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of nature which this kingdom has furnilhed for 27.) The eruption from the bag acur Golden many agės paff.

Atill continues to fuw. It has driven the 6th co Cafbel

, April 2. The Rev. Mr. Fitzgerald Pallace, gear Waterford, where they are taker of Cakel, after giving an account of the face of every night in large quantities; all the poor peothe bog of Mopabugh concludes as follows: ple about Waterford, are bulied in making curf

It is truly melancholy to see the poor people of the large pieces of bog which go dowa the sie Atripping their houses, and removing their mace ver Suir every day. rials, their furniture, and their potatoes that Limerick, May s. On Thursday lalt, bewere buried iq the field, co save them from des. tween eleven and cwelve o'clock in the aftertruchioa. Mr. Hyde, thu ugh whole ground it doon, four broshers, of che name of Gilienane, has bent its course, will lose between three and collected and headed twenty notorious robbers four handred pounds per ano. To some parts from the neighbourhood from Cratloe, in the co. of the country it will be of use, depofiting a of Clare, all armed with firelocks and swords, supply of firing, for which they were before dir- for the purpose of replevying caule diftrained for treffed. Many are anxious for the fate of the rept; they proceeded to Mr. D'Efterre's bridge, bridges and mills on the Suir ; but I think their at Rossmaoaber, broke open the coll-house and fears are groundless, as it is of such a thin con gace, then they went to his dwelling houle, and fifteace, that as soon as it gets into a body of broke it open they also broke open 20 001- house, running water it muft divide, and be washed off. from whence they look che cattle, and not conIt carries in its llream illands of the upper lure tent with those acts of outrage, they continued face of the bog, from one to three or four yards on the lands all that day and the next night, conSquare. I will bye and bye pay it another ftantly firing shots and rioting, to the terror of visit, as it was yesterday near a bridge, and I am the whole neighbourhood. li appears singular, cager to fee whether it will have any effect on it that they did not meet any refiftance which could

induce them to commit this shameful out! age. Clormel, April 10. A gentleman who return A circumttance has lately occurred so much to ed 10 town late yesterday evening from Golden, the honour of a well-known geotleman in the affures us that the eruption of the bog of Moa county of Carlow, and a matter of lo much imnabugh had communicated with the river Suir, portance to the community, that we should bold abour ten o'clock in the morning, a little above ourselves deficient in our duty to the public if Golden Bridge, and when he lett Golden (two we deferred relating it, even as we heard it : o'clock) the influx of matter was so great, that Mr. Bg-T some time ago being informed the water was thickened to the confiftence of that a very great oumber of pigs, whose owner porridge-hat large pieces of the bog's furtace war anknown, conftantly came into his groundi, were Apating down the river, but had not yet tearing up the foil and committing other deprecollected in luch quantities as to create any ap. dations, he gave orders for his people to cut off prehension for the safety of the bridge. One their ears, and curn them away, which was ac. very disagreeable conlequence that will inevita. cordingly executed. The owner, who was a bly attend this extrordinary confiux, is, the to." neighbouring gentleman, looking upon it as an tire destruction of the fish, which have been infult dooe him, fent iminediately to Mr. B-og..! completely dettroyed as far as the matter has to know if the mulilation was dune by his order; yet run.

he was answered, that it was, but if it had been 14.] The matter discharged from the bog had' known to whom the iwige belonged it would not become confluent with the river Suir, a lisile have been done ; the gentleman, however, it above Golden, bur the influx was not fo great as seems, not fatisfied with this apologizing answer, to endanger the lafety of the bridges, we do not lent a mellage to Mr. B-8-1, the consequence find that any material injury has been done, lave of which was a meeting, where Mr. B-gto the fish, wbich have been almoft wholly de. having received (very happily without effect) cbe ftroyed from Golden lo Carrick-the noxious fire of his antagonill, declared he would not requality of the matter discharged, and the concia turn it, but appeal to the laws of his country, nued muddy water, have caused it. --The centre and by bringing the crime of duelling, from a false of the big is much fallen, and the discharge is sense of honour, to which he had been so many nei her so coolant nor abundant as it has been; years a vietina, into the courts, put an end or at large pieces of luriace itill fall into the fluid mat. icast a ftp to lo abomioable and fameful a practer, and, being conveyed to the narrow pass out tice. Mr. B-g--I has accordingly lworn exaof the bog, they then become, not only a tempo.

