelty of confiniog persons in priton, without Boyton, ceniors, for the ensuing year. Sufficient cha ges being produced against them : At the lame time Dr. Boyton wa appointed reshe jury without leaving the box, brought them gifter, and Drs. Saunders, Harvey, Brereton and in not guilty, and they were immediately li Pe ceval, were elected examiners of apothecaries berated.

shops 13.) At an adjournment of the quarter leffi. 19.) The TEMPLE OF JUSTICE, vulgarly ons, held on Wedneiday last, at ihe Tholfel, called the THOL8BL, was vilited by a votary bevore the recorder - James Myler and Denis from the CYTHEREAN TEMPLE, to implore Newenham, for having afsaulted Heary Jolly, her auspicious decrees, agavalt certain irapious, ac Stephen's-green, and taking from him a silver aod facrilegious cailiff, called bilkers. watch, value 31. bosh found guilty--Lo be hang. li was the fair veltal Margarella Plunketta ed the ist of November.

herfelt who instituted a lot there, for the recoAbout ewo o'clock this day, captain Magaw- very of seven guineas, due to her upwards of two ley, formerly an eminent merchant in this city, years, by i wo young civic bloeds ; five of which with his wite paffing through Essex.Itreet in were charged for a sacrifice, in form of apelsi fose their chaile, they were overturned at the bottom per, at her houle ; after which Burgundy and of Sycamore-alley, but providencially escaped Champagne were the words ; -but, alas ! when unhuri.

the bill was presented, those bloods of the countingo Same night Mr. Higgins, publican, of French hon je were unfortunately out of cash. Their Preet, went to bed apparently in good heal:h; apology, however, was accepted by the fair about three o'clock this morning his wife, heard hoftel; and on partiog they ordered iwo guineas bin moaning, and immediately got up and called more to be dif-ibuted to he nieces, which was aflittance, but he expired in a few minuter. rigidly complied with on their promise of paySame nighe ab ut eight o'clock, a decent fer

-chis, however, through an vant mail, who had been sene with a message to of memory, , it is presumed, was never comQueco-freer, was iuddenly le zed by two foldi- plied wiin; and the dear diffident was there. ers, who dragged her to Oxmantown green, and fore obliged to relore to legai sedrels ;-ad Docwithftanding her thieks were vehement, the carried her poine ;-moch to the diversion of the procured no affittance, until a clerk from Mr. cout, and the discoocertion of the volucky deBrady's, in that neighbourhood, ran out, and fendants. reized, one of the ruffians, whole companion in

BIRTHS for October, 1788. violence threatened to ftab him unlels he re 'N Gloucester-itreet, the Right Hon. Lady linquished his hoid. This the young man was Anoe Fox, of : fon and icir.-In Doriete compelled to from molives of felt preservation. itreet, the Lady of Joto Harvey, Eq. of a

His interference, however,' was atiended with daughter. --In Henriei e-feet, the Lady of the the salety of the young girl, as they were oblig. Reverend D ctor Murray, of a daughier.-In ed to depart with only robbing her of a cloak Mulelworth street, the Lady of Thomas Harris, and hat.

Esq. of a lon - In M-srion-iteet, the Lady of 16. This day, came on an election at Guild- Jobin Macartney, Esq. Of a fon.--At St Stephen's hall, for iwo Common Councilmen to reprelent greco, the Lady or the Right Hon. Lord Delvin, the Guild of Merchants, in the room of Thomas oí a daughter. - Ai Ceainill. King's county, Tweedy and Jeremiah D'Oler, Esqrs. our pie. Lady of the Rev. Dean Digoy, of a daughier.-la fene High Sheriff, when Samuel Tyndall, of Scotland, the Ri. Hn. Lady Cathar.oe Booker, Abbey- Street, and Mr. Henry Jacklon, of Pille Lady of Captain Booker, fun of the late Ald. Tane, Merchants, were elected.

Booker, of Dublin, and after to his Giace the 18.] This day between ten and eleven o'clock, Duke of Gordon, ai a daughter.-In Hanover the convicts noder fentence of transportation, Square, London, the Lady of the Right Hon. were coave yed from the New Prison to the Lord Viscouac Kilwarlia, of a fon and heir.

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