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And let it ne'er be said for shame, that we the To see thy will performed. Now will I go youths of London,

To satisfy thy father for thy wrongs, [Exit. Lay thrumming of our caps at home, and left Hum. What shall I do? I have been beaten our custom undone.

twice, Up then, I say, both young and old, both man And Mistress Luce is gone! Help me, Device! and maid a-Maying.

Since my true love is gone, I never more, With drums and guns that bounce aloud, and Whilst I do live, upon the sky will pore; merry tabor playing!

But in the dark will wear out my shoe-soles Which to prolong, God save our king, and send

in Saint Faith's church under Paul's. his country peace,

[Exit. And root out treason from the land! and so, my "Wife. George, call Ralph hither; if you love friends, I cease.

[Exit. me, call Ralph hither! I have the bravest thing

for him to do.-George! pr’ythee, call him quickly.
*Cit. Ralph! why, Ralph, boy'

Enter RALPH.

'Ralph. Here, sir.

Cit. Come hither, Ralph; come to thy misA Room in the House of VENTERWELS.

tress, boy. Enter VESTERWELS.

"Wife. Ralph, I would have thee call all the Vent. I will have no great store of company at youths together in battle-ray, with drums, and

guns, and flags, and march to Mile-endi in the wedding: a couple of neighbours and their

pompous fashion, and there exhort your soldiers wives; and we will have a capon in stewed

to be merry and wise, and to keep their beards broth, with marrow, and a good piece of beef,

from burning, Ralph; and then skirmish, and stuck with rosemary.

let your flags fly, and cry, "Kill, küll, kill!” My Enter JASPER, his face mealed.

husbaud shall lend you his jerkin, Ralph, and

there's a scarf; for the rest, the house shall furJasp. Forbear thy pains, fond man! it is too

nish you, and we'll pay for't. Do it bravely, Vent. Heaven bless me! Jasper ? [late. Ralph; and think before whom you perform, Jasp. Ay, I am his ghost,


what person you represent. Whom thou hast injured for his constant love. * Ralph. I warrant you, mistress; if I do it not, Fond worldly wretch! who dost not understand for the honour of the city, and the credit of my In death that true hearts cannot parted be.

master, let me never hope for freedom! First know, thy daughter is quite borne away • Wife. 'Tis well spoken, i'faith! Go thy ways; On wings of angels, through the liquid air, thou art a spark indeed. Too far out of thy reach, and never more

Cit. Ralph, Ralph, double your files bravely, Shalt thou behold her face. But she and I

Ralph! Will in another world enjoy our loves;

Ralph. I warrant you, sir.

[Exit. Where neither father's anger, poverty,

Cit. Let him look narrowly to his service ; I Nor any cross that troubles earthly men,

shall take him else. I was there myself a pikeShall make us sever our united hearts.

man once, in the hottest of the day, wench; had And never shalt thou sit, or be alone

my feather shot sheer away, the fringe of my In any place, but I will visit thee With ghastly looks, and put into thy mind

pike burnt off with powder, my pate broken withi

à scouring-stick, and yet, I thank God, I am here. The great offences which thou didst to me.

[Drums within When thou art at thy table with thy friends, • Wife. Hark, George, the drums! Merry in heart, and filled with swelling wine,

Cit. Ran, tan, tan, tan, tan, tan! Oh, wench, I'll come in midst of all thy pride and mirth, an' thou hadst but seen little Ned of Aldgate, Invisible to all men but thyself,

drum Ned, how he made it roar again, and laid And whisper such a sad tale in thine ear,

on like a tyrant, and then struck softly till the Shall make thee let the cup fall from thy hand,

ward came up, and then thundered again, and And stand as mute and pale as death itself. Vent. Forgive me, Jasper! Oh, what might I guns! “Courage, my hearts," quoth the captains!

together we go! Sa, sa, sa, bounce, quoth the Tell me, to satisfy thy troubled ghost? [do, *Saint George, " quoth the pike-men! And Jasp. There is no means; too late thou think'st withal, here they lay, and there they lay! And of this.

yet for all this I am here, wench. Vent. But tell me what were best for me to do?

