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arifes from lowering interest, even when the in Dublin, conatry merchants discount there, couatry was extremely poor, let us now see, they are subject to the cult of exchange: Bat whether many circumstances do not occur at this let me ak you, what right have you to confice: particular time, to induce the legislature to inter- this beaelic to Dublin Hithertó it has only fere, and reduce interelt lo 5 per cent.

had its effe& in a certain degree amongst the mere The public foods are now Telling at 4 per cent. chants of Dublin, or those who deal through All paper of good credit and flrort date, is this day Dublin; but certainly this is not jult or equits. discounced by mort of the banks in this city at 5 ble, with respect to the other parts of the king. per cent.-- and here I might aalwer the argument dom-sod if the reduction of interest is not ex. of my right hon. friend, who says, that the dacia tended throughout, you do an act of mapiteit onal bank is paid for discouncing at five, by the injustice, and behave like bad politicaos, by advaatages it has received from governmenimby making money cheaper in that capital than in aking him "te the other banks paid ?-yet they any other part of the kingdom, and tempting maeto the fame. He also said, the merchants were ousaduiers to feitle in it. Bie Johah Child, agaiaft it. There is no man will lpeak with who has been so oftea mentioned in this debate, more respect of the mercantile body thao I will. ftongly fupports the opinion I have advanced. I relpect and ctteem them; they are a body of He says, repeatedly, and in the most direa most usefal citizens ; but I deny positively, ihat term, that low interelt is put a consequence,"bar they are against it; but if they were, may I

a cause of national wealth--lower interest, and without offence say, most inerchants deal ia biso you cause an influx of money to traderate the count ; and ihe merchant who does, is Datusally intereit, men will draw their money out of iride, dittracted bei ween (wo profits : he looks to one aod live idly upon the income it will produce by band for the profit of trade, to the other for the being lent out. Whether this is a desirable thing proht of discount.

in the present situation of the country, I lubmi There may be other reasons for merchants not to the wisdom of this committee. coming forward to deciare their approbation of It has been allested, that Hollood Qever rethe measure now under consideration. The bank duced her interelt; buc if gentlemen will take the dicounts at five per cent. but feldom paper that pains to eoquire, they will find that Holland, by has more than two months to go. The mer. * PLACART of the States reduced ber interest chaat frequeatly receives paper that has a long in 1640 to five per cent.-- 1655 to four, and in time to run; perhaps ex months; he charges lome years after to three. this paper with a discount of fix per cent ;

Bui let us compare the ftuation of this counbut when it comes within ewo months, he caro try now with whac it was when this Bank was ries it to the bank, and gets it done at five, chus established. probeing on it one per ceat.

Look to your linen trade, (the people con. I do not mean to say, "merchants who do cerned in which are almost the only perions, be. this are of the class I have mentioned, nor fides the merchants of Dublin, that have profited do I mean to censure them. Self-interest ie by the reduced account of the natiooal and other the spirit that rouzes individuals to the risque baoks). Jo fix years, which is the period face of trade, and the gain is fair; but it deprives discount has been reduced at this bank, the liaca the other parties of a benefic, without reiving exported has increaled in quantity from twenty the state.

to ibinig millions of yards yearly. -Look at your Let me remind gentlemen of the establish. cora trade; till 1774. you had noc bread to feed ment of the National Bank. In 1779 or 1780, yourselves, you now export to the value of four a proposition was made to chablish one I proe hundred thousaad pouods per ana. moted the scheme and afked in this House, The great operative principle of the bank, is would the subscribers agree to be limited to 's the discounting at 5 per cent. and as the rapidits per cent. interest ? they refused, and I oppoled of this increale of export began with its ettathe plan, with this deciaration, that I withed to blishment, it is fair to attribute it in part to the make every book the means of reducing interest reduced discount; it is certain at least that the to 5 per cent and would coolene so it only with reduction has pot retarded it. Why then when that view.

Id 1781, when the plan of the Na- a partial experiment bas been tried and lucceeded, tonal Bank was again brought forward, I faced, helicate to make it general ? the trade of the as one of the arongest motives for it, that it whole kingdom demands it ac your hands. would loon bring about a general reduction u! in

(To be continued.) Bereit to 5 per ceiit. It hz. operated luccetsfully

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The fun of Fancy now is down,

And Truth's calm light its place succeeds.
HERE, mighty Fame !' do you resort?
Oh, where can be thy with'd for court?

The dreams that charm'd my earlier days
Your vot'ries tell.

Are pow, alas! for ever Aled ; lo empty titles or in ftore,

O happy times, on you I'll gaze,
In heavy crowa or masly ore

Agd weep till Mem'ry's self be dead.
Does honour dwell ?

