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That should preserve your bosom suffer for In goodness, it becomes me not to bring
My sake, 'twere better I were dead.

One that is poor in every worth, to waste
Fer. No, live,

So excellent a dower: be free, and meet And live for ever happy : thou deservedst it. One that hath wealth to cherish it; I shall It is Fernando doth make haste to sleep

Undo thee quite; but pray for me, as I, In his forgotten dust.

That thou mayst change for a moro happy brideFel. Those accents did

groom; Not sound so cheerfully.

I dare as soon be guilty of my death, Fer. Dost love me?

As make thee miserable by expecting me. Fel. Sir?

Farewell! and do not wrong my soul, to think Fer. Do not, I proythec, do not; I am lost, That any storm could separate us two, Alas! I am no more Fernando, there

But that I have no fortune now to serve thee. Is nothing but the empty name of him

Fel. This will be no exception, sir, I hope, That did betray thee; place a guard about When we are both dead, yet our bodies may Thy heart betime; I am not worth this sweetness. Be cold, and strangers in the winding-shoet,

Fel. Did not Fernando speak all this? Alas, We shall be married when our spirits meet. He knew that I was poor before, and needed not

[Ezeun!. Despise me now for that.

Fer. Desert me goodness,
When I upbraid thy wants. 'Tis I am poor,
For I have not a stock in all the world
Of so much dust as would contrive one narrow

Cabin to shroud a worm: my dying father
Hath given away my birthright to Francisco;

An open Space before a Church.
I'm disinherited, thrown out of all,

But the small earth I borrow, thus to walk on;
And having nothing left, I come to kiss thee,

Ped. Your daughter does not use me well, Don And take my everlasting leave of thee too.

Carlos. Farewell ! this will persuade thee to consent

Car. I know not what to think, some great To my eternal absence.

misfortune Fel. I must beseech you stay a little, sir,

Must be the cause. And clear my faith. Hath your displeased father

Ped. Not yet appear? they might, Depriv'd you then of all, and made Francisco An they had crept like tortoises, arrived The lord of your inheritance, without hope

Before this time. To be repair'd in fortune?

Car. There is some strange disaster. Fer. 'Tiş sad truth."

Ped. The coach o'erthrown, and both their lives Fel. This is a happiness I did not look for.

endanger'd, Fer. A happiness!

Can but excuse thein.
Fel. Yes, sir, a happiness.
Fer. Can Felisarda take delight to hear

Enter ALSIMIRA hastily.
What hath undone her servant?

Als. Oh, my lord Don Carlos! Fel. Heaven avert it.

Ped. The tragic voice of women strikes mine But 'tis not worth my grief to be assured That this will bring me nearer now to him

Car. Alsimira! Whom I most honour of the world; and 'tis

Ped. Madam.My pride, if you exceed me not in fortune, Car. Where is our daughter? That I can boast my heart, as high and rich, Als. My fear almost distracts me; she is gone, With noble flame, and every way your equal. Stolen, ravish'd from me. And if you be as poor as I, Fernando,

Ped. Ha! I can deserve you now, and love you more

Als. An armed troop, Than when your expectation carried all

In vizards, iorced her from my coach; and The pride and blossoms of the spring upon it.

Heaven knows Fer. Those shadows will not feed more than Where they have hurried the poor Jacinta. . your fancies;

Car. A troop of armed devils !
Two poverties will keep but a thin table;

Ped. Let them be
And while we dream of this high nourishment, A legion, they are all damn'd.
We do but starve more gloriously.

Als. Nay, they were men and mortal sure. Fel. 'Tis ease

Ped. I will not leave one soul amongst them And wealth first taught us art to surfeit by:

all. Nature is wise, not costly, and will spread

Car. Mine is in torinent, A table for us in the wilderness;

I'the hope and height of my ambition And the kind earth keep us alive and healthful, To be thus crossed! How 'scap'd you? With what her bosom doth invite us to;

Als. Alas, I was not young enough; I offered The brooks, not there suspected, as the wine Myself to bear her company, and suffer That sometime princes quaff, are all transparent, As much as she did, but one boisterous fellow, And with their pretty murmurs call to taste them. With a starch'd voice, and a worse vizard, took In every tree a chorister to sing Health to our loves; our lives shall there be free Just here above my sciatica, and quoited me As the first knowledge was from sin, and all Into the coach again upon my head Our dreams as innocent.

I had a larum in't for half an hour, Fer. Oh, Felisarda!

And so I 'scap'd with life. If thou didst own less virtue I might prove

Ped. Did they use her Unkind, and marry thee: but being so rich With any rigour ?

Als. To say truth, they were

Gentle enough to her. 1'Tis sad truth. Had Fernando forgotten that a pen

Ped. That mollifies, and they may live. sion was left him by his father?-See p. 541.

Car. Hell overtake them! Let's return.