minacions against the gentleman who challenged .rary obstruction to the low of master, but ferve him, and bills of ind ameot thereon, have been as a bridge for the country people to pass and re fince found. -We that only observe, on this ocpari The frequency and continuance of these casion, that there is oui a person in the kingdom obtructions demonstrate that the matter does not, who can bring this matter forward with so good a itfue with the same force as at first; bence we grace as Mr. B-gare induced to think, that the elevation of the

DUBLIN, April 9, 1788. hog does not now very much exceed the level of che pass through which the fow is, and confe ON Saturday lalt, a cause of much importquently we may expect this extenlive and dele ance to the citizens of Dublin, came to be tried tructive eruption will not continue inuch longer; in the Court of King's Bench. The decidon bot from the fate the bog is in, and from che, will have the effect of cauling a nicer actention nature of ii, we conceive it exceediogly proba-' to the businels of the Police chan chat which has bie, that a discharge of fimilar matter will, in beca hitherto oblerved, and of course mult afford future, be likely to succeed every wet winter. much satisfaction.

It was an application for an attachment against The solo Gagers were Mrs. Molloy, late Miss Mr. Alderman Moncrieffe by Mr. Nathaniel Wheeler, Mrs. Arnold, late Miss Jameson, Dr. Hose, merchant. An affidavit of the latter Parkinson, Mr. Carter, bachelor of music, Mr. gentleman was adduced, which went to supporć Stephenson, and a boy of the choir. the charge of negleit of duty against Alderman Several ladies of distinction, . well known in Moncriefe as Divisional Justice of the Police. the mofical world, affifted in the chorusses, and This affidavit in substance was briefly thisma among these we could perceive Lady Belvedere, ware-house belonging to Mr. Hone, in Bolton- Lady Valentia, Lady Piers, Hoo. Mrs. Scopíord, ftreet, had been broken into and robbed of wine Mrs. Trant, Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Musgrave, Mrs. and sugar to the amount of 401. on the night of Austin, the ewo Mils Cramploos, Mifs Kirwan, the 4th of February; a Police man lands so near Miss Grubere, the two Miss Caddels, and revethe place, that it was almost impossible to have ral others. The genclemes of both choirs affift. accomplithed the fact without his coonivaoce or ed, and the geaulemen of the choir of Armagh, privity ; on discovery of the deed. Mr. Hone ac. also attended. companied by Mr. St tt, merchant, repaired to

The Band conlisted of all the professors in this the house of Alderman Moncrieffe, in order to city, and we were happy to see a number of Jodge examination of the robbery-and to cause Amateurs affitting in the Orchestra. Among the fuch orders to be issued, by the magistrale, as violins were Mestre, Neale, O'Reilly, Beauty, would be likely to havethe offenders secured-hey Rivers, Ledwith, Dobbs, Wroughton, M'Laogha saw a clerk in the top of the name of Johntoa lin, and several others. The Rev. Mr. Sandys --who denied the Justice; and, though they took the double bass. The violincellos were were extremely urgent, they were unable to pro- Lord Delvin, the hon. Mr. Ponsonby, Captain cure an interview; during their continuance, Potiere, Mesra. Ashworth, Rhaines, Austin, Mr. Hone plainly saw Alderman Moncrieffe fic. &c. &c. Tenors, Right Hon. John O'Neill

, ting in his parlour and Johnson, after aften Sir Hercules Langrise, Rev. Mr. Wood. Me! saying that the aiderman would not be disturbed Trench, and Mr. Quin. The Duet for Fluces mat length mentioned, in the bearing of Mr. was well performed, by Mr. Ash and Mr. Black, Stit-hat Mr. Hone might go to or apply sa The Hautboys and Balloons had a most excellent the Devil.

effect. First Violin, Mr. Weischel, second VioThe Recorder spoke to shew cause, why the lin Mr. Fitzgerald. Organ, Mr. Cogan, and attachment mould not illuç, when the Court pro- conductor, Dr. Dayle. ceeded to pal judgment.