O Memory, how my bosom bleeds !
Where is it that unkind you stay,

My faithful friend, to thee I fy:
Siace so precarious is the way,

Thou talk 'ft of youthful scenes, and deeds
To Glory's ground ?

Replete with idnoceace and joy.
If Fame but for herself is fought,

Then Hope with every morn arose,
She by her cheated lover's thought

And breath'd in every verse I luog;
A trivial sound.

Nor left me at the evening's close,
How mad ambition will incite !

For Love and Faacy both were young.
How popular applause delight

O ignorance ! our joy and shame!
A tranbear fame!

Within my arms, cho' wild god rude, 'And Pride, with a contemptuous frown, Pleas'd with each object and each aim, Too often Cullies our renown,

We feel no pangs of chought intrude.
And leads to shame.

Io life volkill'd, we couot its charms
Humility in meekoels dress'd,

Which Fancy paints with magic hand :
Always of gentlepels poffelsd

Suspicion wakes no harlh alarms,
Delpiles (way.

To spoil the promis'd fairylood.
She who can rock debate asleep,
Aod genial peace Aill waking keep,

Delighted with the scene, we stray
To bless the day.

Where Pleasure rears her bright abode :

The Pallions lead the faced way,
How much fuperior then I ween,

Aod deck with flowers the winding road;
The reed to bead for ever seen,
But whole remain ;

And Hope allures us to the place,
Thao the too kootted Atubborn oak,

Thu' dilaat Mill the prospects seem; which oever bending can be broke,

Till, wearied in the fruitles chace,
Like those are vain.

The spirits Gok-and links the dream !
How Vanity will often bralt!

Then Age comes on, in fears array'd,
Thus hoping to be flatter'd more

And faithless Hope and Feocy fy
Ill purchas'd praise!

We mourn through life our youth betrey'd,
Who, boasting thos, exalis his name,

And play the criller till we die.
Seems a petitioner for Fame,

Halte! bring the goblet, god of wine !
Aod cannot please.

Halte! - I will chase this gloom away!
When in the tongue, as oft I do,

To Polly every thought reGgn,
I see a running food, I view

To Stupor give the lingering day!
An empty heart :

-Ceare, simple youch ! forbear to mouro, While clouds of fcorn the swelling inind

Forbear in wine to drowa thy woe :
Will raise with ollencacious wind,

Tho' Fancy's dreams no more retura,
That buzzing art.

Life Atill has bleffings te bestow. 'Tis true-how never blooms appear

Tho' cares intrude-cho', hopes beguile,
Upon the fig tree, which will bear

Tho' youch is tranfient-joycemains ;
Delightful fruit.

Love gives to Life her happiest smile,
While barren does the fallow be,

And softens all her wringing pains.
Tho' ever glorious palms, you see,
Will proudly loot.

Youth ftill is chine, and Daphoe's eyes

In chine all other eyes excel-
Hail, mighty Virtue! most renown'd!

Go, and possess the Heav'o-lent prize,
Not only with ihe garland crown'd

Whose worth thou loag halt koowa fo well.
Of real Fame,
But Glory wants its joyful smiles,

Go, and possess, in her and Love,
Esential recompence for toils,

The joys whole lols thy heart bewails;
Iuftrious name !

Go, hx thy fhed in

's grove,

Where Nature's oiceft cafte prevails,
Glory-that whensoe'er She shakes,
Her funny trelles ever makes

Theo shalt thou realise the scene
Resulgent light.

Which Fascy's plastic band pourray'd ;
And therefore, who can come lo near

Go, dwell amidit che shades lerene,
As to be able to declare

And love thro' life thy sylvao maid.
The dazzling lighe?

The preferi Age., A Poem.
Ar Efufion.

O more, my friend, of vain applause,
THERE are my wonted pleasures fown!

Or complimental rhymes ;



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Come, Mule, let's call another coufe,

The schools about happiness warmly difpuie, And fing about the Times.

And weary the leofe in the phaotom purluit, For of all ages ever known,

Jo (pite of their maxims I dare to define,

The grand fummum bonum': : bumper of wine. The prelent is the oddeft, As all the men are honest grown,

To the coward a warmth it ne'er fails to impall, And all the women modeit.

And opens the lock of the miferly heart, Our nobles-heaven defend us all!

While thus we caroufe it, the wheels of the soul

O'er life's rogged highway agreeably roll: I'll nothing say about 'em,

Each thinks of his cha' mer, who never can cloy, For they are great, and I'm bue (mall,

While Fancy rides poft to the regions of joy; So, Mule, jog on without 'em.

