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suppose your mind, and answer for "for myself, madam; that I am in "an infallible truth." Now for yo "side.] "Indeed, sir! and may I belie "certainly, madam, as that 'tis daylig "if you persist in silence.-Bless me "of your voice, and raise my spirits "heaven. Thus low let me entrea

"to quit this place; grant me some "vourable reception to keep my hope “hastily, turns on her side.] "" Rise, s guardian's presence will not allow tongue, read that, and rest assur'd y "ferent to me." [Offers her a letter, sh "Ha, right woman! but no matter;

Sir Fran. Ha! what's that! a let ha! thou art baulk'd.

Miran. The best assurance I ever Sir Geo. Ha! a letter! oh! let m same raptures that I would do the touch'd it. [Opens it.] Now for a q long extempore-What's here? [Re "George! this virgin muse I consecr "when it has receiv'd the addition of "charm me into a desire of liberty 66 you, and only you, can fix." My transport me! [Kisses the letter.] "A "of your command, the god of love, ❝ already, the flowing numbers danc

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“Miran. I'm sure thou'rt inspir'd with impudence

" enough. Sir Geo.


"Great love inspire him,
"Say I admire him.
"Give me the lover
"That can discover
"Secret devotion
"From silent motion;

" Then don't betray me,
" But hence convey me.

[Sir Geo. taking hold of Miran.] "With all my heart;"
this moment let's retire. [Sir Fran. coming up hastily.
Sir Fran. The time is expir'd, sir, and you must take
your leave. There, my girl, there's the hundred
pounds which thou hast won. Go, I'll be with you
presently; ha, ha, ha, ha!
[Exit Miran
Sir Geo. Adsheart, madam, you won't leave me
just in the nick, will you?

Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! she has nick'd you, sir George, I think; ha, ha, ha! Have you any more hundred pounds to throw away upon courtship? ha, ha, ha!

Sir Geo. He, he, he, he! A curse of your fleering jests!-Yet, however ill I succeeded, I'll venture the same wager she does not value thee a spoonful of snuff-nay more, though you enjoin'd her silence to me, you'll never make her speak to the purpose with yourself.

G Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! Did I not tell thee thou wouldst repent thy money? Did I not say she hated young fellows? ha, ha, ha.

Sir Geo. And I'm positive she's not in love w Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! no matter for that, She's not taken with your youth, nor your rh to boot; ha, ha!

Sir Geo. Whate'er her reasons are for disli me, I am certain she can be taken with nothing


Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! how he swells with ‹ Poor man! poor man!-ha, ha, ha! I must be pardon, sir George; Miranda will be impati have her share of mirth. Verily we shall la thee most egregiously; ha, ha, ha!

Sir Geo. With all my heart, faith-I shall in my turn too-for if you dare marry her, ol zebub, you will be cuckolded most egregiously member that, and tremble

"She that to age her beauteous self resigns,
"Shews witty management for close designs;
"Then if thou'rt grac'd with fair Miranda's b
"Actæon's horas she means shall crown thy he

"Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! he is mad.
"These flutt'ring fops imagine they can wind,
"Turn and decoy to love all womankind;
"But here's a proof of wisdom in my charge,
"Old men are constant, young men live at large.
"The frugal hand can bills at sight defray,
"When he that lavish is has naught to pay. [


Changes to Sir JEALOUS TRAFFICK's house.

Enter Sir JEALOUS, ISABINDA, and PATCH following.

Sir Jeal. What, in the balcony again, notwithstanding my positive commands to the contrary?-Why don't you write a bill on your forehead to shew passengers there's something to be let?

Isab. What harm can there be in a little fresh air, sir ?

Sir Jeal. Is your constitution so hot, mistress, that it wants cooling, ha? Apply the virtuous Spanish rules; banish your taste and thoughts of flesh, feed upon roots, and quench your thirst with water.

Isab. That and a close room wou'd certainly make me die of the vapours.

Sir Jeal. No, mistress, 'tis your high-fed, lusty, rambling, rampant ladies-that are troubled with [the vapours: 'tis your ratafia, persico, cinnamon, cittron, and spirit of clara, cause such swimming in the brain, that carries many a guinea full tide to the doctor: but you are not to be bred this way: no galloping abroad, no receiving visits at home, for in our loose country the women are as dangerous as the


Patch. So I told her, sir, and that it was not decent to be seen in a balcony-but she threatned to slap

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my chops, and told me I was her servant, not


Sir Jeal. Did she so? but I'll make her to that you are her duenna. Oh that incomparab tom of Spain! Why, here's no depending up women in my country-for they are as wan eighty as a girl of eighteen, and a man may as trust to Asgil's translation as to his great grai ther's not marrying again.

Isab. Or to the Spanish ladies' veils and du for the safeguard of their honour.

Sir Jeal. Dare to ridicule the cautious cond that wise nation, and I'll have you lock'd up this night without a peep-hole.

Isab. If we had but the ghostly helps in Eng which they have in Spain, I might deceive you i did-" Sir, 'tis not the restraint, but the innate I "ciple, secures the reputation and honour of our s

-Let me tell you, sir, confinement sharpens the vention, as want of sight strengthen the other se and is often more pernicious than the recreation innocent liberty allows.

Sir Jeal. Say you so, mistress! who the devil tau you the art of reasoning? I assure you they m have a greater faith than I pretend to, that can th any woman innocent who requires liberty; theref Patch, to your charge I give her; lock her up til come back from Change. I shall have some saunt ing coxcomb, with nothing but a red coat and a f ther, think by leaping into her arms to leap into

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