• Wife. Be thankful for it, George ; for indeed Jasp. Repent thy deed, and satisfy my father, 'tis wonderful.' And beat fond Humphrey out of thy doors.

[Erit. Enter HUMPHREY.

ACT V.-SCENE II. • Wife. Look, George ; his very ghost would

Mile-end. have folks beaten.' Ilum. l'ather, my bride is gone, fair Mistress Enter RALPII, WILLIAM HAMERTON, GEORGE Luce.

GREENGOOSE, and others of his Company, My soul's the fount of vengeance, mischief's with Drums and Colours. sluice.

Ralph. March fair, my hearts ! lieutenant, heat Vent. Hence, fool, out of my sight, with thy fond passion!

the rear up. Ancient, let your colours fly; but

have a great care of the butchers' books at WhiteThou hast undone me.

[Beats him.

chapel; they have been the death of many a fair Ilum. Hold, my father dear!

ancient. Open your files, that I may take a view For Luce, thy daughter's suke, that had no peer. Vent. Thy father, fool? There's some blows more; be

[Beats him again. 1 Mile-end-then the citizens' training-ground. Jasper, I hope thy ghost be well appeased

? ancient-ensign.


both of your persons and munition. Sergeant, Whose care doth bear you company in baskets. call a muster.

Remember then whose cause you have in hand, Serg. A stand!-William Hamerton, pewterer! And, like a sort of true-born scavengers, Ham. Here, captain.

Scour me this famous realm of enemies. Ralph. A corslet and a Spanish pike! 'tis well. I bave no more to say, but this : stand to your Can you shake it with a terror ?

tacklings, lads, and show to the world you can Ham. I hope so, captain.

as well brandish a sword as shake an apron. Ralph. Charge upon me.--'Tis with the weakest. Saint George, and on, my hearts ! Put more strength, William Hamerton, more All. Saint George, Saint George ! [Exeunt. strength. As you were again. Proceed, sergeant. Wife. 'Twas well done, Ralph! I'll send Serg. George Greengoose, poulterer!

thee a cold capon a-field, and a bottle of March Green. Here!

beer; and, it may be, come myself to see thee. Ralph. Let me see your piece, neighbour Green Cit. Nell, the boy hath deceived me much! goose; when was she shot in

I did not think it had been in him. He has perGreen. An't like you, master captain, I made formed such a matter, wench, that, if I live, next a shot even now, partly to scour her, and partly year I'll have him captain of the gallifoist,? or for audacity.

I'll want my will.' Ralph. It should seem so certainly, for her breath is yet inflamed. Besides, there is a main fault in the touch-hole, it runs and stinketh.

ACT V.-SCENE III. And I tell you, moreover, and believe it, ten such touch-holes would breed the pox i'th'army.

A Room in Old MERRYTHOUGHT's House. Get you a feather, neighbour, get you a feather, sweet oil, and paper, and your piece may do well

Enter Old MERRYTHOUGHT. enough yet. Where's your powder ? Green. Here.

Mer. Yet, I thank God, I break not a wrinkle Ralph. What, in a paper ? As I am a soldier more than I had. Not a stoop, boys? Care, and a gentleman, it craves a martial-court! Yon live with cats: I defy thee! "My heart is as ought to die for't. Where's your horn? Answer sound as an oak; and though I want drink to me to that.

wet my whistle, I can sing,

[Sings. Green. An't like you, sir, I was oblivious. Ralph. It like me not you should be so ; 'tis a

Come no more there, boys, come no more there;

For we shall never whilst we live come any more there. shamo for you, and a scandal to all our neighbours, being a man of worth and estimation, to

Enter a Boy, and two Men bringing in the coffin, leave your horn behind you; I am afraid 'twill

with Luce in it. breed example. But let me tell you, no more on't. Stand, till I view you all. What's become Boy. God save you, sir ! o'th' nose of your flask ;

Mer. It's a brave boy. Canst thou sing ? 1 Sol. Indeed-la, captain, 'twas blown away Boy. Yes, sir, I can sing ; but 'tis not so neceswith powder.

sary at this time. Ralph. Put on a new one at the city's charge. Where's the stone? of this piece ?