Ped. They had better ravish'd Proserpine before

ACT V.-SCENE III. Don Lucifer's own face. I am all fury.

A Room in Don CARLOS' Ilouse. [Esceunt.

Enter CARLOS, ALSIMIRA, and Servant.

Car. No news yet of Jacinta?

Als. None.

Car. He must

Not live in Spain, nor in the world, if my
A Street.

Revenge can overtake him, that has stolen

My daughter; could you not by voice or habit Enter ALBERTO, and ESTEFANIA disguised and Guess at the ravisher? ye are traitors all. veiled as before.

Als. Now I consider better, I suspect

Alberto one of the conspiracy; Alb. Pardon, my dear Jacinta; it was love Some voice did sound like his. You know he That threw me on this act; I had no patience

lov'd her. To see thee forced into a marriage

Car. Ha! Alberto ? By a covetous father, whose devotion

Als. And how he might engage some russians Is only wealth and title. I esteem

To cross Don Pedro. No danger, if at last the fair Jacinta

Car. It was he; where's Luys? Smile and allow this duty; let not silenco I do not like his absence, they're both guilty: Deprive me longer of thy voice, whose every My own blood turn'd a rebel! Send for the Accent will please, though it pronounce my alcaides, sentence:

T'hey shall both trot like thieves to the correThere's death in this eclipse too; sweet, dismiss gidor.Thy ungentle veil, and let thy eyes make bright Where is Count Pedro ? This melancholy air, that droops and dies

Als. Gone in search For want of thy restoring beams.

Of his lost mistress. Estef. Now, sir,

[Takes off her veil. Car. When all things were ripe, What think you of your mistress?

The very priest prepard to seal our joys, Alb. You are the lady Estefania, I tako it. A work my brain did labour for, and sweat Estef. Yes, you did tako me from the coach, With hope to see accomplish'd, undermin'd, Alberto,

And in a minute all blown up! But by a consequence I find you thought

Als. Have patience, Jacinta in your power; I could have told you, She may be found again. Had you discover'd sooner what you were,

Car. But how my lord Where to have found your mistress, but she's May be inclin'd to accept her, foil'd, or wounded Above your hope, and by the priest, ere this,

Enter Luys drunk. Made wife to Don Francisco,

In fame.Alb. To Don Pedro.

Als. Luys is here. Estef. It was not, sir, impossible that I,

Car. Borachio! here's a spectacle ! more alllicHad not your violence prevented mo

tion! (By a plot between Jacinta and myself,

Where is your sister? what's become of Jacinta? To take her place and person in the coach), Luys. My sister and Jacinta are gone together; Had by this time been married to Count Pedro, I know all the business. Whom I have power and justice, sir, to challenge, Als. Where is she? If contracts carry weight.

Luys. She is very well; I kuow not where Alb. Have I so long

she is. Lain beating at the bush, and is the bird

But Don Alberto is an honest gentleman, Fled to Francisco?

And has by this time done the feat. Estef. I should show I had

Car. Confusion ! A passion, sir, and sense of this captivity,

Luys. You think you had all the wit, it was But that I find 'twas error, and not will,

my plot. Led you to this; and your own loss, now made You may thank Heaven that you are old and Irreparable, helps to tie up my anger.


[to ALSDRA. Alb. Madam, I must confess a wrong, and dare You had been no mother of this world.-But, sir, Submit to let your anger punish me,

I have some nows would be deliver'd privatelyFor I despise myself, now I have lost

Mother of mine, avaunt! My expectation; and if you please

Car. Thou'rt not my son. To think I had no malice in this act

Was ever man so miserable?-Away To you, you can propose no satisfaction

Thou sponge!-Get him to sleep. I shall esteem a penance to repair you,

Als. I dare not meddle with him. [E.cit. As far as my poor life, if you'll direct it.

Luys. In sobriety Estef. 'Tis nobly promis'd, sir. You shall re A word. deem

Car. Where is Alberto ? In my thoughts what is past, if you be pleas'd Luys. Where every honest man should be. To make my stay no longer here; I have Old man, I have consider'd o' the former matter No desperate aim to make Don Pedro yet we talked on, and would do things like a dutiful Know how to right (me), or make public what son, but I find that a wife is not altogether so Should bind his honour to perform.

convenient for me as aAlb. Was not Luys, madam, entertain'd your Car. Will none deliver me? servant?

Luys. They are somewhat slug.'—Now I have Estef. I shall make known the story, if you found out an excellent tumbler, that can do the

walk But to Don Carlos' house. Alb. You shall command me. [Exeunt.

I slug_sluggish, slow.

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somerset; please you to be acquainted with her and give me your opinion: she is but seven

Enter a Servant. teen: there's a periwinkle! I had a gemini before Ser. Don Pedro, sir. I went to travel, and I am bound in conscience, Car. You shall for some few minutes if you think fit, to see her well provided for Withdraw into that chainber, io his passion

Car. With whips, - I'll have her skin flay'd off. He may be violent; leave me to moderato (him).