The whole of the Oratorio went off without Lord Chief Juftice Earl-fore approved of the the imallest mistake, and four of the Chorusles application, and censured the conduct of the were encored. There were above one thousand magiltrate. At áll reasonable hour Police ma- persons in the Church. Their Excellencies apgistraces should be accesible ; and whenever they peared to be exceedingly well plealed with che were otherwise the subje&t should find redrela in entertainment of the day, and the company went tha: Court. The same power that created could away exprefling the highest satisfaction at the exannihilate them; and therefore their very ex.

cellence of the performance, istence as Police magistrates depended on the

Second Day-16.) This day the performance proper discharge of their duty. Citizens were consisted of a miscellaneous selection, and conentitled to respectful treatment, nor should any cluded with the Coronation Anthem. The long middle person interfere between them and the -“Shall I in Mamre's fertile plain" (Joshua) magistrate, whose refusal to be seen, even at by Mrs. Molloy, was very well executer-as night, was highly censurable, as prod: Etive of was that of " Recorn O God of Hoft," (Sampmischief; his Lordfhip thought it no hardship to con) by Mrs. Arnold. Many of the auditors have received an affidavit himself so late as ten were disappointed in expecting to be gratified o'clock the night before. But upon the whole, with the exertion of the vocal powers of several as the magiftrate did not act partially or cora ladies of fashion, save in the choruses, which ruptly, but merely from negligence, he should received much force from their affiftance. The allow the cause, but not with costs.

whole went off with much eclat, and as splen. Sir Samuel Bradftreet and Mr justice Hean did an assembly as ever appeared on any similar were of the same opinion.

occasion, departed highly lacisfied with the per. Mr. Juftice Bennee said, were it not for the formance. Alderman having sworn in his aclwer, that the The noblemen and gentlemen who humpanely cleik had not del vered the message to him, che condescended to aflist in the above charitable an: Court would certainly have granted the aliach- dertaking, deserve much praise--among others,

the malterly performance of the Ri. Hon. J. The role therefore was entered of the cause O'Neill was easily diltioguishable, as was Lord having been allowed, but without cults. Delvin. The orchestra in general was power.

fully assisted by the organis-Mr. Cogan, who Commem er alica of Handil Firft Day.

evinced a true musicaleate and judgment of exo 12.) The Oratorio of the Mefkab was the per. ecution. The Marquis and Marchionels of formance of this day. At half after i To'clock, Buckingham honoured the meeting with their the performers attended in their place and presence, and on their entrance the assembly precisely at is elve, their Excellencies che Mare rose, and continued Standing until the Viceregal quis and Marchioners of Buckingham arrived Pai: had taken sheir places when the perfor. as soon as their Excellencies were leaved, the manie iminediately begoo. President (hia Giace the Aichb Mop of Cashel) 23.) in the court of King's Bench, the Atgave the signal for beginning 'he Overture. corney General moved for a writ of Habras lo




issue, to bring op Frederick Lambert oow in the bleach greens employed on country work, but Dew prison, and who had been tried, found guilo no probabilicy of eitablishing the linen trade. AC ty, and received sentence of death at the Juiy Kiilarney he found a little coulon maoufactory commiffion of Oger and Terminer in the year of ewenty-four looms; but the quanuicy of core 1983, for having committed a robbery on the con and woul spun in that Deighbourhood is imperloo of Mr. Paul Ham, but who had received mense. his majesty's pardon on condition of braafporting He says that Dublin alone consumes yearly, abimself to some of his Majesty's plantations out bove one hundred thousand spangles of Mayo of Europe, and who had returned into this yarn, on account of its honesty and brightoets of kingdom contrary to the terms on which said colour. pardon was giaoled.