In spite of dull maxim , I dare le define, Our gentry-what a virtuous race !

The grand jummum bonum's a bumper of wine. DespiGng earthly treasure, Fond of true honour's glorious chace,

'Ticche ballam specific chat heals ev'ry lore,

The ofiener we talte ic, we love it the more : And quite averse lo pleasure.

Thev he, who crue happiness seeks to attais, Our frogal talte the State secures,

With spirit the fựil Aowing bomper muft drain, Whence then can woe begin?

And he who the court of fair Venus would know, For luxury's corn'd out of doors,

Undaunted thro' Baccha, 's vineyard muft go ; Frugality (vok in.

In spite of doll maxim", I dare to define,

The grand fumpium bonum's a bumper of wine. No lawyers oow are fond of fees,

Or clergy of their dues ;
Few people at the play one sees,

The following Vorles were ordered by ile lait

Mrs. Turner, Author of the Breathings of Ac church what crowded pews !

Genius, and many other fugitige Pieces, is What tradesman now forsakes his shop,

serted in the periodical Publications, to be laul For politics or 'news?

on her Hufand': Dep a few Days before for Or takes his dealer at a bop,

Death. They have been iwice jung as a Through interested views

Hymn, by a Congregation ar large and for No rosking for his spouse neglects

many copies of them asked, that they are sa

forft published in your weful Magazine, and For mugs of mantling nappy,

Thereby prejenied io ber friends, by
Or madly iquanders his effct,
To make himself quile happy.

FIDELIO.. Vile cuckold-making is forgot,

HROUGH all the various shifting scene No ladies now in keeping;

Of life's miltaken il or good, No debtors in our pri!ons rot,

Thy hand, O God! conduct", unleen, No creditors are weepiog.

The beautiful viciffitude. Ser, gameters, juggler, swearers, liars, He portions with paternal çare, Despisid and out of fashion,

Howe'er unjuniy we complain; And modern youth, grown toll.deniers,

To each their nec [ary start Fly all unlawful paflion.

Of joy and forrow, health, or pain. Hapy the nation thus endow'd,

Trust we to youth, or friends, or pow', Sy void of wines and crimes !

Fix we our teet on fortune's ball, All zealous for their neighbour's good,

When moft fecure, the coming hour, Oh! these are glorious i'mes.

If he sees fil, may blatt ihein all. Your character, (with wood'rous Atare) When loweł lunk with grief or share, Says Dick, is righey high, Sir;

Gorg'd wirb afil ction's bitter cup; But pray forgive me it I swear,

Lolt to relations, fuends, and fame, I think 'nje aid a lie, Sir.

His pow'riul haad cao raile thee up. Ha! think you lo, my honeft clown?

His mighty consolation cheer, Then take another rig bl on';

His imiles ered th' afflicted bead; Just turn the p clore uplide dowo,

His hand can wipe away the lear, few you'll fee the right on't.

That secret wels the widow's bed.
The SUMMUM BONUM. All things on earth, and all in heav'n,

On his eternal will depend ;
facourite. Drinking Song, now fonging with
wonderful applouie ai Vauxhall, by Mr.

la. And all for greater good were givin,

Would inan purlue th' appointed end, cleion, Compeed by Mr. Hook.

This be iny case, to all hefide WIVE me wioe, sily wine, that foc Indiff'renc lel my wishes be; despair,

Panion he calin, and dumb be pride, We matical power can banish all care:

And byų my soul, my God, on thee. () triensithin the parent, cornp. ter of Arife, The looidei od forrow, und blefling of life;



Conftantinople, July 8, 1788.

enemy's camp about four in the morging. The

attack latted from four in the morning will about AN

N Aviso yesterday entered the Bosphorus halt past fix in the evening, and terminated in

with an account of the last engagement the mott fortunate manner. The Turks were cu becween the Turks and Ruffians ; the loss on entirely routed; and in recompeace to our troops *** which occafion is repreleated as equal on both for their valour, General de Vias, who com. att fides,

mands od interim the army in Croatia, affigacu The Capitan Pacha, whilft at anchor in the to them the plunder of the enemy's camp.roud of Crdgea-Bav, being informed that the Our loss cocotted of only 27 killed, and 55 = Ruflians had sent a feet from Globock, compolo wounded. That of the Ollomag troops must