Luys. Her skin flay'd off! dost thou know, Fran. I shall obey you, sir. mortal man, what thou hast said? I tell thee,

[Excunt FRANCISCO and JACINTA. on, nothing can come near her in the shape of an officer; she is a very basilisk, and will kill

Enter Dox PEDRO. them with her eyes threescore yards pointblank: but you may talk, and do your pleasure

Ped. Was ever man of my great birth and

fortune with her, for I came o' purpose to bring her to

Affronted thus? I am become the talk your lodging; if you love me, do but see her; it shall cost you nothing, you shall be my friend;

Of every picaro and Indron;' I challenge hang money!

A reparation of my honour; where's Car. Thus will my state consume; vexation!

Jacinta ? 'Tis a plot, a base contrivement What shall I do? when you have slept, Luys,

To make my naine ridiculous, the subject I'll tell you more.-Attend him to his chamber,

Of every scurril language. And make his door fast.

Car. My lord, with pardon Luys. You will consider on't?

Of your altesa, you're not injur'd bere, Upon those terms I will go sleep a twinkling.

Unless I have been faulty in too much

Observance, and desires to serve your person [Exeunt Servant and LUYS. Car. And will not all this take away my

With th'almost sacrifice of my daughter.

Ped. Ha! senses?

Too much to me?
My son is lost too! this is all a curse
For my ambition and my avarico.

Car. I would you had remember'd

How much your honour was engag'd before, Re-enter ALSIMIRA, and a Servant with a letter.

By contract, to another, when you mock'd

The innocent Jacinta, now not mine.
Als. News, Don Carlos, from our daughter. Ped. Who hath traduc'd my fame, or mention'd
Car. Ha! a letter! 'tis Jacinta's hand.


[reads. With that dishonour? I disclaim all contracts; Als. Know'st thou where she is?

The unconfined air's not more free than I
Ser. Yos, madam, and her resolution to attend To all the world, except your beauteons daughter.
her father, with my master, Don Francisco, if Car. Do you know the Lady Estefanin?
Don Carlos please to admit them; the matter's Ped. Dares she make saucy claim? My breath
Als. What matter?

(done. dissolves it.
Ser. They are as fast as any priest can make | If every lady whom we grace with our converse

Should challenge men of my nobility-
Car. Wife to Francisco, now his father's heir ! Car. I wish, my lord, you could evade it, for
That's some allay, if it be true; she writes The honour of my family; if your conscience

Don Pedro was contracted to Estefania, who Or art can nullify that lady's interest,
supplied her person in the coach-'twas not I am resolv'd-my son Luigi shall
Jacinta was ravish'd. Then Don Pedro was not Then marry with that widow.-{Aside.]—I have
noble, after he had made faith, to intangle my no other
Jacinta.-IIum! say they shall be welcome. Ambition.
Ser. They are present, sir.


Ped. You are wise, and I

Am fortified to clear myself thought-free

From any promise to that sullen madam
Car. I am not yet collected, but if this
Paper be justified," I receive you both.-

Enter ALBERTO, and ESTEFANIA disguised as
Peruse those wonders, Alsimira.

before, with a paper in her hand. Jac. Sir,

Ha! 'tis Jacinta, and she wears the jewel
Though by the tie of nature you may challenge I did present, conspicnously.-I ask
All duty, ihis is done so like a father,

No reason for thy absence, let me chain
It exceeds all your care.

My darling in this amorous curl; 'tis happiness Fran. Let this confirm ;

Enough to repossess thee: not the policy I bring a fortune not to be despis'd,

And power of hell shall separate us again. But wero I master of the world, I should

Estef. It is but justice, sir ! At price of all my wealth, think this a treasure

[Uncovering her fuck Purchas'd too cheap.

Ped. Ha! Esteiania! Car. My blessing and my prayers; I'm new Alb. Do you know her, sir? created,

Estef. Do you know this character? And bow to that great Providence : all joy

[Sirring kim te poner". Spread through your souls! this is not much Ped. Conspiracy! amiss.

Estef. When this is read, Don Carlos, Fran. But what's become of Madam Estefania, You will imagine he has wreng'd your daughter. That took Jacinta's place ?

Car. Is this your hand, Connt Pedro ? Als. Forced from the coach

Ped. Mine? 'tis counterfeit, By Don Alberto, thinking her my daugbter. lipon my honour; and I thus dissolve Jac. That part of our plot fail'd; but my Thy insolent claim. [Tears the paper is pieces.

intents Were fair, and to assist this injur'd lady.

justified-verified, proved true.

! Oferery picard and ladron-every rogue and thigh.
? allesa-highness

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