Blarney promises to become a confiderable feat The court was pleased to grant the Habeas. of manufacture. Mr. Deaves, last lummer, en

24.) Mr. Farrell, salesmalter, of Smithfield refled a building of 110 feet long, 28 feet wide, fold Mr. Wilkinson, of Patrick's market, for and five sto:ies high, for the spinning corcon by sol, a bollock, at the enormous weight of eigh. water. On two greens which ihis manufacturer teen hundred pounds. The largest known in this occupies, he last year bleached 2400 pieces of kingdom, and reared in the co. Meath.

collon and linen of his own, and 3888 pieces for 25.) Court of King's Bencb. This day James the public. Foy, otherwise Sladden, who was indicted for At Bandoa a very extenfire trade is carried on precuring the murder of Charles Hipsoa, was in Oinaburghs, cheques, ticks, and cheese-cloche, brought up to the bar of this court pursuant to for Liverpool. Ac Shaooonvale and Ennishannon, che order of Friday and Monday last, when M. there are considerable collon manufactories, Blosser, council for the prisoner, moved the couc Cloghnakilty, there aie a numerous body of to allow the prisoner's plea of eutre fois acquit, weavers, who labour under difficulties from the be having been already tried and acquitted tor fraudulent state in which they are obliged to purche murder of Charles Hipson.

chale the Welt Muotter yarn. 28.) This day Frederick Lambert, who re la the county of Wale ford, few attempts were torned from transportation contrary to ibe terms made at either the linen or couton manufacture. of his Majesty's pardon, by which his sentence of They chiefly make use of Coonaughe yarn, which deathwas mitigated-- was brought up to the Court they get from Dublin. A few miles below Wa. of King's Beach. The Attorney General ap- terford, Mc. Cornelius Builton has given encou. peared to prosecute on che part of the ragement to the collon and Ilocking manufactures, Crown, but wilhed the business was deferred foron English prices. The number of Itocking a few days, as he underttood a further pardon frames is increated 10 31, but only 22 looma os would be extended. It was postponed accordo linea and cotcon. ingly potil Saturday next. Lord Chief Justice Through Tipperary, very little actempts were Earlsfort rempa, ked to the Recorder, who was made at marutadure, except at Nenagh, but counsel for Lambert, that his client was indebted they laboured under a difficulty of obtaining yarn, in 20 cmincot degree to the mercy of the and had no open market to tell their pieces. Crown.

Tw the above report, Mr. Arbuthnot has ada May 2.] Foy was again brought up to the ded many usefui oblervations; he recommends Coure of King' Beach, when Mr. Blollet as his to chole gentlemen of lauded property, who are counsel, spoke for two hours and a half, in fa- willing to encourage the culiere of flax, and vour of his ples, and the Attorney General a- spinning under their

own immediate eye, to gainit it, when the Court determined, that the employ Ulfter flax dressers, and get spinners from pronouncing of Judgment on it lould lie over that province, or those parts of Connaught, until next term.

where they are in the habit of spinning the Hax By the report which was made in the course long ways, co superintend colonies of young (pin. of last month to the Linen Board, by Mr. Ar. ners. He also recommends as a primary object buthnot, the Inspector General of Leinster, Mun. of consequence to the nation, thai every pottible Ater and Connaughe, we find, that not only the encopragernent be given to stocking frames worklinen, but also the cotton maoufacture is widely jog at English price'. He says, that go less chan extending itself in the above provinces, under the 2000 looms are employed in the manufacture premiums held out by the Trustees. He says, called bundle cloth; the yarn {pun for this, to chat in the whole western tract of Connaught, fupply the internal ule of the kingdom, througla specially in the county of Mayo, there is a pro- the whole western limes, is immense, and the digious quantity of yarn very excellently (pun, yara of lo excellent a quality, as to be fit for the for which there is a great demand at home and best do wale and Theelings. abroad. He says, great quantities of good yarn We publish the above, as a most interesting inare span on the western Gde of Munster, and a citement to che further encouragement of the very extensive Cail.cloth manufacture is carried linen and cotton manufactures; for it is a melan. on in Cork, buc that in the upper part of Clare, choly shame, in a kingdoin which commands the he found a great number of weavers unempiny: greatest orcional advantages in the world, that ed, though there is a vast quantity of exceeding through the disipation and oppreffion of the land good yarn ipun in that country, but inoftly con owners, and the pernicious rage for rening hornfurned by the bandle doch weavers for home ed cattle, our former villages are de populated, confumption.