Her. Sing we, and chaunt it, 2 Sol. The drummer took it out to light

Whilst love doth grant it. tobacco.

Boy. Sir, sir, if you knew what I have brought Ralph. 'Tis a fault, my friend; put it in again. you, you would have little list to sing. You want a nose, and you a stone; sergeant, take a note on't, for I mean to stop it in the pay.

Mer. Oh the mimon round,

Full long I have thec sought, Remove and march! [They march.] Soft and

And now I have thee found, fair, gentlemen, soft and fair! Double your files;

And what hast thou here brought ? as you were! faces about! Now, you with the sodden face, keep in there! Look to your match,

Boy. A coffin, sir, and your dead son Jasper sirrah; it will be in your fellow's flask anon.

in it. So; make a crescent now; advance your pikes ;

Mer. Dead? Why, farewell he! stand and give ear!-Gentlemen, countrymen,

Thou wast a bonny boy, friends, and my fellow-soldiers, I have brought

And I did love thee. you this day from the shops of security, and the counters of content, to measure out in these

Enter JASPER. furious fields honour by the ell, and prowess by the pound. Let it not, oh, let it not, I say, bo

Jasp. Then I pray you, sir, do so still. told hereafter, the noble issue of this city fainted;

Mer. Jasper's ghost ?

[Sings. but bear yourselves in this fair action like men, Thou art welcome from Stygian lake so soon; valiant men, and free men! Fear not the face Declare to me what wondrous things in Pluto's court of the enemy, nor the noise of the guns; for,

are done. believe me, brethren, the rude rumbling of a brewer's cart is far more terrible, of which you

Jasp. By my troth, sir, I ne'er came there; 'tis have a daily experience; neither let the stink

too hot for me, sir. of powder offend you, since a more valiant stink

Mer. A merry ghost, a very merry ghost ! is nightly with you. To a resolved mind, his

[Sings. home is everywhere :

And where is your true love? Oh, where is yours? I speak not this to take away The hope of your return; for you shall see Jasp. Marry, look you, sir! [Opens the coffin. (I do not doubt it), and that very shortly,

Mer. Ah, ha! art ihou good at that, i'faith? Your loving wives again, and your sweet children,

audacity-boldness, bravery.
stone-ie. flint.

1 sort-lot, company:
2 gallifoisi-the Lord Mayor's barge.
stoop or sloup-a drinking vessel.




and dogs when they have done us service ; ' bat ACT I.-SCENE I.

for a soldier that hazards his limbs in a battle,

nothing but a kind of geometry is his last supEnter ANTONIO and Delio.

portation. Del. You are welcome to your country, dear

Del. Geometry! Antonio;

Bos. Ay, to hang in a fair pair of slings, take You have been long in France, and you return

his latter swing in the world upon an honourable A very formal Frenchman in


pair of crutches, from hospital to hospital. Fare How do you like the French court ?

ye well, sir: and yet do not you scorn us ; for Ant. I admire it:

places in the court are but like beds in the In seeking to reduce both state and people

hospital, where this man's head lies at this man's To a fix'd order, their judicious king,

foot, and so lower and lower.

[Erit Begins at home; quits? first his royal palace

Del. I knew this fellow seven years in the Of flattering sycophants, of dissoluto

galleys And infamous persons,—which he sweetly terms For a notorious murder; and 'twas thought His master's masterpiece, the work of heaven:

The cardinal suborn'd it: he was releas d Considering duly that a prince's court

By the French general, Gaston de Foix, Is like a common fountain, whence should flow

When he recover'd Naples. Pure silver drops in general, but if't chance

Ant. 'Tis great pity Some curs'd example poison'd near the head,

He should be thus neglected. I have heard Death and diseases through the whole land

He's very valiant. This foul melancholy spread.

Will poison all his goodness; for, I'll tell you, And what is't makes this blessed government

If too immoderate sleep be truly said But a most provident council, who dare freely

To be an inward rust unto the soul, Inform him the corruption of the times ?