ed ut galleys, Aat-bottomed boats, and noopy, have been conhdetable (though it canooi be ere instead of leting them leave the river entirely, actly ascertained,) as they were forced to abanand cutting off their retreat, and attacking them don their camp and their redoubts with the ute with all his forces, went with his light Squadron, ' molt precipitation, leaving their dead mea in composed of the same fort of vefsels, io meet heap one upon another. them. The Tuik fought with great intrepidity Since that actioa we learn, that our artillery till the Rufizos let 'fire to some of their Mhips has begun to play on Turkish Dubicza, which with red hot balls. The Capitan Pacha's pre. is oow batcered into a very ruin; yet che gare fence, who fought with his usual valour, could rison continues obftioarely to hold out. not hinder a great dilorder, which the Ruffiaas Genoa, Ang. 16. Our senate having received took advantage of, and burnt and funk a num. advice that these coalls began to be again in. ber of galleys and Noops. They say a vessel fefted with Barbary cortairs, two large gallies was likewise loft belonging to a Candiot, who, were ordered out against them. Two day after seeing himself surrounded and ready to be taken, they fell in with an Algerine xebec of 26 gun, blew himself up, with his ship. However, the when a bloody engagement eosued. It latted gorrison of Oczakow has beco reinforced ; and about four hours, and the carnage was truly notwithstanding this check the Ouoman feet is borrid. The Algerice, however, was at length too superior to suffer the enemy to approach that forced to strike, when all on board were made place. They are arming ships as faft as possible prisoners, about forty excepted, who made their to replace those which are burnt ; and this lols escape in a shallop. The killed among the Alo

is forgot, and nothing now talked of but the gerines are not less than fifty, among whom is Fs evacuation of Moldavia.

their famous Reis, who fought like a true deiPrince Cobourgh was not able to refift a fupe. perado, and would not quit his gun till forced

rior force which mached against him, headed from it by a fatal musket shot. On our p***

by two Pachas, Madel. Bey and Prince Mauro part there were eight men killed, and eighteen jeni, whom this event puts in pofleffion of his wounded; and yefterday the prize was brought principalicy. We are allured they have joined in with triumphant colours, amidit repeated and defeated the rear-guard of the Austrian. shouts of the people.

Belgrade is not invested, and Abdi Pacha Copenbagen, Aug. 20. Couat de Bernfo.ff, writes word, that Gnce the arrival of the last the present prime minister of Denmark, has fupplies nothing is wanting to hold out a long carried through the council a racasure which time.

will enable him to recrait the army with the Naples, July 19. Mount Vesuvius has, for greateft acilivy. This measure is no less some day: patt, begun again to alarm ebe inha: than the emancipation of all the vassals and peabitanes with its flaming eruptions. The lava fantry of Denmark, who have bitherto been has conftantly beco ubierved in a downward di. confidered as angexed to the freehold, and palled section, Howing over the declivity of the moun with it regularly like a gang of negrues to every lain ; but hitherto, great as their apprehenloo new poliellor of the soil. may be, they have experienced no material da. 23.) One Ruffian cutter alone has al.

ready broughe no less than thirteen Swedish Vienna, August 16. The deputies of the prizes inco che port; and by order of vice admiTurk ih garrilun of Chóczim arrived on the gih ial Deflen they are to be cold publicly on the inftant, ac eight o'clock in the morning, at ibe firft of September, !o the greu mortification of camp of the combined armie', with a declara. ibe Swedih ambassador here, who has lent a re

tion, that as they had certain information of mooffrance on the subjeđ to his excellency the e 15:aham Pacha being on the march to their re. Compte de Beinturf.

lief, at ihe head of 30,000 me, they could not Eluneur, Aug" 2 3. A few days ago & Rul-
give up the fortrese; bue requested, as the truce fan irigate of 36 guns was taken by the Swedes;
was then expired, that it might be prolonged she had on board about 120 cannuns and other
for ten daya.' This propolai mei with the most warlike stores,
direct refulal, and orders were immediately Hugue, Aug. 23 An expref is errived from
given for the cogonading to recommence from France, that the French givernment are intolo
all the bat eries.

vent; that they will pay all lite annuities of 500 From the camp of Czerovriani we hear, that live and under, but thole above chat lum will on the gih of Auguft our troup attacked the only be paid one quarter part, and for the rest Turks in their edirenchments near they will receive potes on the Trefor Royal, For this purpose General Breocano ratled the bearing an inte.ell of five per ceni, This blw Iwo bridges over the Uona, and approached the to public credit will occasca great diftrels, and Odober, 17.8.