agriculture liccle encouraged, sod ihat gread In Limerick he found a great number of che fource of national weaich, ihe labours of the que weaver', and from thence to Dingle he on. wheel and the loom in a great meatured confined ly met with a few scattered broad linen weavers ; to the two provinces of Ulster and Conaughr. 208 chrough the rest of Kerry only a few willing

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2.] Came on to be tried, before Lord Earlso foct, to Mile Welsh, of Youghall.-Denis Mos. fore and a special jury, in the Court of King's lan, E'q: 10 Miss Catharine Creagh, daughter of Bench, an information against Sir John Picke, John Creagh, jun, of Cork, Eig. - The Rev. Bart. Henry Hacion, Ele; and Richard Griffith, Doctor Cleaver, for? Chaplain to his Excellency Esq; ftating, that on the 13th of May, 1787, 2 the Marquis of Buckingham, to Mila Wynne, tumulluous body of meo had asembled in the daughter of the Right Hon. Owen Wynne, and neighbourhood of Merrion-Iquare, to disturb the Niece to the Earl of Farnham, and Bishop of peace of our Sovereign Lord the King-to dit. Meath. - James Taylor, of Bailywalter, county perse which, Alderman Exshaw, a magistrate for of Down, Esq; to Miss Taylor of Mary's Abbey. ihat division of the city, repaired, not withitaade - The Reverend Arthu, Champagne, Prebeodary ing which, Sir John Freke, Bart. Hen. Halion, of St. Patrick's Carbedral, 10 M 11- Mary Homao, E19; and Richard Griffin, Ery; wilfully and daughter 10 the Reverend Philip Homan, of Sumaliciousy to dimicifh his authority, did, in Mero rock, county of Westmeath. -AL Cook, Thomas rion-row, make use of several opprobrious and Lindlay, Elī; Barıiller-at-Law, to Mr Maylor, contemptuous expreffions--questioned his autho- only Samuel Maylor, E 9.-- John Forrt, riy as a magiftrate to disperse the riot-and fic of Moore.streel, lo MK Kelly, of Marlborough. nally, that they did moleft, obitruct, and hinder Areet. At Limerick, Peter Mensell

, Elq; to Miss him from dispeifing the persons concerned in the Crawford, daughter in Captain Ciawiord. - John faid riot. R Y.

William Fouiler, of Rory Park, county of Louch,
Abraham Wilkinson John Patrick

Elq; Meinber of Parliament for the borough of
Leland Crofthwaite William Rawlins Dunleer, to Mirs M'Clure, only daughter of
Robert Magee William Kilbee Hamilton M'Clure, Sackville-Street, Elq.
Charles Wa
Edward Forbes

DEATHS for May, 1788.
Joseph Off
Sinith Ramage

N London, the Right Hon. Lord Viscount George Maquay

Thomas Pettigrew The prosecution was opened by Mr. Beresford. -In Anglelea street, Andrew De La Maziere, The Jury retired for near an hour, when they Elq; a very eminent merchant, molt fincerely returned a verdia, Richard Griffith, E1q; regreted - In Chapelizod, Captain Wm. Brady, guilty.Sir Jobs Freke, and Heory Hatton, of the Royal Irish Artillery.--Ms. Anne WaiElq;-Dot guilty.