It then doth follow want of action Though some o' the court hold it presumption

Breeds all black malcontents; and their close To instruct princes what they ought to do,

rearing, It is a noble duty to inform them

Like moths in cloth, do hurt for want of wearing.
What they ought to foresee.-Here comes Bosola,
The only court-gall; yet I observe his railing
Is not for simple love of piety:

Indeed, he rails at those things which he wants;
Would be as lecherous, covetous, or proud,
Bloody, or envious, as any man,

Enter ANTONIO, DELIO, FERDINAND, CASTRUCCIO, If he had means to be so, -Here's the cardinal.

Silvio, RODERIGO, GRISOLAN, and Attendants.

Del. The presence 'gins to fill : you promis'd Enter CARDINAL and BosoLA. Bos. I do haunt you still.

To make me the partaker of the natures

Of some of your great courtiers. Card. So.

Ant. The lord cardinal's, Bos. I have done you better service than to be slighted thus. Miserable age, where only the I shall. - Here comes the great Calabrian duke.

And other strangers that are now in court? reward of doing well is the doing of it!

Ferd. Who took the ring oftenest ??
Card. You enforce your merit too much.
Bos. I fell into the galleys in your service;

Sil. Antonio Bologna, my lord.

Ferd. Our sister duchess' great-master of her where, for two years together, I wore two towels instead of a shirt, with a knot on the shoulder,

household ? give him the jewel.-When shall after the fashion of a Roman mantle. Slighted

we leave this sportive action, and fall to action

indeed? thus! I will thrive some way: blackbirds fatten best in hard weather; why not I in these dog

Cast. Methinks, my lord, you should not desire days?

to go to war in person. Card. Would you could become honest!

Ferd. Now for some gravity :-why, my lord ? Bos. With all your divinity do but direct me

Cast. It is fitting a soldier arise to be a prince the way to it. I have known many travel far for

but not necessary a prince descend to be a it, and yet return as arrant knaves as they went


Ferd. No? forth, because they carried themselves always along with them. [Exit Cardinal.] Are you

Cast. No, my lord; he were far better do it by

a deputy. gone? Some fellows, they say, are possessed with the devil, but this great fellow were able

Ferd. Why should he not as well sleep or eat

by a deputy? this might take idle, offensive, and to possess the greatest devil, and make him

base office from him, whereas the other deprives worse. Ant. He hath denied thee some suit ?

him of honour. Bos. He and his brother are like plum-trees

Cast. Believe my experience, that realm is that grow crooked over standing-pools; they are

never long in quiet where the ruler is a soldier. rich and o'erladen with fruit, but none but crows,

Ferd. Thou toldest me thy wife could not

endure fighting pies, and caterpillars feed on them. Could I be one of their flattering panders, I would hang on

Cast. True, my lord. their ears like a horseleech, till I were full, and

Ferd. And of å jest she broke of a captain she then drop off. I pray, leave me. Who would

met full of wounds. I have forgot it. rely upon these miserable dependencies, in ex

Cast. She told him, my lord, he was a pitiful pectation to be advanced to-morrow? what creature ever fed worse than hoping Tantalus ? nor ever died any man more fearfully than he that

1 dogs when they have done us serrice. The 4to of 1673, hoped for a pardon. There are rewards for hawks

dogges, and when they haue done vs seruice, a word having dropt out, or having been purposely omitted.

? Who took the ring oftenesti-ie. in the sport called ? quits-clears.

tilting or running at the ring.

fellow to lie, like the children of Ismael, all in Del. You have given too much of him. What's tents.

his brother? Ferd. Why, there's a wit were able to undo all Ant. The duke there? a most perverse and the chirurgeons o' the city; for although gallants turbulent nature: should quarrel, and had drawn their weapons, What appears in him mirth is merely outside ; and were ready to go to it, yet her persuasions If he laugh heartily, it is to laugh would make them put up.

All honesty out of fashion. Cast. That she would, my lord.—How do you Del. Twins? like my Spanish gennet ?

Ant. In quality. Rod. He is all fire.

He speaks with others' tongues, and hears men's Ferd. I am of Pliny's opinion, I think he was suits begot by the wind; he runs as if he were With others' ears; will seem to sleep o'the bench ballassed with quicksilver.

Only to entrap offenders in their answers; Sil. True, my lord, he reels from the tilt | Dooms men to death by information; often.

Rewards by hearsay. Rod. Gris. Ha, ha, ha!

