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minutes gone, sir George-Adad I don't like those close conferencesSir Geo. More interruptions---you will have it, sir!

[Lays his hand to his sword. Sir Fran. going back.] No, no; you sha’n't have her neither.

Aside. Sir Geo. Dumb still--sure this old dog has enjoin'd her silence. I'll try another way mo" I must conclude, “ madam, that in compliance to your guardian's hu“ mour you refuse to answer me. Consider the in. "justice of his injunction.”-Madam, these few mi. mutes cost me a hundred pounds--and would you answer me I could purchase the whole day so. How. ever, madam, you must give me leave to make the best interpretation I can for my money, and take the indication of your silence for the secret liking of my person; therefore, madam, I will instruct you how to keep your word inviolate to sir Francis, and yet an. swer me to every question: as for exanıple, when I ask any thing to which you would reply in the affirmative, gently nod your head-thus, [ Nods.] and when in the negative thus, (Shakes his head.] and in the doubtful, a tender sigh thus, [Sighs.]

Miran. How every action charms me--but I'll fit him for signs I warrant him.

[ Aside Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! poor sir Georgel ha, 4 ha, ha!"

Aside Sir Geo. Was it by his desire that you are dumb, madam, to all I can say? [Miranda nods.] Very well!

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she's tractable I find-And is it possible that you can love him ? [Miranda nods.] Miraculous! Pardon the bluntness of my questions, for my time is short. May I not hope to supplant him in your esteem? (Miranda sighs.] Good I she answers me as I could wish... You'll not consent to marry him then? [Miranda sighs.] How! doubtful in that ?-Undone again--Humph! but that may proceed from his power to keep her ou of her estate 'till twenty-five: l'll try that-Come, - madam, I cannot think you hesitate in this affair out of any motive but your fortune-let him keep it 'till those few years are expired ; make me happy with your person, let him enjoy your wealth.--[Miranda holds up her hands.] Why, what sign is that now? Nay, nay, madam, except you observe my lesson I cann't understand your meaning.

Sir Fran. What a vengeance! are they talking by signs ? 'ad I may be fool'd here. What do you mean, sir George?

Sir Geo. To cut your throat if you dare mutter another syllables

Sir Fran. 'Od I wish he were fairly out of my house!

Sir Geo. Pray, madam, will you answer me to the purpose ? (Miranda shakes her head, and points to sit Francis. ] What does she mean? she won't answer me to the purpose, or is she afraid yon' old cuff shou'd understand her signs ? -ay, it must be that. I

perceive, madam, you are too apprehensive of the promise you have made to follow my rules, therefore I'll

suppose your mind, and answer for “ for myself, madam; that I am in 1 “ an infallible truth.” Now for you side. ] “ Indeed, sir! and may I belie

certainly, madam, as that 'tis daylig “if you persist in silence.-Bless me “ of your voice, and raise my spirits " heaven. Thus low let me entreal “ to quit this place; grant me some “ vourable reception to keep my hope “ hastily, turns on her side.] Rise, s

guardian's presence will not allow

tongue, read that, and rest assur'd y “ ferent to me." [Offers her a letter, sh “ Ha, right woman! but no matter;

Sir Fran. Ha! what's that! a lett ha! thou art baulk'd.

Miran. The best assurance I ever s

Sir Geo. Ha! a letter! oh ! let me same raptures that I would do the touch'd it. [Opens it.] Now for a q long extempore-What's here? [Re. “ George! this virgin muse I consecr « when it has receiv'd the addition of “ charm me into a desire of liberty

you, and only you, can fix.” My transport me! [Kisses the letter.] “A “ of your command, the god of love, (Calready. the Aowing numbers dance

Miran. I'm sure thou'rt inspir'd with impudence " enough.

[Aside. Sir Geo. Great love inspire him,

Say I admire him.
« Give me the lover
" That can discover
Secret devotion
" From silent motion;
" Then don't betray me,

5. But hence condey me. Sir Geo. laking hold of Miran.] “With all my heart;" this moment let's retire. [Sir Fran. coming up hastily.

Sir Fran. The time is expir'd, sir, and you must take your leave. There, my girl, there's the hundred pounds which thou hast won. Go, I'll be with you presently; ha, ha, ha, ha!

[Exit Miran Sir Geo. Adsheart, madam, you won't leave me just in the nick,

will Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! she has nick'd you, sir George, I think; ha, ha, ha! Have you any more hundred pounds to throw away upon courtship’ ha, ha, ha! ci Sir Geo. He, he, he, he! A curse of your fileering jests !--Yet, however ill I succeeded, I'll venture the same wager she does not value thee a spoonful of snuff-nay more, though you enjoin'd her silence to me, you'll never make her speak to the purpose with yourself.

Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! Did I not tell thee thou = wouldst repent thy money? Did I not say she hated young fellows: ha, ha, ha.


Sir Geo. And I'm positive she's not in love w

Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! no matter for that, She's not taken with your youth, nor your rh to boot; ha, ha!

Sir Geo. Whate'er her reasons are for disli me, I am certain she can be taken with nothing thee.

Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! how he swells with Poor man! poor man!-ha, ha, ha! I must be pardon, sir George ; Miranda will be impati have her share of mirth. Verily we shall lai thee most egregiously; ha, lia, ha! . Sir Geo. With all my heart, faith—I shall in my turn too--for if you dare marry her, ol zebub, you will be cuckolded most egregiously member that, and tremble

" She that to age her beauteous self resigns,
Shews witty management for close designs ;
" Then if thou'rt grac'd with fair Miranda's 6
Atæon's horas she means shall crown thy he


« Sir Fran. Ha, ha, ha! he is mad.
These flutt'ring fops imagine they can wind,
Turn and decoy to love all womankind;
But here's a proof of wisdom in my charge,
Old men are constant, young men live at large.
The frugal hand can bills at sight defray,
" When he that lavish is has naught to pay.

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