kins, relict of John Watkins, of, Counsel for the Prosecution.

county of Cork, Elq-Sir Paul Banks, Kat. à Attorney General

Mr. Egan

Captain in the 2o1h regiment of foot, Mr:. Serjeant Hewitt Recorder

Digby, Lady of Simon Digby, of Laodenstown, Hop. S. Batler Mr. Beresford co. of Kildare, Esq.- Al Crumlin, co. of Dube Counsel for the Traverlers,

lion, the Rev. Mr. Caridy--Suddenly, at his Mr. Duquery Mr. Stokes

house in Mary's-abbey, Wm, Alexander, Elg. 20 Mr. Curran Mr. Grace

eminent merchant, and fasher co che prefent Lord Mr. M. Smith Mr. Rice

Mayor of the city of Dublin ; a gentleman most Mr. A. Browne Mr. Harvey

universally regretied by a numerous acquaintance. Mr. Borrowes Mr. Spencer

-Ac Bach, Thomas Benson, Esq, of Cork. The Duke of Leinster sat on the bench with At Louth-Hall, co. of Loub, in the 20th year Lord Earlsfort during the whole of the trial. of his age, the Hon. Charles Plunket, youngest

Several members of the House of Commons son of Thomas the late Lord, and brother to che were prelent in the court, ainongst others Major prefent Rt. Hon. Lord Baron Louth. Mr. DoyleSir Edward Croiton-Mr. Parlons-Mr. Kelly, one of the King's mcliengers.-- At his Hartley, &c.

houle at the Black-rock, Alderman George Al. BIRTHS for May, 1788. cock, President of the Court of Conscience, aod

lace Lord Mayor of the city of Dublin ; he servo daughter. In Ely Place, the Lady of ed the office of Sheriff in 1775, and was elected Robert Phaire, Esq; of a lon.-In Hume-ftreet, an Alderman the itt of Nov. 1776, and that of the Lady of Daniel Maunsell, Elq; of a son. Lord Mayor in 1787: In Exchequer-Atreet, In Dawion-frece, the Lady of Captain French, Thomas Goodwin, Eig; many years one of the and daughter of Lord Viicruni Gosford, of a lon. Clerks in the General Puft Office.-In Digges- The Lady of Alexander Nichollon, Eiq; of a treel, Richard Smyth, Elq; of the Ordoance vio fon. - At Newtown Pery, county of Limerick, fice.The Rev. Arthur Mahon, LL. D. and The Lady of Colonel Lefroy, of a son. Al his Corate of St. Nicholas, Within.-224 May, in house George's ftreet, Hanover Square (London) Hartley. Itreer, Cavendish Square, London, the the 191h of May, the Lady of the Righe Hon. Right Hon. Lady Mulgrave, Lady of the Right che Earl of Altamont, of a lon zod heir.

Hon. Lord Mulgrave, Ate was delivered of a
MARRIAGES for May, 1788. daughter, thrse weeks before.
T Violero Hill, county of Armagh, Wm.


*HE Hon . , 10 Mif Keily, of Almagti.- Sir Nicholas Con. way Colechurli, Bare to Mira Harriott Latouche, be Commissioners and Overseers of Barracks, &c. third daughter of the Re. Hon. David Latouche. in the roorn of James Cavendisi, Fitzherbert In Limerick, George Anderson, of White-Hall, Richards and Ralph Ward, E:qrs. religned, -119: 10 Mrs. Prendergart.- At Cork, Roberć The Archbishop of Cashel, che Rev. Waiter Parker, Fiq; to Mile Helena Dunscombe, daugh. Blake Kirwan, James Somerville, Wm Raih. rer of Robert Dunscombe, of Sunday's Well, borne and Alexander Jaffray, Efqrs, to be CoE.4.-Nuah Hill Neak, Liq; fate of the 4614 veiners of the Lying.ia Hospitala

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Campbelt, ElaCaptain in the band conta Tu and Charles Henry Conte, Eiąre

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