Del. Then the law to him Ferd. Why do you laugh? methinks you that Is like a foul black cobweb to a spider,are courtiers should be my touch-wood, take fire He makes it his dwelling, and a prison when I give fire; that is, not laugh but when To entangle those shall feed him. I laugh, were the subject never so witty.

Ant. Most true : Cast. True, my lord. I myself have heard a He never pays debts unless they be shrewd turns, very good jest, and have scorned to seem to And those he will confess that he doth owe. have so silly a wit as to understand it.

Last, for his brother there, the cardinal, Ferd. But I can laugh at your fool, my lord. They that do flatter him most say oracles

Cast. He cannot speak, you know, but he Hang at his lips; and verily I believe them, makes faces : my lady cannot abide him.

For the devil speaks in them. Ferd. No?

But for their sister, the right noble duchess, Cast. Nor endure to be in merry company; You never fix'd your eye on three fair medals for she says too much laughing and too much Cast in one figure, of so different temper. company fills her too full of the wrinkle.

For her discourse, it is so full of rapture, Ferd. I would, then, have a mathematical in- You only will begin then to be sorry strument made for her face, that she might not When she doth end her speech, and wish, in laugh out of compass.--I shall shortly visit you at wonder, Milan, Lord Silvio.

She held it less vainglory to talk much, Sil. Your grace shall arrive most welcome. Than your penance to hear her : whilst she

Ferd. You are a good horseman, Antonio : you speaks, have excellent riders in France : what do you She throws upon a man so sweet a look, think of good horsemanship?

That it were able to raise one to a galliard Ant. Nobly, my lord: as out of the Grecian That lay in a dead palsy, and to dote horse issued many famous princes, so out of brave On that sweet countenance; but in that look horsemanship arise the first sparks of growing There speaketh so divine a continence resolution, that raise the mind to noble action, As cuts off all lascivious and vain hope. Ferd. You have bespoke it worthily.

Her days are practis'd in such noble virtue, Sil. Your brother the lord cardinal, and sister That sure her nights, nay, more, her very sleeps, duchess.

Are more in heaven than other ladies' shrifts.

Let all sweet ladies break their flattering glasses, Re-enter CARDINAL, with DUCHESS, CARIOLA, and And dress themselves in her. JULIA.

Del. Fie, Antonio, Card. Are the galleys come about?

You play the wire-drawer with her commendaGris. They are, my lord.

tions. Ferd. Here's the Lord Silvio is come to take Ant. I'll case the picture up: only thus much; his leave.

All her particular worth grows to this sum,Del. Now, sir, your promise: what's that She stains the time past, lights the time to come. cardinal?

Cari. You must attend my lady in the gallery, I mean his temper? they say he's a brave fellow, Some half an hour hence. Will play his five thousand crowns at tennis,

Ant. I shall. (Exeunt ANTONIO and Delio. dance,

Ferd. Sister, I have a suit to you. Court ladies, and one that hath fought single Duch. To me, sir? combats.

Ferd. A gentleman here, Daniel de Bosola, Ant. Some such flashes superficially hang on One that was in the galleyshim for forin; but observe his inward character: Duch. Yes, I know him. he is a melancholy churchman; the spring in his Ferd. A worthy fellow he is: pray, let me face is nothing but the engendering of toads ; entreat for where he is jealous of any man, he lays worse The provisorship of your horse. plots for them than ever was imposed on Her Duch. Your knowledge of him cules, for he strews in his way flatterers, panders, Commends him and prefers him. intelligencers, atheists, and a thousand such poli Ferd. Call him hither. [Exit Attendant tical monsters. He should have been Pope ; but we are now upon parting. Good Lord Silvio, instead of coming to it by the primitive decency Do us commend to all our noble friends of the church, he did bestow bribes so largely At the leaguer. and so impudently as if he would bave carried Sil. Sir, I shall. it away without Heaven's knowledge. Some good Ferd. You are for Milan ? he hath done

Sil. I am.

tent is a roll of lint or other material used in searching or dilating a wound; from Lat, tendo, to stretch,

1 galliard--a lively, leaping, nimble French dance; froin gaillard, gay.-Nares.

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