A 1 a 4

1 inace

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no one can foresee how far the unhappy conse Tippoo Saib's ambassadors are to re-imberk quences of it may extend.

the first week in October at Breft. Tunis, Aug. 24. The Regency, after having The Indian ambaladors have obtained permis held a general council, refolved to take down Gon from the French King co cake with them the Imperial Aag erected before the consul's upwards of 300 artists in different branches, house, which was done the 18th ; and the core which they have engaged to go to India ; the fairs were at the same time ordered to attack King has likewise given them 400 orphan chile and take every vessel they met carrying Imperial dreo, who have been praaibog the use of arms coloora.

some time, and are intended to recruit the Emy Paris, Aug. 29. A complete change of ehe of Tippoo Saib. ministry being now fully effected, a change of Hague, Sept. 6. The first successes of the weasures, it is hoped, may succeed, which can King of Sweden seem to have been followed by only frience the clamour in every quarter of the untoward circumstances, which have greatly kingdom, too serious to be sported with. crippled his enterpriGng designs. His army bar There is a period beyood which no minister can been greatly retarded in his operations from the or ought to proceed; che archbishop has seen 'want of provifion, which is exceflive scarce is this, and his matter is now convinced, that such Finland. The chief objea of the Swedes ja measures never will be Lacitly alleated to. The the attack on the Russian garrison of Frederick. Bastile, Chatelet, &c, are daily vomiting forth ham, was to make themelves mafters of the their inhabitants; all persons confined on politi magazines of provisions stored up there. cal questions will be released.

the approach of general Siegroch to that places Sept. 8. M. Necker, to our great jny, has the commandant set fire to the luburbs wbere already given public notice, that all sums dae the magazines were, and by this means fral. from the crown, whether cooltting of rents, trated the design; on which the troops immcd. interests upon loans, or salaries, are to be paid ately re-embarked og board the boats lying I in ready cash.

the town, which they were obliged co do it 15.] The keeper is banished the royal pre want of provifions. The communication wid fence, and all the members of the Paris Parlia. the main army at Wyborg is, however, meat are io lowo ready to repair to Ve tailles, off by the prudeac movement of the King of whenever bis Majesty Mall be pleased to hold bis Sweden. long-expected Bed of Justice, which is to reeltablish affairs in fiatu qua. Tibe Scocks are fill

AMERICAN News, falling, but every body thinks they will rilie af. Quebec, March 19. The Loyalists tre conter the re inftatement of Parliament,

ing into this province in vaft oumbers ; 7oo taM. Necker has answered M. de Calonge's milies of Quakers from Penosylvania, od 197 Jalt account of the tue of the finances in families from Sussex, in New Jersey, are pelle France, in a small volume, 410. He leems lioning for lands on Lake Erie. The lands oa to prove by authentic papers, that instead of the our side of Niagara are already filled, and above teo millions of livres which M. N. allured were 1000 fanilies are now applying for a settlement above the expeodicure of the revenues, there are to the Eastward of Lake Champlain ; Coloce! now 14 millions ; an evideni proof that the Fitch, ot Connecticut, is at their head. embezzlements have been enormous,

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BRITISH I N T E LLIÇ E N C E. LONDON, August 27, 1788. ftroyed him, for the sake of the chest of mones, Falmoulb, August 23,

and were overheard ; in confequence of which

the landlord amused them till he had applied to express this morning from Mavagissey, ? the officers of justice, to whom they confetled pore, we have an account of the brig Arsold, corroboration of this melancholy calaft:ophe was Abraham Campbell, of Yarmouth, froun Bilboa · made known irom the evidence of the matter's for Hamburgh, with wool, &c.' The crew bay, who swore to his hat. seized on the captain, chained him down to the On Friday evening, about eight o'clock, a fire deck, and beat him in a cruel manner, then was perceived in the wareboule of Mr. William plundered the ship of a chelt of money, a boaç Fox, grocer, npon the Loog.row, Nottingham, with laic, come provisions, and other things wherein a large quantity of low' had been des and made off co sea. The captain is linçe posited, which was entirely consumed. The in dead.

habitants were gičaily alarmed; but the flames Some men who have been lately advertised on were happily prevented from spreadiag, by the account of a murder committed on the master of timely afi Nance and great activity of the soldiers a Ya mouth irader called the A'nold, were, on quartered in that town, Friday 31 two o'clock, apprehended by Whit. A woman in a small town in Somersetshire field, a suoner belonging to Justice Smith's of has, in the course of three years, produced fice, in East Smithfield, at the sign of the Thir (at three births) nine children -a cir teen Capcoor, dear Irongate. It appears that cumliance not a little extraordinary, confithere wierche's (who nepr cogether) were boalt. dering that her husband is but a journeymas ing of the manner in which they had thrown the taylor, enionuale victim overbuard, or otherwise do

Sept. 1] A plao is now coscersing between


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